Reviews for Here Tomorrow Gone Today
Banner chapter 8 . 9/10/2016
*happy dance*
This story is wonderful. I love the characters, and the way they interact. The world building is great. Thank you.
reader50 chapter 8 . 11/14/2015
Pretty durn good. Kudos. At last hunters getting approval. Funny at times. Thank you for sharing.
reader50 chapter 6 . 11/14/2015
Very good, although, the part where Castiel landed on the table was very effective but has been done by other fanfiction writers. This chapter is very grim and depressing. Thank you for sharing.
reader50 chapter 5 . 11/14/2015
Shades of Battlestar Galactica! I feel this should have been the first chapter. I do love it. I could just see Dean and Sam battling it out using all their ammunition then using their blades. Thank you for sharing.
reader50 chapter 3 . 11/14/2015
Loved it. For some strange reason I love the thought of Rodney and Dean sniping at each other. Too often on the series of SGA people would back off or cower at Rodney's insults, and I know that Dean loves to insult people also and they tend to back off or cower also. So I just know Rodney and Dean both would secretly enjoy insulting each other. Thank you for sharing.
reader50 chapter 2 . 11/14/2015
I totally concur that John should wear t-shirts and that Sam and Dean go without. That being said, one of my favorite scenes on SN is the one of Dean in a T beating the crap out of Baby. I get warm just thinking about it. I love that in the story Sam and Dean talk about the women wanting them. I enjoy the humor You have written. Thank you for sharing.
reader50 chapter 1 . 11/14/2015
This is my second time reading this so be assured that I loved it the first time. I always re-read things I love because I always miss something the first time. I don't remember if I had already left a review but I'm going to do so now. I love John's character and I like that you mentioned his unruly hair because it the thing I most remember about him. I like that he worried about everyone getting so overwhelmed they needed a few breaks. I love John's first meeting with Dean and that Dean didn't care who John was. Thank you for sharing.
ThomE.Gemcity-06 chapter 8 . 4/23/2014
Love John's nickname for Nurse Sam.
The paper airplanes with O'Neill was the most hilarious thing that I've ever read in my entire life! Rodney's interaction with Castiel was funny to read, and so, so right.
The concept of an Alien Invasion instead of the Winchester Apocolypse made for a good read, glad to see that the Winchesters weren't to blame-this once.
Thank you so very much for having the mind that created this fic...I wish that you could have written more.
Mihasel chapter 8 . 2/17/2014
Awesome! I really liked this story *_*
I read it all in one night, it was funny and brilliant!
Hope you can write more missing moments about this crossover
Thank you!
ByeByeBriar chapter 8 . 1/27/2014
I like this. It's a good mix of apocalypses and universes.
quoththeraven5 chapter 8 . 4/22/2013
this was fantastic!
lilykep chapter 5 . 1/7/2012
BOBBY! *runs away sobbing wildly*
ammcj062 chapter 4 . 11/16/2011
Your Jack O'Neill had me snickering to myself like a crazy lady - along with all the wonderful banter in this chapter. Absolutely hilarious and worth the odd stares!
Anise Nadiah chapter 8 . 11/14/2011
I really fall in love with ur fic now. A little bit jumpy but i don't mind. It still awesome! Only dean could call jaffa 'jaggers' LoL! I hope you continue this fic. Don't u think it's a little liffhanger for the ending? but i'm happy nonetheless to know there's a sequel. Off to that now, definitely :)
JennK528 chapter 1 . 10/21/2011
I just found this! Well, I found a missing scene over on your LJ page, wandered back here to see if you'd x-posted, and YAY!

How have I missed this until now? Where the frell have I been? This is awesome, and all I've read is this chapter and the missing scene with Dean and kids. Which, DEAN AND KIDS. Brilliant! I plan on reading the rest, but maybe not all tonight. Looking forward to more. :)

So, anyway, putting you on alert from now on and forever so I don't miss anything else.

Have I reviewed your H50 fic? If not, my bad! Enjoying everything. Sorry to flail.
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