Reviews for Playing By His Rules
Aurora chapter 1 . 10/25/2010
Damon/Jeremy? I've never thought of that! It's interesting! I like it! It makes sense Jeremy would be gay, I mean he's got no luck with women, all his girlfriends die, so why not? Lol, and it figures he'd be uke too, he just seems like the submissive type.

Damon, he's not the type I'd envision to ever be gay. Don't get me wrong I love yaoi in any way, shape or form, any fandom, any pairing, yaoi makes me happy :) I just can't really see Damon with a man.

And if he WAS with a man, I'd see sone hot incestuous Damon/Stefan shit going on :P

But I really loved your story, it was really hot and it all seemed pretty realistic despite my hesitation to get a good understanding of this pairing.

I loved it :)
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