Reviews for My Neighbour is a Spartan
Guest chapter 37 . 9/3
For the love of satan our lord, can you, my child... FUcking update. Pls. Also thank
vatsalmdave chapter 18 . 9/3
she's on her period
CellophaneCatastrophy chapter 37 . 6/14
I know you said that you probably won't finish this story, and if that is what you feel is best for it, I can't blame you. What I will say is thank you for the story. I enjoyed it immensely, and have reread it dozens of times. I hope all is going well with you, and that what ever changes you've experienced have made you happy :) Thank you, again, for the story of Gabby and John, and I hope you have a good day.
Anonymous chapter 37 . 6/13
Your writing made me feel so many emotions! It's one of the best stories I have ever read!
Pewdian chapter 37 . 5/18
the writing is so detailed and fleshed out that I can not wait to see the next chapter, please write more!
ZealousZealot chapter 20 . 5/12
I'm the person who said I love this story and I'm reading it for a second time.

(I didn't enter my name before)
Guest chapter 18 . 5/12
Thank you for this story... In fact, this is the second time of reading this story!
ZealousZealot chapter 17 . 5/12
I also thought about The Game Plan... It's quite funny!
ZealousZealot chapter 16 . 5/12
About the original novel thing, Making these story's will help with ideas!
Keep it up! :}
Mab's Mad Fiddler chapter 8 . 4/25
Well, combine Spartan emotional control with the virtue that made John into the Master Chief we know and love, and also made him Cortana's top pick, aka Luck... Never play him in poker. Ever.
xtz56 chapter 24 . 4/14
arbiter for president 2016
Guest chapter 37 . 4/8
Supernatural reference! I missed that the first time I read this story.

The arbiter riding a horse is still one of my favorite moments in fan fiction.
locked and loaded61 chapter 37 . 4/4
I love this story. Gabby is such a great and funny charecter.
Mr.Destructo chapter 16 . 3/20
50 shades of grey was originally a twilight fanficton that was later heavily altered and changed into what it is today not sure how your mom even knows what fanfiction is considering so much of this stuff is porn not to mention the amount of gay porn but there are actual published authors on this site with their own books also dog was eating the dudes arm a cop in america would've shot the thing long before it managed to bite anything no aiming for a fking leg not to mention the rabies aspect that it might of had not sure why any of them felt guilty
Mr.Destructo chapter 15 . 3/20
To date, no one in the United States has developed rabies when given the vaccine promptly and appropriately after being bitten by an animal with rabies
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