Reviews for To All Things A Season
fieriz chapter 1 . 5/4/2017
awwww this is priceless!
oreocheesecakes chapter 1 . 12/26/2013
Heehee I cannot get enough of Dr. Trent fluff xD
I just love these Harvest Moon inside jokes. I never really thought I'd be running old Barley out of business with my courting :)) I mean, I'm sure Doug must need milk too, with all his cheesecakes and all. :))
Two cows means two bottles of milkā€“one for shipping and one for Doctor ;)
Anyway, the plot was good, interesting. Overall nice fic. Looking forward to more :)
Meepyonnee chapter 1 . 9/12/2013
Harvest Moon! I love this game! I love this fic too ;)

Oh what a coincidence, I also courted the Doctor and Grey as well haha. My plan was that I have them both at a yellow heart by the end of Fall, then I separate my path into the two files so that I can marry both hotties. It was AU-esque. Well, I did succeed, though by the fourth year the other could not marry with their current love interests because they still had a thing for me bwahahahaha (I should have lowered their heart levels first. Damn.)

I wish you could do a ClairexGrey too! I love that guy. The shy boy/cool kid act got me interested in him.
Rex chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
Omg that wad good! i want more! D:
TotalTownie chapter 1 . 10/11/2011
Nicely done! Well written and funny too. Ha ha, Barley rage...

GintsukiKyu chapter 1 . 6/26/2011
Interesting first chapter I'll be waiting for next one.
Amethyst Pheonix chapter 1 . 6/24/2011
this was adorable... I can't really say more than that... absolutely adorable.
Akeemi-chan chapter 1 . 1/26/2011
soo good! I loved it! There has to be more docotr clair in the world defibnatly! and this was to damn cute!
faggismcgorpis chapter 1 . 1/12/2011
Great fic... Doctor's my favorite bachelor in Mineral Town, and there isn't enough fanfics about him. I respect your decision with the names. There's no reason to change a name if you don't need to.
Oblong features chapter 1 . 12/1/2010
Adorable! I love it. I've been considering writing a fic for this myself but haven't gotten around to it, I recently married the Doctor in MFoMT and am just so happy I had to go read stuff about it. I love this, I'm gonna go look at more (preferably from you)~
Cupcake Heart chapter 1 . 10/31/2010
I still found Barley likable, even with all his old man RAAAAAAGE!~ It's pretty understandable, really. The town seems like one that is slow to change, so... yeah.

I've liked all the different doctors in the HM games. :)
MarianFontz chapter 1 . 10/27/2010
Now, I never read a story with Barley so worked up like that. Usually, he's very sweet and understanding.

So, moving on. I praise you for making this fic! I'm aching for a good story with this pair. Thank goodness, you didn't make it Graire (thought I'm also a bit biased with that pair) because at least I've had the opportunity to read something so well written and comical.

You've done well! Hope to read more HM stories from you.
Yami's Girl 117 chapter 1 . 10/26/2010
I really liked his. It was very well written!

There aren't enough fics about Doctor Trent on here, and this is a great addition.