Reviews for Building Bridges
bellaphone chapter 8 . 12/10
What does BWL mean?
bellaphone chapter 6 . 12/10
Wow, I was really off on my estimate, I must've been thinking of another story. Still, a great fanfic nonetheless
bellaphone chapter 5 . 12/10
Oh my goodness this so amazing so far... I'm so excited for the next, what was it, 117 chapters? It's wonderful to have a such a large number though, means I get more of magnificent writing and this story.
Chezakeeba chapter 30 . 12/2
InTheShadows3 chapter 30 . 11/26
I honestly can’t comprehend that you stoped this story! It’s brilliant... unbelievable...
SortingHat chapter 3 . 11/24
Another interesting perspective to see how fast things changed is in the mid 1800s while the west was wild and untamed in the big cities many of our important scientific discoveries were being made such as nucleus/protons, . Our basic building blocks. The DNA chain was brand new.

People debated the use of atomic energy in warfare and power all the while people in the west lived in primitive conditions.
SortingHat chapter 2 . 11/24
BTW: Professional bible scholars did NOT believe the earth was flat. In fact they debated it because Isiah says the world is in the shape of a circle (round) and nobody wanted to believe the bible scholars as they couldn't see how. Sailors eventually figured it out when they went around the world.

Only uneducated people or miseducated people thought so. By the 1500s most actually knew the earth wasn't flat.
SortingHat chapter 1 . 11/24
Hmmm a mysterious fire and the owner found unconscious OUTSIDE. You don't think he set it on fire on purpose for insurance reasons. Businesses do that a lot when they need to remodel and don't have the money to do so.
anon chapter 15 . 11/10
i hope other people picked up on this like i did, but i love the fact that while fighting flint, harry didnt call him by the right name. i dont remember if it was in this chapter or a previous one, but he mentioned that it is disrespectful to knowingly call someone by the wrong name. kudos for showing us how much harry hated what he did without outright saying it! i just had to point it out
HoloObssession chapter 30 . 10/28
Yes your updated is being sorely missed. But either way, this story is wonderful. I do adore it.
sammyfish chapter 28 . 10/14
Hi there! I first read this story... must've been at least 5 years ago now, and it's haunted me ever since. You have so many brilliant and fascinating ideas that you are intertwining, and I am SO invested in it. I realise this is probably abandoned, but I wanted to say thank you so very much for sharing what you have written, I truly adore it! (and I'm now copying and pasting this to each chapter, to find one I haven't previously reviewed :D)
padfootastic chapter 16 . 9/27

I admit, my love for James and hatred for Snape led to me cringing quite a bit up until now, but this completely changed things. I'm actually looking forward to the kind of relationship that forms between these two.

Great job!
padfootastic chapter 1 . 9/27
Woah. This was adorable 3
I loved how you've described Harry because while there's a certain appeal to holding grudgs and being distrustful, it's even more impressive to be as Harry is.
great work!
Guest chapter 30 . 9/21
Amazing story
SunsetDawn420 chapter 30 . 9/10
Woah, ich habe die Geschichte gerade zum like ... 4. oder 5. Mal gelesen und sie ist mmer noch so gut wie beim ersten Mal. Nur dass ich diesmal schon einiges mehr weiß und die Geschichte besser verstehe. Keine Ahnung, ob du die Reviews überhaupt noch liest, aber ich lasse dir jetzt einfach trotzdem eines da.
Ich habe meine Brüder von dieser Geschichte so vollgeschwärmt, aber sie sind leider noch nicht gut genug in Englisch, so dass sie die Geschichte noch nicht lesen können. Aber hey, wenn ich das nächste Mal nach Salzburg komme, halte ich Ausschau nach dem Institut von Paracelsus xP
Es liegt schon in der Stadt, oder? Nicht irgendwo im Bundesland (ich glaube, du hast was von Stadt geschrieben ... bin mir aber nicht sicher).
Oh, und ich bewundere dich dafür, wie du es schaffst, die Charaktere so wunderbar echt hinzubekommen. Ich schreibe selbst Geschichten und versuche Charaktere zu erschaffen, die interessat sind, aber so gut wie du bekomme ich das nicht hin. Da kann ich mir wirklich eine Scheibe abschneiden. Keine Ahnung, wie genau du es schaffst, ich versuche das Rätsel noch zu lösen, indem ich die Geschichte immer und immer wieder lese, und vielleicht durchschaue ich deinen Trick ja mal. Jedenfalls hast du wirklich meinen Respekt dafür. Für die Charaktere, aber auch für die Handlung. Und überhaupt für die ganze Geschichte.
Liebe Grüße
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