Reviews for Building Bridges
Vexile chapter 1 . 7/19
Dear lord that was so sweet ;3;
Hatrack1965 chapter 1 . 7/14
I know this story is likely abandoned but I really wish it wasn't. I hope that you may find the time and inspiration to continue Harry's journey as I have come to love him and all his OC friends and wish them the best and all happiness. You are a beautiful writer.
Vampsfan101 chapter 30 . 7/13
I love this story so flippin' much and I can't wait for an update!
Calypto chapter 8 . 7/12
what is this crap about being able to see one evening and being blind the next evening for atleast 6 years. sounds more retarded and very plot convenient. basically he is blind for atleast 18 months out of 6 years and thats while he is at Hogwarts where a lot of shit goes down at night. either i misunderstood completely or its jist plain ridiculous.
GreenThumbTarasova chapter 29 . 7/1
I completely love this story. Thanks so much for writing it!
GreenThumbTarasova chapter 28 . 7/1
Building bridges is everybit as good as I remembered. If only there were more of it! Then again, a mark of an excellent story is wishing it didn't have to end. Again, lovely job!
GreenThumbTarasova chapter 1 . 6/30
I've read this fix before and it has stood out over time as one of my most favorites. Just here for another read through.
Emiguin11 chapter 30 . 6/29
Deutsch: Diese Geschichte ist so gut. Gibt es sowieso jemand adoptiert?

English: This story is really good. Is there anyway someone adopted it?
Guest chapter 30 . 6/28
Also fuck frank longbottom. He judge harry that he was unlike his parents. How could harry be thr same as his parent when ge didn't even remember them and a different life.
Guest chapter 30 . 6/28
Heya. I hate dumbledore in all of the fanfics. Manipulator bastard. Like in here. Only a few anger issues harry diplayed and now his like tom riddle in many ways that we they need to be suspicous of him.
kyanoswolf chapter 30 . 6/27
This is a fascinating alternative storyline. There is so much hinted at in Harry's history. He's faced terrible things and still is a protector at heart. Harry's upbringing will keep him in the thick of things. I can't help wondering how the Chamber of Secrets and other canon would play out in this universe. Or how long it will take to reveal just who really stopped Voldemort that night.

Though, I fear that a prejudicial comparison to Voldemort will make some adults distrust him even as Harry continues to help his friends. Smarter adults will realize that this is unfair. I think Harry won't be perceived as a hero until the ultimate conflict is settled.

I hope that you do find the inspiration to continue this as I want so much to know the whole story. But if there are other stories that speak to you, those are the ones you should write. Good luck and thank you.
Emiguin11 chapter 10 . 6/27
Ich denke deine Geschichte ist wirklich gut und es ist cool, dass du auf Englisch schreibst
Heya chapter 30 . 6/11
I have honestly never been so invested in a fanfic before. Honestly and truly. And I've been through 3 fandoms and read through dozens upon dozens of fics for all three.
This is absolutely beautiful in every sense of the word. I love this characterisation of Harry- a kind, loyal soul who is slightly damaged by his hellish past and only discovering just how much he was affected by this upon his arrival at hogwarts. And, of course, the power he has with the Influence! So cool! ('Course, burning down an orphanage isn't the greatest demonstration of this power, but since the place is a literal description of hell, I think it's justified.)
I know it's been at least 5 years and reviews upon reviews asking for this to be updated... so- I'm sorry but not sorry- I'm gonna add to that. This story needs an ending- it's too BRILLIANT not to have one! Pleeeeeease? Maaaybe? If you've got some severe writers block, yeah, then I can sort of understand your pain, but it's been a while...surely the more serious effects may have subsided by now? (Sorry, I just really want more haha)
I'm bookmarking this anyway, so if you do update I can easily get here :)
Keep writing, you're doing a damn good job of it!
ShadowedHand chapter 10 . 6/7
Du bist Deutsche? Cool, das haette ich nicht geraten. Gut geschrieben. :) Hoffentlich fertigest du irgendwann alles ab. Na ja. Es macht Spass sowieso.
Silly chapter 1 . 6/5
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