Reviews for Building Bridges
Tal Strauss chapter 32 . 23h
Loved this and I can't wait for more! Your take on goblins and the multiple elements that magic is based on was really interesting!
tricorvus chapter 13 . 6/22
Absolutely freaking brilliant
Rock on
redxbloodxblackxdeath chapter 32 . 6/21
Wow, I have finally gotten around to re-reading this story to remember what was going on lol. It's so good! I can't wait for the next update to find out what happens next.
tricorvus chapter 11 . 6/21
THAT WAS MARVELOUS! Instead of sissy Harry grabbing his forehead. (I’m sorry but book/movie Harry is kind of a sissy and doesn’t handle his ills the way that real children in his situations tend to do)
Well-written and entertaining!
Rock on
Loquin chapter 32 . 6/18
Wow!, glad to read a very good chapter of this amazing story!
Helene Nightfire chapter 32 . 6/14
A good look at the Longbottom situation. Thanks for that insight to the characters behavior.
Helene Nightfire chapter 31 . 6/14
Ive just found this story again and am surprised how much I remember up to just after the sorting. So I’ve really enjoyed getting to know more of the story. I think you are doing well with what you have despite not having a beta reader. Though I can understand why you would like the help. This is a big job with lots of fiddley details to work on. But thank you for sharing. I think it’s a story worth reading and hope to see where you take it in the end.
T-rex chapter 32 . 6/10
Nice start to the story, I had to give up on the halfway point, though. Just could not stand the Snape worship. Because you have made it sound like he is to be coddled, colleagues won't speak of Lily and James around him and all.
Best regards
Guest chapter 32 . 5/31
I was so glad when I've found out an update after such a long time. It is a wonderful story and I really enjoy it.
cribinator chapter 32 . 5/28
Okay, I could go on and on about what I like about this, but it's late and I should be asleep as it is. Beyond that, I just want to say that I would like to find out more about the backstory of this AU, like how Harry met Sully and stuff like that. I get that you have a busy life, and may not be able to update frequently, so I just want to say, keep up the good work here, and good luck with your personal matters
JM0RIARTY chapter 32 . 5/28
I'm glad I put this fic in my fav and follow as I really like the story. Frank seems a bit obnocious (I dont know how to spell it as english is not my first language) I like that Harry seems realistic, the poor boy has been through so much and it shows, he has flashbacks (okay Quirell is to blame) but I think he would have had some anyway, you can only suppress trauma for so long... and I think it's quite good that he knows Snape's secret. It makes him feel safe and kind of more able to open up. Also it was good that Char is there for Snape's investigation.

Ipes chapter 32 . 5/16
Please update. Please please
Redwing1co chapter 8 . 5/14
Really enjoying your story and the character interaction, interesting story change hope to read more
Baxter87 chapter 32 . 5/10
Wonderful story can't wait to see what happens next!
Hainbuche chapter 32 . 5/10
das ist eine sehr spannende geschichte. schreibst du weiter ? lg hainbuche
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