Reviews for Innocent Whispers
era-romance chapter 115 . 3/20
Devil'sAssistant chapter 113 . 2/2
I'm confused. Who will Kyoko end up with? Cuz so far all I see is Kyoko with all the other men except Ren. Also, this Kyoko is too soft. Too gullible. She's annoying in her softness. Such a fool. It's a good thing you didn't finish this. Else I might hate Kyoko in the end.
WinterLilyForever chapter 20 . 11/16/2017
It's "loses" not "looses" . They are two completely different words with completely different meanings. Please keep that in mind.
Carmenc7 chapter 115 . 11/2/2017
I love it! I am hoping there would be a continuation, even if the last update was a while ago.

Keep up the great work!
misherukuro chapter 114 . 9/24/2017
Just finished enjoying a full re-read. I love this fic so much. Thanks again for sharing your writing.
Cabbit and the Weasel chapter 35 . 9/18/2017
Kogaaaaaaa! Stoooop (TT o TT) this wont end well for anyone, do not make Kyoko's emotional progress revert back to before the confrontation with Sho!
Cabbit and the Weasel chapter 32 . 9/18/2017
Koga...Koga, don't be an ass.
Cabbit and the Weasel chapter 30 . 9/18/2017
well i just teared up. Sho redemption and accepting his feelings in his shitty situation. Sucks for him,but makes for an emotional read.
Cabbit and the Weasel chapter 23 . 9/15/2017
aww man, no, no, Koga, i was just starting to like you! I was rooting for a platonic Kyoko and Koga friendship that might have gotten a little touchy on Koga's part. But i was really liking it! And now he's plotting to use her? Dang it!
Cabbit and the Weasel chapter 16 . 9/15/2017
Why didn't we get to see any of Kyoko's scenes or dialogue? What was Ami's role in the story suppose to be?
Sargent93 chapter 115 . 8/18/2017
I hope you haven't Abandoned this! please update soon!
karenuix.hg chapter 1 . 7/24/2017
OMG. please Update when finish your Buffy's fics.
Cactus2008 chapter 115 . 6/16/2017
Hi, hope you're well. Looking forward to reading your updated Skip Beat fics.
CelestialTitania chapter 115 . 5/8/2017
Hey, this story is amazing! Please tell me you haven't abandoned it, and an update is highly needed. I think I've read this maybe three times now. I love it so much especially your Koga. One of my favorites and I keep forgetting he isn't canon!
DreamIdol chapter 34 . 4/12/2017
Why are story pairing for Lory's script more of KanaeXRen... when that Love demon would do anything to get Kyoko and Ren together? It's pretty good read so far though.
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