Reviews for Newton's Third Law
moonlightkiss1515 chapter 6 . 8/20
weird i thought you said that he will get a face mask soon after the ritual so no one can see his cute face (this would end the trouble he gets from Kurenai)
DragonHeartXD chapter 49 . 8/5
Dreamwind1 chapter 46 . 8/4
I really love this story and I think you could still use the Stone. Kei spent a lot of time looking into the right stones to use for his wards, so surely at some point he came across mention of it. And the Hogwarts rumor mill is probably still talking about what could have been in the 3rd floor corridor, and with the Flammel dying so shortly after then the Ravenclaws would be bound to mention to someone that it had to be the stone hidden in Hogwarts. I've been kind of waiting to see Mikoto figure it out and plan out how to best use it to save Kei after the battle with Madara.
DragonHeartXD chapter 17 . 8/4
This fanfic has made me hungry due to the constant uses of 'Ramen' and 'Dango' so I'm eating a few hours old reheated chips with gravy from MacDonalds *sweatdrop* what have you done to me xD
Yvonne Park chapter 49 . 8/3
I have really enjoyed this story so far. Are you ever going to keep going? I would really love to read more! I want Kei and Sasuke to finally be able to get together! Though I am actually kinda sad that he didn't end up with Kiba. Those two would have been so cute together. Kiba hardly ever gets to be in the main pairings. haha Seriously, great job so far. This story is quite well written and it's been a while since a long story has actually been able to keep my attention long enough to get to the end, so you are doing a great job. Please keep going! I really want to read more! :)

draco7347 chapter 49 . 7/27
love story cant wait for new chapters
Mini Totoro chapter 49 . 7/22
Hopefully magic will heal Kei, sense it seems like there is nothing the Medic Nins can do to help with Kei's health... I want Yuki and Sasuke to be together, and forever afterㅂو
FallingHopelessly chapter 49 . 7/12
I love this fanfic. It was a delightful read. Hope you'll update soon.
Im a guest chapter 34 . 7/7
i would love to see haku and hari just trolling around in kimonos
Guest chapter 20 . 7/4
Guest chapter 49 . 6/29
Please update soon
Guest chapter 49 . 6/29
I think the unknown jutsu should end up killing the horcrux in kei(harry) but kei surviving please update soon
Im a guest chapter 49 . 7/1
Hype for next one but where's the huge authors note
Im a guest chapter 4 . 6/30
Confirmed cross dresser
Im a guest chapter 3 . 6/30
Guy is the Naruto praise the sun lord
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