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Guest chapter 45 . 11/20
Even if Kiba would never be paired with Kei it would still hurt like nothing else. Sasuke he would die with Kei no questions asked.

Seriously I am starting to feel physically ill at the thought of losing them. Sorry that I cannot continue to read your great writing in this Fic but… I have gotten ill because of something similar before
Guest chapter 44 . 11/20
Gods above this got depressing and dark fast. Are you seriously going to have the story end that way? I know not every story has a happy ending, but come on! This abuse to the reader, we are way to emotionally attached to them for this go down the way it sounds like. Kiba will never heal, Kakashi is going to commit suicide, that much is obvious. The family of Ninja you lovingly created will shatter and the remaining ones will slip into deep depression. seriously if this does end with character death... Just write a version where they find a bloody cure!
Aisa Hitsuuna chapter 49 . 11/19
Honestly, I'm reading some of the reviews, and I'm getting a bit irritated. Kei can be brave and cunning and intelligent or whatever the fuck, but he is loyal above all else. That's why he's a Hufflepuff. He isn't afraid of toil and he's pretty fair towards everyone, especially missing-nin. I don't believe you put him in Hufflepuff solely because he's a ninja and ninja are loyalI think you put him in Hufflepuf e f. Geez, why doesn't anyone like Hufflepuffs? We're generally good guys. Kei is a good guy... at his core. The murder and espionage is questionable but, eh, ninjas, right? And I have to say this: while I personally enjoy your depiction of Dracobecause it is a perfectly Slytherin thing to get close to the mysterious foreigner just to satiate curiosity (they always do like to have the upper hand in every dealingI also believe he would have at least some prejudice against Kei just for being Japanese. That said, he is the son of a Pureblood government official, and it isn't impossible to assume that he's at least witnessed foreign interactions before, yeah? You did good with Hermione. She does tend to jump to the worst possible conclusions sometimes, and will accuse a Professor because of it. Oh, 'Mione, not everything is what it seems and you aren't always right... Okay, proper review and opinions finished! I do hope you update soon, too! I have enjoyed reading about Kei's interaction with Hogwarts studentsI usually don't like X-over!Harry mixing with Hogwarts because he always has a superiority complex and Harry wouldn't ever do that. That kindness and fairness is an innate trait. Thanks for your efforts! They're truly appreciated!
Aisa Hitsuuna chapter 38 . 11/19
I HAVE TO SAY IT! I KNEW KEI WOULD GET HUFFLEPUFF! aaaah, i figured he'd be sorted into this house when you first posed the question many chapters ago! i know a housemate when i see one!
Psyka chapter 49 . 11/18
Just Heal Kei please I don't want him to die but I love your story other wise so please please please please update again soon please and save him
Kail990 chapter 49 . 11/14
I don't particularly like slash stories and usually don't even begin reading them, that said, your story is Intresting, funny and quite well balanced. If you keep it non graphic with only chaste actions of gay relationships, I will continue to follow this story.

I don't agree with harry's decision to not get treated in the wizarding world, it seems a flawed reasoning, even with the mention that he would not be able to fight at his best if he was cured.
titan616 chapter 34 . 11/12
The brave and the foolish? Draco kinda a nice guy? I feel like I can see where this is going, or at least what the authors biases are. None of the others houses were insulted in their descriptions, even though it's easy enough to insult Hufflepuff and Slytherin at least.

Also, if I had to sort the Konoha 12, I would realistically only put maybe 3 of them in Hufflepuff, some of them would be good fits for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin too. Yes shinobi should ideally be very loyal to their village, but they all have their own distinct personalities as well. Not to mention traditional shinobi work is fairly Slytherin in nature since it requires a great deal of cunning and subterfuge, and shinobi in the Naruto series are constantly in situations where they need far more courage than the average human is even capable of. How many people do you know who could honestly face down giant demonic monsters and stand their ground even if they did have weapons capable of combating said creature?
kylC chapter 49 . 11/4
Oh my god this story is amazing.
You've made me laugh, cry, choke on my diner, and worry all my friends/family throughout this story. It's been a real interesting read and is definitely one of my favourite naruto x hp crossovers out there. Also, those omakes are great.
Looking forward to the next chapter! Keep up the good work!

(its freaking late and I'm not completely awake anymore at this point but hot damn I needed to finish reading this so I apologize if this review features bad grammar, missing words, and/or half complete sentences)
secret241 chapter 30 . 10/19
Guy would win
secret241 chapter 27 . 10/19
secret241 chapter 26 . 10/18
Kei is my favorite
secret241 chapter 19 . 10/18
secret241 chapter 18 . 10/18
acherongoddess chapter 49 . 10/17
i love this story, hope you come back and update soon i would love to see how this ends.
GoldThesteral22095 chapter 49 . 10/9
So cool.
Love it.
Can't wait for more.
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