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klaineforever chapter 5 . 8/2/2013
Awwwwwww sooooooo sweet! Please update the story. I cannot wait for more cute kurt wonderfulness
fangirl101-a book by me chapter 5 . 4/7/2013
Xx-Vampyre-Ninja-xX chapter 5 . 1/8/2013
Please update!
Swoop chapter 5 . 10/24/2012
I would love it if you would keep writing more for this :)
morewithtruffles chapter 2 . 10/9/2012
Since I couldn't bear to see such a lovely story as this so close to the 200-review-mark and leave it there...


Thank you again for writing this. It was beautiful.

trufflemores chapter 5 . 10/9/2012
This was so precious.

I almost have no words for how sweet and adorable and perfect this was. I absolutely adore the way that you've written this entire scene. I felt bad for Mollie since it's an incredibly stressful process for her and it isn't even running smoothly from the start, but at least both her and Kurt are okay and in the end, that's what matters most. I'm glad that Burt was there for her throughout the entire process, helping her get to the hospital and then staying by her side as much as possible. My heart ached for him when Mollie told him to follow their son and make sure that he was okay, because Kurt not crying wasn't a good sign and of course she's worried about the baby, but Burt's torn because he's worried about her, too. Ultimately, I'm glad that he followed Kurt, and that they were able to get him sorted out and fine.

The moment he had with baby Kurt was absolutely precious. I loved how you wrote that entire scene, with Burt holding his son for the first time. It's so different from the Burt in the previous scenes, and that's incredibly powerful. Here we can actually see Burt transforming from a young man with a younger wife and a premature baby into a father. There's a palpable shift of responsibility; he just feels so much more empowered and able to handle the task ahead of him. I love the impact of that moment, and how he just instinctively cradles Kurt closer when he fusses without even needing to ask anyone what he should do with the baby. The way that you wrote it was beautiful, and that entire scene was so pivotal for Burt's character and I love you for capturing it.

Stunning piece, truly. This was amazing, and I loved every moment of it. You have an incredible knack for capturing characters perfectly, and you haven't disappointed here.

Lovely story. Really, truly lovely.
trufflemores chapter 4 . 10/9/2012
I have to admit, I laughed at 'river in a meadow.' I can just imagine if "Blaine" meant something like that, and now I'm actually tempted to look it up and see what comes up. I love that Mollie has to confirm that "Kurt" doesn't mean anything cheesy before dubbing it suitable for their baby. It's adorable, and I love the name Kurt, and the line that you pulled from 'The Sound of Music' ("I'm Kurt. I'm incorrigible. What's incorrigible mean?") was perfect. I loved that entire conversation, and Burt being the one to pick out Kurt as a name was sweet. It gives him a more tangible role in the whole process, since up until then he'd been feeling pretty lost about it.

And I love how you've written that. It's clear that Mollie is excited about the impending birth, but Burt couldn't be more terrified. I love how he thinks that Ella was "small" at ten pounds, and that if his baby is any smaller he doesn't know how he's supposed to handle it. Burt is a pretty big guy, so I can definitely see him nervous about something like that when he knows that it's their baby and that dropping it or handling it wrong isn't an option (unlike tools, where the occasional fall is fine). As the chapter progresses, however, Burt settles more and more comfortably into his role of impending fatherhood. The way he goes to Mollie when her parents kick her out, for instance, and then the way that he's there when Kathy gives them their first home. He's definitely warming up to the idea, and it couldn't be clearer by the end that he's finally starting to settle into the role. Not completely, and not perfectly, but more than before. Even referring to Mollie as his girlfriend at the beginning to comfortably as his wife is a huge step for both of them.

Poor Mollie broke my heart in this. Her parents kicking her out was a gut-wrenching possibility, but at least she has the Hummel family to support her. I'm glad that she dropped out of the Cheerios before she could injure the baby or herself because of it, even though Burt was right: word about the baby and her marriage would spread. It's good to see that they're finally getting a break with the Hummel parents supporting them so much, and I'm glad to see that everything is going well with the baby. (The conversation about whether or not Kurt liked country was adorable. I love how insistent Burt is that maybe he actually likes it and is excited, whereas Mollie isn't buying it at all).

I know that you always reference Kurt as an April baby in your earlier works, so I'm guessing that things aren't going /quite/ according to plan in the next chapter, will they? Ironically, Kurt was born in May (27) canonically, so I think it's amazing that you actually predicted the right month, even if, according to your earlier canon, he was a premature birth. I'm just amazed by your uncanny ability to nail characters and their quirks, even birth days.

Excited to read the next! All the baby Kurt feels.
trufflemores chapter 3 . 10/9/2012
All the happy Hummel feels.

That was the sweetest Christmas present ever. I adore how Mollie broke the news to him, and even turned it into a gift in its own way. The blue blanket was absolutely precious (and I am inwardly flailing because that blanket means so much to Kurt and all I can think about is all the times that Kurt has cuddled up with it/needed it since). Not to mention the actual ultrasound pic and the note. I'm still soundlessly flailing. I love it. This is right up there with the box scene on the adorable feels radar. It amazes me that you're still able to do something even /more/ precious when it feels like you've already written the most adorable moments in existence. I just love it. And I love how much happier it makes Burt and how Mollie specifically held back from telling him until that moment when he was missing her and some good news was really appreciated.

So precious.

And now that I've gotten my happy feels out of the way, time for the angst-ier ones. Mollie's parents are so different from Burt's, so it's really good that you included their reactions to the pregnancy in this as well (although, truthfully, I would expect nothing less from a wonderfully perceptive author such as yourself). There was definitely a lot of resentment over Burt's age, something that the Hummel parents have touched on far more lightly. (The only real indication that there was disapproval was mild, compared to the severe and even harsh comments made by Mollie's mother.) My heart ached for her when her mother reacted so violently to the news, going from calm and normal to almost raging over a span of seconds. Her father was much more sedate, a nice contrast to her explosive reaction, but he, too, definitely expressed doubts about it as well as plans to give the baby up for adoption instead of consulting with Mollie and Burt about it.

Just the way that they reacted was so realistic. Not that all parents would treat their pregnant teenage daughters that way, but there are definitely ones out there that wouldn't be thrilled at the news. Burt's parents, thankfully, took the news well and even agreed to support him regardless of what they decided on. Mollie doesn't have the same blessing as her parents immediately start making decisions for her, and the rift them forms between them over the course of that conversation breaks my heart. I'm not surprised that Burt ended up leaving mid-argument and Mollie chased after him to insist that they should get married. Poor Mollie. Emotions were running high and it is a lot to digest at once, so hopefully, with some time, the Melrose parents will settle down.

But then Burt came to the rescue and I could not have loved him more. His proposal was perfect. I loved it. I'd say more on it because I really want you to know that I /loved/ it, but there's nothing else to say. Consider me struck speechless on the matter.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Heart-wrenching at points, yes. But still beautiful.

(Oh, and before I forget, the wedding was perfect for them. It really was. Maybe it wasn't all the fanfare that they had hoped for when they were younger, but ... it suited them. It really did.)
trufflemores chapter 2 . 10/9/2012
I can see so much of Burt in his parents, and I love that. I love that it's easy to make connections between them (not painfully obvious, but with the smooth fluidity of traits passed on from one generation to the next), and how it ultimately shapes Burt's personality as an adult. Eli Hummel's tendency to turn to work when he's angry, for instance, reflects Burt's tendency to do the same. He's a very practical man, and it's easy to see how he gets that attitude from his father. They're both straightforward with each other and there's little beating-around-the-bush, again something that Burt has retained well into his adult life. Burt's mother, Kathy, also seems to bear a sort of stern resignation to the task that reminds me of Burt later on. If she could have had it her way, then she wouldn't have had Mollie pregnant so young and unmarried to boot, but she accepts that that's how things are and that they'll just have to handle the situation as it is.

It reminds me of how Burt treats Kurt, in its own way, before Mollie finally got some sense into him in "Sugarplum Priorities." (See, truffles can remember some things, although my apologies for the typo in the last review - I meant "Melrose," but apparently mind my jumped straight to Blaine "Montrose" and I mashed them together.) Kurt showing signs of being different early on - not wanting to do the same things that other little boys do, for instance - flummoxed Burt, and for a time it seemed like he was even endeavoring to change him (not actively harming him, of course, but refusing to reward his different behavior or encourage it), but ultimately, he accepts that Kurt is who he is and that he's going to love him no matter what. Which includes the possibility - and eventuality - that he is gay.

So I really love that you've tied that all in here. It's a marvelous character study for Burt, and it really is refreshing as a reader to see exactly where those little quirks in a certain character come from. A Burt Hummel type doesn't appear from thin air, and I love that, in this moment in particular (the news of Mollie's pregnancy just breaking at the Hummel household), you've captured two of the greatest influences on his life perfectly. I love the way that you've written both of them and I'm actually tempted to ask you to write more of them in the future over on Tumblr. I'm not sure how you would incorporate them into future works (and, frankly, I'm dreading asking whether or not they're even alive by the time Kurt is a teenager), but I adore them here and I know that, in your capable hands, I'd adore them in just about any setting.

Thank you. For writing this. It really brings Burt to an even more understandable level, and having read your other works, I'm in awe of how well it ties into them.

You have an incredible gift for writing characters. I hope that you'll never stop incorporating your original characters into your works, because they are just as lovely and flawless as those that the Glee verse has given us.

I also adored Mollie in this. She's sweet and strong for both of them, in her own way, adamant about certain things (no abortion) but uncertain about others (adoption, marriage). I love that you have them considering the possibility of adoption since they're both still so young and unmarried to boot. At the same time, I can't imagine that they would have been able to give up Kurt, and they are old enough that, financially and emotionally, they can handle raising a child together. Kathy Hummel's claim that she would even be willing to raise her grandbaby was sweet, and I'm glad that you included that conversation here.

Wonderfully done.
trufflemores chapter 1 . 10/9/2012
I've never actually read a Burt/Mollie story before (I suppose with another author it would simply be Burt/Kurt's mother), but I'm always intrigued by your take on events and have generally come to accept everything you write as headcanon, so I'm definitely on board with this one. And the way that you've written it so far is incredible.

The way you stick to Burt's character really draws me into this. I'm guiltily more interested in stories that involve my two favorite characters, but the fact that this is the story of how Kurt came to be, so to speak, pulled me in. It's interesting to read about Burt as a teenager, since we're so used to seeing him on screen as an adult. (Not to mention Burt used to have hair; I'm still working on processing that in my mental image of a younger Burt Hummel.) He has a can-do attitude about life that reminds me of a more intelligent Finn. He knows what he wants to do and how he's going to do it, but he keeps his goals rather unambitious on the whole. Football is his passion and he knows that he's smart enough to make it through college, even if he's not convinced that he'll be a big-shot in the real world. The age difference between him and Mollie emphasizes how maturity and age don't always correspond; she definitely strikes me as the more spitfire of the two, if only because she has broader dreams (i.e. touring Europe). While he's not the most ambitious man on the planet, Burt is still a good guy, and I enjoyed reading his perspective here.

He's human. He really, at his core, is human, and that's what you've always gotten right about your characters. Blaine is the example I come to time and again, but Burt deserves a mention, and here is as good a place as any. Burt still thinks about the future in terms of 'eternity' and 'forever,' as most people do. We don't anticipate premature death in our lives, even though we know it happens every day, and it breaks my heart to think that he's already considering postponing things with Mollie because he thinks that they'll have decades ahead of them to be married and in love (which, ideally, they would). In a way, it endears him even more to me, though, that he wants her to have those opportunities to be young and single and relatively carefree. She shouldn't have to be tied down to family obligations and unable to travel due to those expenses so early on, but things really do have a way of working out, and that way is that she and Burt have a son before it's too late.

I love your interpretation of their relationship. It's sweet, and the age difference is almost a non-event here because it's clear that Burt isn't taking advantage of the fact that she's a freshman when he's a senior. I love that, and I love how naturally they fall in love. Burt eating twelve pieces of pie before he worked up the courage to kiss her and ask her out was adorable, and I love how Mollie responded. She's adorable already, and my heart again aches because, like you mentioned, we know what's coming and it only really goes downhill from here.

But there is good to come from an early, unexpected pregnancy. In Mollie's case, it meant a lot of good, and for Burt as well.

I love this. How you've written it and the romance that you've given Mollie Meltrose and Burt Hummel are lovely. Wonderful start.
allieisrandom chapter 5 . 9/22/2012
You should keep going one of these days, this story was SO PERFECT! I'm annoyed that we never got to see Kurt's mother in the show or hear anything about her, so I'm just going to make Mollie be part of my headcannon, okay? lol don't worry, I won't try to write her anything, could never do your OC's justice anyway.
B. Noir chapter 5 . 9/10/2012
Are you going to update this any time soon?
XoX-Sugar Quill and Ink-XoX chapter 5 . 7/23/2012

This is kinda, sorta amazing, can't wait for an update.
The Peppermint Field chapter 5 . 6/27/2012
This is an amazing story. I love your head canons and your ANs are astoundingly entertaining as well. Fabulous work.

What really excitedme though is that I was born on the eighteenth of April, 1994 so Kurt is one day older than me which for some reason is incredibly exciting. Wonderful stuff :)
Jay Petrakis chapter 5 . 6/4/2012
This is a lovely story;; So sweet and I can't wait to read more I'm looking forward to seeing Burt/Mollie and baby!Kurt
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