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Troubled writer chapter 1 . 4/19
Hey there! this was a very useful document for my fic. But I have one question. My oc name is Karma Potter. As her first name is an inside joke. Her mother also an OC of mine is Veronica Potter the squib younger sister of James Potter. Is this too much or just about right?
Guest chapter 1 . 5/25/2020
Okay, But Cursed Child...don't continue to read this comment if you plan to read the book.
SPOILER ALERT: Voldemort has a daughter with Bellatrix. Which makes sense if he would want his bloodline to continue which he would because of how conceited and manic he was, and so was Bellatrix who's so obsessed with Voldemort that I doubt she actually cares about how good the sex is. She probably just considered it an honor to be chosen to carry his child. The advise is still absolutely amazing though when it comes to creating a story.
Linnie chapter 1 . 3/7/2020
My oc
Name:Isabella Ada Annison
Appearance:Mid back length straight brown hair ,light skin,blue eyes
Hog warts years: Same as Golden Trio
Birthdate:May 4 1980
Nationality: Scottish
Blood status:Pure blood
Best Friends: Fred and George Weasley
Friends: Ginny Weasley,Pansy Parkinson,Luna Lovegood
Enemies:Draco Malfoy,Padma and Parvati Patil
Wand:11inches,fir wood,dragon heartstring
Nickname: Sabi
Pet:Turtle named Julie
Best class:Divination
Worst class:Astronomy
Career:She doesn't know
Crush: None!She doesn't want a boyfriend, and will slap any boy that dare tries to flirt with her!
Is it good?
Millla chapter 1 . 2/19/2020
Are you the one who wrote a story like this on Wattpad-catch wit or something? (Curse those bloody auto correction features ) Because this story uses some of the exact same features- unless you copied
aesthetically blue chapter 1 . 2/5/2020
I’m glad that I’ve stumbled on this. It helped me a lot. I am writing my own OC who is James Potter’s little sister which I know that’s been overused, but I’ve always wanted to write one myself. I have her in a love triangle with Sirius and Severus. I don’t mind those type of stories as long as they can be done well. I like those Harry’s sisters stories and that Voldemort has children. That’s what fanfiction is for. Again, as long as it can be done well. The same for if Snape has another love interest besides Lily before and after her death, and if Snape and Lily has a child or children. Other stuff you’ve mentioned I kinda agreed with. :)
Guest chapter 1 . 12/6/2019
That's nice and it really sums up the sort of characters people choose to write about. But I personally can tolerate strange names or characters having their own prophecies. What I can't stand is when other characters simply adore the OC. And I think I agree with another reviewer who said thatt people focus on their OC because it's his/her story they are writing, not Harry's. As for paring Remus with a bookish girl, I don't see why that should be a problem. They can bond over why can't he be the one to show her how to have fun? Let's reverse it! If we pair him with someone wild, that just sounds like Tonks in most fics, so what's the point? I can read Remus Tonks fics then because the only difference is the time period. And opposites attract is used everywhere,and it stopped being original long ago. Scarlett fancied Ashley, but they were so different that they could not understand each other. Besides, wolfstar is also based on this opposites attract idea, so I think that with Remus, you can see that people do follow this advice. In fact, I don't think that paring him with someone milder is a mistake, given that Remus Tonks is always poorly done, with her shouting at him and everyone being convinced that he is just being stupid and his reasons don't matter/don't count.
Renee chapter 1 . 9/17/2019
I loved it! I swear it helped a lot, and thanks for writing this!
TheLegendaryBlackDragonKnight chapter 1 . 6/15/2019
PottedLilies, I have been dealing with some assholes who liked to call my Main Protagonist an unlikable Gary Stu (Although they keep getting it wrong because the male term is Stu, not Sue) all because he has an Wand that has dual cores with it's wood being Ebony and Blackthorn. I want you to tell me what you think of my protagonist whose name is Lucifer "Dathris" Milicox, his last name is a compound between Milliard which means one million and Cox which means Rooster by the way

1: He hates his first name due to the other orphans mocking him with males declaring he is not worthy enough to have a cool name like that, and the females considering name their pets after him albeit it's more like a reference to Cinderella from the Disney Renaissance; because the Stepmother's cat has the same name, if you didn't notice at first

2: He doesn't start out tall like you think he does, he starts out short but gets taller with each passing year he spends at Hogwarts while his choppy layered hair that he refuses to cut gets longer. By the time of Year III he's showing signs of facial hair because there are some older students looking students who are attending Year I, anyone can be 11 like Harry to 13 as it's the maximum age; Lucifer is 12 in the beginning and he turns older with each birthday on December 17

3: Regardless of being in Slytherin he has very little to rare interactions with the main trio whenever they are not doing what the plot of the films demand them to do, he does not share the views of purging Muggleborns because he prefers Half-Blood Supremacy over purebloods. Not to mention he has no interest in being in the same Quidditch match with Malfoy due to have some heated incidents with him, as he is instead an Beater for the afternoon matches; oh and he prefers to have his uniform an darker and murky shade, this is due to him feeling like Hogwarts wants Harry Potter but doesn't want him to be an hero from Slytherin

4: His relationship with Snape is like Anakin and Chancellor Palpatine except he's not evil by any means, he knows the kind of frustrations he's dealing with in terms of being an Year I and II student; he knows about his family and how they acted like loyal enforcers to him as they are not royalty by any means, no matter if they live in an manor and have entitlements like Lord and Lady. His father and mother's name Daerowolf and Phoenxe respectively should not count against chances of him being an Gary Stu because I do not take criticism lightly, in fact those who write negative reviews of any kind are dealt by me with deletion

5: Lucifer felt like it was not fair for Gryffindor to have an sword of it's own and his identical twin friends whose names are Thresher and Shetzer both return with the gathered supplies, needed to built the Sword of Slytherin as his house can have an weapon of their own to summon but they don't use the Sorting Hat to summon the blade. No instead they can summon the blade from behind their back underneath their robes, as both him and Snape used their signature spells to enchant it. There are some made up spells and hexes because come on, the latter created them in his youth so why can't he make a few like an: Passworld Revealer Hex to enter other common rooms, Sunblind Hex that can blind people with the rays of the sun which could even cause some scorching pain and his own spell that I can't explain it's effects too well

6: His Patronus is an Runespoor as it makes since because Lucifer comes off as the kind of person who plans what to do next, dreams of how it would be executed and judges the results of how it went. He's also an Parselmouth of course but he has no relation to anyone famous and is not a descendant of an powerful wizard, he's just his own man whose trying to learn and create an moveset of some good spells to use as he's growing up and becoming wiser. Take the Firestorm Spell from Half-Blood Prince for example, he doesn't exactly learn that until Year V and the incantation has yet to be revealed; it's times like these that if you want to use an spell but the incantation is unknown, I would suggest typing in an phrase and using it for your characters to say when casting them. Firestorm's incantation for me is: "Solotango" which means... well, Firestorm in Latin

7: When it comes to Umbridge's Inquisitorial Squad, he is absolutely against that kind of shit because she is taking advantage of his mental flaws like not being able to tolerate losing in an Quidditch match because some jackass knocked him out by kicking his bat out of his hands and left him with no choice but to actually PUNCH the bludger. Breaking his knuckle and being thrown off the broom by smacking the goal post. He does not like to be involved in the affairs of others like Harry Potter because he's got his own journeys ahead of him, he does not like being treated like an shadow by his own house and he does not like having his school years be ruined because of Lord Voldemort's return. It is that reason why he decides to reverse his age back to 12 Years Old and unknowingly trigger the Forbidden Rebirth of Sorrows, which is the sequel to the Slytherin Prince of Destiny (Referring to Lucifer...)

Before you ask: The story is about Lucifer who has come to accept his real name being very unhappy that his years at Hogwarts gave him nothing but shitty luck, so he reverses time which brings back those who were deceased to life; but also causes an repeat of the events that happened, but is not really the same because Harry Potter is not in the spotlight this time. The Forbidden Rebirth of Sorrows is an incident that's similar to changing your fate, but without Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort; there is no Wizarding War involved, instead it's the Beast Wars between Hogwarts and the Main Antagonist: Eratch Tollios and the Cult of the Dark Arts

If you don't like the way Lucifer Milicox is portrayed, just tell me what I am doing wrong without being a dick to me since to others I write my own way and I don't need their so called expert opinions of others to judge me. If you like the way he's portrayed but see some flaws in him, let me know what I can do to help develop him in the further chapters. When you've read this review, be sure to Private Message me. Do you understand now?
AriLikesTea chapter 1 . 4/13/2019
Excellent advice, but I don’t necessarily agree with no unique names. For instance, Hermione. I know she’s a main character, but some people like names that are unique and out of the blue. My mom has an unorthodox(and so do I) name for her “time period”. Also, there are literally dozens of names in Harry Potter that don’t fit to that time period(Amos, Lucius, Draco, Nymphadora, Ginevra, Minerva, the list goes on), though best it be mentioned that most of the time these unorthodox names belong to a Pureblood family.
Luca chapter 1 . 12/5/2018
I think another thing people often overlook about Remus, Sirius, Peter, and James is that they actively bullied Snape throughout their years at Hogwarts. James even made it clear to Snape he hated when he hung out with Lily. James was not a good person until his years after Hogwarts where he had a change of heart.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/25/2018
I am writing a fanfic crossover that have Mary sue in it
LunaTheCritic chapter 1 . 10/15/2018
Hi! I really love your stories! You have such a unique writing style and it’s very great. Just one note about the “related to canon character” thing: it might be okay if you don’t do the usual cliches. Like, Harry’s sister is always in Gryffindor, named Lily or Scarlett, has beautiful red hair, is Seeker, and is in the prophecy. My Harry’s sister OC, Alisa, is EXTREMELY jealous of Harry, to the point of betraying her closest friends to get revenge. She joined Voldemort in the end (although after his death, she sort of ‘gave in’ to the good side). Very useful guide though. Love it!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/1/2018
Well done
Wolviechan chapter 1 . 8/3/2018
What bothers me is, all these guides say things like, Don't make them the main character, When a lot of people actually make OC's to be the main character because they're writing that characte character's story. I mean, what's the point of that line? It only makes people feel like the story they were going to write would get their OC named as a mary-sue. This isn't just a few guides it's nearly all of them. This isn't to hate on you or to criticize you, I just wanted to point that out. You did pretty good.
Scorpio1998 chapter 1 . 6/3/2018
I have an oc named Scorpius... i swear i made him even before cursed child (before i knew of this book/play) he’s a slytherin boi, i named him scorpius because i was born on november and am a scorpio and so i used the constellation name scorpius. He’s 11 pale with long black hair, feminine face, sickly , he’s genuine (i mean he does joke but when he’s serious he is) he’s shorter than most and that bothers him so he secretly wears a shoe pad. He’s got grey eyes . He’s a happy child that grew up with his grandmother. He had 4 older siblings theyre all dead which led to his mother going mad and was deemed dangerous. That bothers him but he cant do a thing about it. When focusing he tends to glare, when nervous he tends to chew his lips and frown. He’s bad and good atmaking friends it depends on his mood or the time. he doesn’t really care about what others like if it doesn’t interest him, he used to befriend others after knowing there would be benefits (bad) honest compliments melt him. How is he?
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