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coldplay34 chapter 81 . 9/2
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EDLDS3.14159 chapter 12 . 7/3
Here, Koume says she thought about signaling "Koume" with fire to get her attention, even though Kotake is the one who she is referring to.
EDLDS3.14159 chapter 81 . 7/2
Hello again! It's been a long time, but I thought I'd sit down and re-read your stories (The Light Spirit was fantastic by the way!).
I know that you're focusing on other stuff besides this now, but I remember you expressing interest in editing this over time, and I figured I could point random inconsistencies/errors as I re-read this. I hope I'm not being too nit-picky here.
- In "Clock Town," the silver rupee Link finds is worth "one-hundred units of currency." But, in later chapters, they say that the silver rupee is worth 200 rupees.
- In "The Man Behind the Masks, Part 5," the mask salesman says that he rests for three days after his arm breaks underneath the clock tower during the cycle where the Skull Kid puts the black mark on Link's ocarina, and returns to Termina for the cycle where the Skull Kid besieges Clock Town. However, after the Black Mark cycle, Link spends three days in the cycle where he frees the Woodfall giant, and another three-or-so days recuperating after Woodfall before the Siege cycle begins. So shouldn't it be six days instead of three where the mask salesman heals?

While I'm here, I wanted to comment on how funny it was that you wrote some of this story while procrastinating on APUSH homework, and I ended up reading some of your story while I procrastinated on MY APUSH homework.

Take care, and I hope this helps somewhat!
Guest chapter 81 . 5/9
Okay. Here goes. Never ever ever stop writing. I don't care how sad you are or who tells you its a waste of time. Never let anything stop you. I was very skeptical before I started reading. This I my first Zelda fic. And mm was my favorite game. What you have done what you have created is breathtaking. Finishing this literally hurts. I never in a million years have said the book was better than the game. I'm saying it now though. This was a million times better than the game. And saying that hurts my heart. You do good work. I love the detail, I love the dialogue I love the development. I love this. I was sucked in and blown away. I wish there was more of your work I could read. I really do.
Michael hobbs chapter 19 . 4/16
Odolwa has become dark link links shadow.
Guest chapter 8 . 4/11
Wait a minute now I get it that deku scrub who was an innocent living creature went away from the swamp area to explore but was injured and possessed by the skull kid imp under the majors mask and because it was cursed it turned link into the deku scrub itself asking for help to free it's trapped sprit. That's why link became the deku scrub in the first place and the song of healing has broken the curse and the original sprit of what it was had died but has become the mask itself. How could he do this to such a poor creature how cruel what will the father deku scrub think of this.
Michael chapter 3 . 4/10
Still cannot talk this is bad will the hero be able to speak English in his new form let's find out.
Leomonta chapter 81 . 3/13
Omg I can't, this is just so beautiful. Thank you for spending so much of your time writing this. Please if you ever get anything published post it on your bio, after reading this I can't wait for to read more of your writing.

It doesn't matter if this was a fanfic. This is still an original piece of literature that is one of my favorites.

Good luck on your next piece.
farunjin's.feather chapter 81 . 2/4
I finally had the time to finish this story after many unfortunate (i.e. life) things that kept getting in the way. That being said, I am glad to have read this story because Majora's Mask is my favorite LoZ game and I really enjoyed the creative liberties you have taken in this story. I don't favorite many stories, but this one without a doubt was a favorite from the start.

First of all, I'm not a timeline purist, and rather I'm more of the opposite opinion that I'd rather not have a timeline and treat the games as running legends with their details skewed over time. The changes you made, therefore, I thought were nicely done. The tie-ins you made to other games were executed strongly, and I think helped to capture the spirit of Majora's Mask. This game is a little tough to nail down because there is a very subtle yet dark tone throughout the entire story line. You were able to capture this energy, which is a very difficult thing to do and really shows in the way you deviated a bit.

Also want to commend you on your writing: it really improved from beginning to end. There's a lot of character behind your exposition which as someone like myself who is more mechanical I greatly enjoy reading. Five years is a long time to stay committed to a story, especially when you write an epic like this. Given your writing style and arguably five years of writing experience, you should consider novelizing other games because you have a unique and compelling way of narration.

I noticed some comments taking issue with Link dying because we're used to the hero surviving and saving the world in a happy ending, but if anything your ending reflects a proper execution and stays true to the tone of the story. The characterizations are really strong, and you were able to get me invested in the outcomes of the characters. There were a few times where I felt the dramatics were overplayed too much and could have been done in a more subtle manner, but I understand the reasoning because a lot of unfortunate things happened just when you think Link and everyone will be okay.

One suggestion I have for future writing is to consider cutting down a bit on some exposition and adding in more dialogue. The reason for this has nothing to do with your writing skills, because you are a very good writer and its clear you have put a lot of time and energy into this project. The reason is that sometimes it ventures into telling instead of showing, and in these instances showing would better to stronger convey the character's emotions and the outside events going on.

Thanks for putting together a great story and best of luck to you in your future writing!
RisingStarlight chapter 81 . 1/28
I haven't actually finished reading this yet because I don't want the spoil the game ending (haven't finished yet), but I just want to say this is one of the best fanfictions I have ever read. I remember reading from the very beginning 20-something chapters and was always amazed by how well you portrayed characters and literally transport readers to the world of Termina with your writing style. You are a talented writer and inspired me in making my own Majora's Mask fanfiction. I hope that you're proud of what you've made over the years, even though not all the characters/ideas are 100% yours. So keep writing when inspiration hits!
~RisingStarlight (formerly Steph)
setokayba2n chapter 81 . 12/27/2015
A little sad the ending, even after all that you could not let them have a happy ending together or something like that? Yes, in the end they are together but is not the same
setokayba2n chapter 75 . 12/26/2015
It's bad that Anju and Kafei did not go back in time with Link but why the free time? I mean, yes, they deserve it, but... What about the others that they could help?

-The witches


-The monkey

-The goron baby

-Gray Hair

cantthinkofaname chapter 50 . 10/4/2015
Loved it! I kinda expected the salesman to save link.
And... was the shard of wood... supposed to be a monsters Inc reference? xD
Qwertypip chapter 20 . 10/3/2015
Rock type moves are super effective against Fire, Ice, AND Flying types! Skull kid used Rock throw! Quadruple damage! Koume fainted!
Bryan Dacote chapter 81 . 9/7/2015
Whew... FINALLY finished reading this story! Took me over a month at least! (maybe 2 months, I wasn't counting)

First off I didn't actually read this story traditionally. I converted it all into an audiobook format using fanfictiondownloader and balabolka and let me tell you: most fanfictions and novels I have converted into audiobooks are GENERALLY 4 to 6 hours long that I have read. Shortest one I listened to was 30 minutes. But this story took me about 5 tries to convert because of the length. I laugh at the amount of hours due to the irony and you will too. This story is about 72 hours long (taking out the author's notes and replies to readers about 71)

Despite how long this was and how long it took me to read it (a 6 hour story takes me a week since I listen to it off and on) I never really felt like it took me so long since even when I was up on the Ikana arc I could look back to the Woodfall arc and feel like it was yesterday when it was about a month prior.
This story always kept my attention which I was surprised at considering I know the game like the back of my hand and beat it about 2 dozen times. I loved the amount of originality in this story and the twists on the plot. I actually had to remind myself at times "this is a novelization of the game so Link IS going to beat Majora's Mask in the end" because there were times when I thought they were really going to fail like on the Snowhead cycle when Link was trying to save Tatl from the Skull Kid and Mask Salesman.

It DID irk me that this story didn't follow the canon Zelda Timeline since MM and WW don't take place on the same timeline but honestly it came to a point where I really didn't give a damn because I was loving the originality to the story and how it was keeping me always guessing.

I really can't express how much I adored this story. Majora's Mask is my all time favorite game (tied with Megaman Legends) and you stayed true to the feelings of the game while going above and beyond where any fanfiction writer ever could with this novelization. The drama and loss had me crying and hurt just as much as Link and Tatl while the humor and happiness that they had me laughing and feeling overjoyed that despite all the crap they went through they still found the light of life.
This is true perfection that no writer - fanfiction or published author could ever hope to emulate.

But I do have to say; I was so royally pissed and saddened that Darmani's Goron Mask was crushed (even though the Deku and Mikau masks ended up having similar fates) from such a stupid trap! I was wanting to scream NOOOOOOOO! when that happened! lol
Thanks for making me cry even more at that part since the Goron form was my favorite :P

There is ONE loose end that didn't get wrapped up at all. That was the part where Darmani had talked about the soaring one. I know it was Kaebora Geobora like it was in the game but what purpose did Majora's Mask have to taking him over and why did Kaebora's involvement in helping Darmani never get explained? I imagine that Kaebora foresaw Link's arrival and discovered Link was the only one who could help Darmani and told him beforehand.
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