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Majora chapter 1 . 10/15
My second novelization of Majora Mask. The first I read was left to rot a pity really because it was awesome. I waited more than a decade to see this one done though so it is finally time for me to dive in.

Fun fact: next year it will be the 35 anniversary of the Zelda series
MaximizeCharisma chapter 35 . 10/14
All right! Chapter 4! Good chapter title! This is a short and fairly uneventful chapter, so I don't have that much to comment on, but I'll note down any thoughts that come to mind. Overall I liked this chapter, but it felt like a "filler" chapter to me, especially with the flashback sequences. The level of suspense wasn't very high, presumably because it went pretty much as expected for anyone who's played Wind Waker. A contributing factor to this is that not much actually happened in terms of action. Aryll was deposited at the fortress, had a brief meeting with Mila and Maggie, and Ganondorf did the resonance test. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't that exciting, either.

I think the opening line ties in well with the opening of Chapter 1. It helps to reinforce the "mood whiplash" of Aryll's kidnapping.

I'm starting to second guess my idea that Aryll will be the protagonist, given that this chapter paints her as less independent than Chapter 2 did. But we'll see! Anyone would be traumatized and need some time to reevaluate the situation under these circumstances, and she did manage to perform logical reasoning remarkably well given the state she was in. Still, my alternative hypothesis of Tetra taking charge is growing in strength.

While I'm still rooting for this Link to survive, I can't help but feel like in these flashbacks he's...too perfect, and it tugs on my suspension of disbelief. Aryll's line in Chapter 2 "It's always a helpful reminder that he's never the one I'm mad at." and their almost idyllic sibling relationship doesn't feel entirely real to me. Real siblings do love each other, but they bicker too :).

The mention of "Moe" was definitely the funniest moment of the chapter for anyone who's played that sidequest. :)

We learned that Hyrule!Anju was the founder of Outset Island and is related to Link and Aryll! "What goes around, comes around" I guess! Not that it's that surprising, given that the events of Skyward Sword mean Link will be eternally reincarnated.

I think the most interesting elements of this chapter were the religious themes and the mentions of Ren's past (with a mysterious element as to what made her return from the seas!). In particular, I really like the culture clash with how Din is worshipped, with more pious characters like Ren unironically thanking Din, less pious characters being sarcastic about it, and non-pious characters like Majora not invoking Din at all.

I also thought the flashbacks were an effective device for conveying background information - it would be hard to stay conscious suspended high in the air for hours and hours and the dreams carried some emotional weight for Aryll. If the chapter had been more action-oriented I think they would have fit in more nicely for the reasons I mentioned above.

And finally, Ganondorf! We saw nothing of him in MM so I'm curious to see how you'll handle him as an antagonist, and I like it so far. It's easy to see how he, like Majora, would feel abandoned by the goddesses and resort to taking action himself. "The future is for those who refuse to grovel" is excellent characterization. The raised eyebrow and practical nature lead me to believe you plan for him to be an active antagonist on some level, like the Skull Kid, Aveil, Dark Link and to a lesser extent Sakon. Those are always more exciting to read about than the ones who sit around in their evil lair waiting for the heroes to come to them.

I have my doubts Ganondorf can surpass your epic and genuinely terrifying portrayal of Majora (the demon). As Majora (the person) himself said, "The monster meant to drown Hyrule will be nothing compared to the wrath Majora would unfold, were it to enter the world on its own." It remains to be seen!

I'm interested to see what comes next! :)

Charu chapter 81 . 10/10
Is it cheating to review this again after I've done so 5 years ago?

Don't care, because I decided to revisit this amazing piece of work since I had very fond memories of the lore you created within the established universe. It's just as amazingly written as it was 5 years ago. I did catch a few mistakes here and there in terms of misplaced words, but that's besides the point.

And to learn not only have a one-off to this story I wasn't even aware of, but to see you're actually making a FOLLOW UP to this specific fic? I've picked a mighty coincidental time to revisit this fic, hahaha. I'm really excited to see what you do going forward as you plunge your own lore you've created into you're Wind Waker novelization.

I will continue to recommend this fic for anyone that craves for, not only Majora's Mask, but just good Legend of Zelda fics in general. Keep up the writing, and stay safe in these trying times (as of this review with the pandemic and all).
doctorwho29 chapter 16 . 9/25
ok, so the Deku pipes are a separate item. I suppose that makes sense in a realistic setting. I can already predict where the guitar will come from but I'm curious about the Gorron drums. I guess I gotta read on, which is no hardship, this is addicting lol
doctorwho29 chapter 15 . 9/25
Even more interesting stuff about the border of Termnia. Fun. Good job on having Tatl distract the guards. So much more fun that just video game style sneaking.
doctorwho29 chapter 14 . 9/25
Another fun one. I didn't comment before (I don't think) on the decision to have Link's clothes stay the same in Deku form. I wondered if that would come into play and here it did. I guess Deku Link will now be naked Link lol. Oh and at the end I was worried for Anju. Yes, her demise would be undone but I was still glad when she was fine.
doctorwho29 chapter 13 . 9/24
Nice lore on Majora's backstory. Interesting that the witches are scared witless while the Salesman sees the Mask as a collector's item. Then again, you may have more in store for him, we'll see.
doctorwho29 chapter 12 . 8/27
I was sort of hoping we'd see the witches using their elemental magic and we did! yay. Interesting idea about the darkness beyond Termina and the borders being strange. I wonder where you're going with this.
doctorwho29 chapter 11 . 8/27
That was intense. This is scary...very well written.
doctorwho29 chapter 10 . 8/25
It's taking Link a long time to put two and two together about the dimensional clones. I guess it is a big thing to swallow. I almost want to stay up all night reading this lol
doctorwho29 chapter 9 . 8/25
Ok that is certainly an interesting way to do things. I can't wait to see how this twist plays out.
doctorwho29 chapter 8 . 8/25
I was Mr. Ink just something you made up to allow for the Deku speech impediment? It must be. Also, this slipped my mind before, but interesting take on Navi treating like like her child. I suppose a guardian fairy would be like that but I always saw them more like a sibling or a friend with the Great Deku Tree as parent.
doctorwho29 chapter 7 . 8/24
Ok, I have given up all hope of trying to predict anything. I'm just along for the ride now. I never would have thought of coming up with this chapter. So powerful and bittersweet. I always imagined that time truly reset and that there wouldn't be an alternate Tatl but you seem to be going the other way. Even if I'm right, that doesn't negate that Link lost a friend, he lost that version of her.

On another lighter note, I forgot to mention this in my last review. Does it make sense for people of Termina to refer to the Golden Goddesses? I thought they were Hyrule specific but as I type I realize they are outside of time and space. We meet their Oracles in other places beyond Hyrule but that's probably the same world... I don't know. I guess we really don't know much about the deities of Termina...outside of the giants it's a bit of a mystery.
doctorwho29 chapter 6 . 8/24! What a chapter! The way it is in the game is nothing to this.
doctorwho29 chapter 5 . 8/24
Pulling no punches on the battles, I see? Awesome! I actually winced and clutched my own arm as the Skulltula tore through Link's. Action scenes are one of my weaknesses so I always appreciate them when they are done well.
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