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lovdlykamaniac chapter 73 . 3/25
Seriously. This is the best book I have ever read. I cannot get over how much I love this. This chapter made me cry, as Anju and Kafei finally were reunited. Just wow. Also, and this is the major thing I love about this story; Tatl. You have created the perfect companion to Link, and I often re-read her sarcasm and whit, it is outstanding. Also, bravo for Sparkle. She was hilarious, especially when she believed her head had grown too large to fly the correct way. You, sir, are a legend, and you have genuinely written my favourite story ever. I cannot wait to finally get to the end, but I am also dreading it, because I just don't want it to end. You are a fantastic writer.
Osoch chapter 81 . 3/17
Thanks, you ruined the game for me.

Honestly, i dont know how to feel about this fic, i'm having so many emotions at the same time but cannot take them out, but i can say this was one of the best pieces of literature i have ever read.
TheLinkster7 chapter 8 . 2/27
Huh. So I'm reading this story again (because oh my goddesses this story is fantastic), and I've found a glaring flaw. Now, this review will have spoilers for later chapters, so for anyone that hasn't finished, or isn't the author, just scroll past. So, when you get Majora's back story, part of it was him losing his name by giving it to the demon. Part of the repercussions for that was that he couldn't hear that name. However, back when you were still following the game, the salesman tells Link and Tatl that the mask is called Majora's Mask. Now, if you don't want to go back and edit the story, FakeJake, I totally understand. I just figured that I should point this out.
BigDaddy69 chapter 2 . 2/12
Usually, I never want to/have the need to post reviews, however, with this I feel it a sin not too. I've read countless FanFics on the Zelda series as well as attempted many of my own (which were never finished) but this, only in the second chapter, has already stood out to me as the greatest so far. You have constructed this in a way that is so flowing and easy to read, yet at the same time the attention to detail is astounding. The biggest risk when writing FanFics, especially in the Zelda series, is that it is easy to become caught up in describing precisely the events of the games and over-analysing the surroundings and events that occur in the game to a point where they sound childish and unrealistic. To put it simply: what is awesome and looks/feels right on the screen cannot and will not sound/feel right in writing and you have been able to convey the child-like wonder of the games (which should sound ridiculous when read) and make them sound completely appropriate. Moreover I am already in love with the way you have portrayed the relationship of Link and Tatl. I've laughed countless times this chapter at the witty repartee between them. Overall I think you are a fantastic writer and strongly encourage you to quit your day-job to pursue this. To think that you are able to bring such fresh and wonderful ideas to a piece of writing that you must keep relative pace with in conjunction with the story I cannot begin to imagine what you could create on your own, unhindered by the bounds of sticking to a pre-told story. Rest assured if I ever see a novel with your credentials on it I will read it.
Nox Demeter chapter 1 . 1/28
And we begin again! I look forward to re reading this it was back in 2014 when I first started reading this. 3 years wow, can't wait to revisit all my favorite parts!
(This is freaxadoshiz just so you know, thought of a new name)
Bluedragon312 chapter 81 . 12/25/2016
I've never particularly been into LoZ fanfiction (for whatever reason) but this is a true masterpiece. Even with the chronology sort of messing up some of your plot devices, the back story, and endgame fit actually quite well, given how some things (like the Salesman, Majora's origins, how Termina works in relation to Hyrule) have never really been established in canon.
Norkix chapter 9 . 12/11/2016
Ahaha. Ohoho. Oohoohoo, boy.


So, as I thought, I was overthinking your reset rules. As it stands right now, Link can't bring anyone with him but Tatl. There is a way things should go, and Link has the ability to break people out of it. Or maybe it was just because of the mask? Tatl and Tael were merely stupefied by Link breaking the flow of events, but Skull Kid was able to regain memories from two cycles ago. Is it possible Link could "wake up" Anju or is it truly just because of Majora's Mask?

So many ideas are running through my head right now! I don't want to leave another text wall, but let's just say I'm excited to see how you build up Majora and the salesman and I'm wondering if, and how, Link and Tatl can purge the Ocarina of Majora's magic. I'm starving for answers, but I know the only way I can find them is to continue. Onward!
Norkix chapter 7 . 12/11/2016
We seem to be going into the second arc, so I'll leave my thoughts on the first before continuing. There are a lot of them, and most of this is going to be me just rambling and trying to condense and organize them. It's long. I don't even know if you read reviews for this anymore, but feel free to pass on this one if you wish.

Fantastic work so far; your pacing is just right and you balance drama and action very well. That first moonfall is a perfect example of that balance: Even as the town crumbles around them and the moon is moments away from impact, we have the touching scene of Tatl's death and Link seeming to accept his own fate as he plays the Ocarina to serenade them to their rest. It's a very emotional scene, one I know I would spend hours and hours writing and rewriting and still never feel like I got it quite perfect. Well done, sir.

The writing itself is just as good as I remembered. The only real errors of any kind I could see were a few instances of "past" instead of "passed," but that's really, really minor. Your writing is fantastic; descriptive, visceral, entrancing. That said, I do feel sometimes that your use of the game's dialogue is creating a bit of a disjoint with your interpretation of Tatl. Honestly, this is probably a personal problem, because I still read most of the game's dialogue with the same inflection I used when I was seven, whereas I read the new material with a more matured flow. I'm not saying that the new dialogue is bad! Your interpretation of Tatl is damn near spot-on, and there are times when I prefer it to my own. It's just that, for me, anyways, the game dialogue sometimes feels almost like a break in her character.

Now, when I first read this a few years ago, I was unfamiliar with the concept of a Chekhov's Gun. Now that I am, I try to keep an eye out when I'm reading for things that could show up later. With that said, I refuse to believe that this old man who died smiling after coming out of the clock tower is just a bit of random world-building. My gut is telling me that he has significance. I already have a theory. Not a good, sound theory, mind you. But a theory nonetheless. I'll keep it to myself for now, until I have more info to back it up.

You have also established that people who die in the timeline preceding Link's current one reset completely to how they were on the Dawn of the First Day. Naturally, this almost always means everyone in Termina is reset except for Link and Tatl, because they all die in the moon crash. And because Link and Tatl both started the cycle by leaving the Clock Tower, Tatl reset next to Link instead of clutched to his chest. But I'm wondering what would happen if Link did bring someone else with him, like he offered to Anju. Say it was someone like Romani... would she end up in Clock Town next to Link? Or would she "overwrite" the current timeline's iteration and be in her bed at the ranch upon reset, only still with her memories of the previous timeline? If she did end up staying with Link, what happens to the new timeline's Romani? Just vanishes from her bed? Or is she STILL THERE?! (DUN DUN DUN) Probably overthinking this. Nonetheless, I'm interested to see how this is fleshed out and how you'll use it.

If you read all that, have a gold star. 74 chapters to go! Onward!
Norkix chapter 1 . 12/9/2016
I remember finding this story so many years ago, when you had just finished the swamp arc. I remember being absolutely blown away by your style, the story you wove with the world and characters I love so much, and the way you captured the oppressive mood of the game so perfectly. Unfortunately, I lost track of the story as I moved through high school.

Now that winter break is coming up, I thought I'd give this a full run through now that it's complete and I'll have lots of time to spend on it. I look forward to an epic, emotional journey through the world of my youth, and to seeing someone else's interpretation of its lore and mysteries.

Now, onto an actual review! Your writing is already fantastic, and I only have one complaint. See, I've never been the hugest fan of copying dialogue directly from the source material. Maybe it's just because I've played the game so many times before that it becomes tiresome to read it again, but it's mainly because when you give Link a voice and you try to fit his lines into the pre-established dialogue, the conversation flow becomes a bit awkward for me. It's a minor gripe, and I'll see how you handle it as time goes on, but that is my personal take on the subject.

Also, just let me say, congratulations on finishing such a massive undertaking. I wish you luck in your dream of getting published; from what I remember, you certainly have the talent!
Guest chapter 81 . 11/29/2016
Amazing story, deep and dark. It would be really cool to see something else from U even small
Julia chapter 1 . 11/14/2016
Wow you should make one more chapter.
coldplay34 chapter 81 . 9/2/2016
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EDLDS3.14159 chapter 12 . 7/3/2016
Here, Koume says she thought about signaling "Koume" with fire to get her attention, even though Kotake is the one who she is referring to.
EDLDS3.14159 chapter 81 . 7/2/2016
Hello again! It's been a long time, but I thought I'd sit down and re-read your stories (The Light Spirit was fantastic by the way!).
I know that you're focusing on other stuff besides this now, but I remember you expressing interest in editing this over time, and I figured I could point random inconsistencies/errors as I re-read this. I hope I'm not being too nit-picky here.
- In "Clock Town," the silver rupee Link finds is worth "one-hundred units of currency." But, in later chapters, they say that the silver rupee is worth 200 rupees.
- In "The Man Behind the Masks, Part 5," the mask salesman says that he rests for three days after his arm breaks underneath the clock tower during the cycle where the Skull Kid puts the black mark on Link's ocarina, and returns to Termina for the cycle where the Skull Kid besieges Clock Town. However, after the Black Mark cycle, Link spends three days in the cycle where he frees the Woodfall giant, and another three-or-so days recuperating after Woodfall before the Siege cycle begins. So shouldn't it be six days instead of three where the mask salesman heals?

While I'm here, I wanted to comment on how funny it was that you wrote some of this story while procrastinating on APUSH homework, and I ended up reading some of your story while I procrastinated on MY APUSH homework.

Take care, and I hope this helps somewhat!
Guest chapter 81 . 5/9/2016
Okay. Here goes. Never ever ever stop writing. I don't care how sad you are or who tells you its a waste of time. Never let anything stop you. I was very skeptical before I started reading. This I my first Zelda fic. And mm was my favorite game. What you have done what you have created is breathtaking. Finishing this literally hurts. I never in a million years have said the book was better than the game. I'm saying it now though. This was a million times better than the game. And saying that hurts my heart. You do good work. I love the detail, I love the dialogue I love the development. I love this. I was sucked in and blown away. I wish there was more of your work I could read. I really do.
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