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Craft Rose chapter 1 . 1/15/2015
Wait, what? How on earth does this fic have under 50 reviews? Madness.

I'm in love with your work and it saddens me that you've retired, but I suppose all good things must come to an end. Truly, this is one of the best fanfics I've read in awhile. The banter was incredible. You have remarkable talent, and I sincerely hope you're somewhere out there producing original content, because the world needs you to keep going in some capacity. I NEED YOU. I NEEEEEEDD YOUOOIIIIOUROUYIDTJYT *cough* What I meant to say was, I'd be delighted to know that you haven't stopped writing.

You've inspired me so much, that I think, for the first time, I'm going to write non-smut. *gasp*

Thanks for your wonderful stories.
Onigiri Momoko chapter 1 . 11/28/2014
Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed this!
Halfway through, I admit I was getting worried for them. I was so scared the ending was going to be the both of them in a dreamlike state forever D:

But alas, I am glad everything worked out haha
Keep up the great work!
ShortyLisa chapter 1 . 10/31/2014
That was so adorable.
Fan chapter 1 . 4/26/2014
Lovely! Also a very smart and connected fic!
Carling chapter 1 . 3/31/2014
This was quite fun. A bit strange, to be sure, a tad eerie, but definitely entertaining! I'm really enjoying my break from Drarry fiction and delving into your world of Dramione.
Light on the Horizon chapter 1 . 3/7/2014
Great story!
StellaLovesBooks chapter 1 . 8/29/2013
What a great story! This was a brilliant idea. Good job!
Angels-heart1 chapter 1 . 2/4/2013
Awe! Such a good story! I loved it!
forTheLoveOfHades chapter 1 . 12/4/2012
acbennet chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
very creative, imaginative, and entertaining story. much enjoyed.
Underlined chapter 1 . 5/6/2012
That was such a wacky story! I really like how you write your dialogues. They talk like they're best friends, if that even makes sense for them.
burntbanana chapter 1 . 4/15/2012
love this story! hope you write more adventure/mystery fics in teh future!
Hungergames1098 chapter 1 . 3/29/2012
Really great story. I love reading your one shots because they are like cupcakes, tasty and quick! You can read them so fast. Oh, by the way, this may be quite a bit late, but I just started reading you stories, so congradulations on your wedding. I wish you the best.

Samurai-Kagome chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
I can't believe this has so few reviews! I absolutely adored it! The whole time I was reading it, I had this warm, fuzzy feeling and it just felt like something JKR herself would have written. Malfoy and Hermione were both in character and just...AGHHHHHH I LOVED IT!

The snarky banter, the lovely scenery, the plot... *sighs happily* You have made me a happy reader. And I also love how this story didn't revolve around ROMANCE; they had their "moments" but it was primarily an adventure one-shot 4AM in the morning, the only word that keeps coming to mind is "love." I loved it all. Forget synonyms; I'll just keep saying "I loved this and that." LOL.

My favorite line that had me cracking up for a good few minutes:

"She sat up. 'Malfoy?'

'The one and only.'"

Ahahahah that was SUCH a Malfoy thing to say.

And then when they were having those strange "dreams" and practically ranting and raving like insane people, it was all so very amusing.

I've been meaning to read your stories and I have several of them on my "to be read" list. Hopefully, I manage to find time since things are so busy.

Although, to be honest, I'm still a bit confused about how the "clouds" formed. So, the ticks latched onto the people and then... I'm really confused about where the clouds came into being. -.-'

All in all, great story! :D
fin du globe chapter 1 . 11/23/2011
In terms of a mystery story, this is great! I was like, "What? I can't believe I missed that!", and that's precisely what good mystery stories do. And it's a very, very, very, VERY original idea! I love originality! And it is pulled off very well too. Subtle hints overlooked because we're paying too much attention to red herrings, humour injected at the right bits, and, oh Gods, Muggle science! The water cycle! I was in total awe of this story. I love it. Just so you know, when I saw the whole island thing, I was like, "Oh, not another one", but at the end, I was in shock. Shock at the PURE AWESOMENESS of this story.

(Oh no, I'm gushing. I hope I don't sound like a rabid fangirl.)

(Although I might just be one.)

And I especially appreciate how the existence of magic in Harry Potter is used here! It is used very well, to great effect. (I know it's phrased weirdly. I did my best, sorry.)

Very, very, very well done!
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