Reviews for One Big Happy Family
Goryo chapter 1 . 10/12
ahh you filled up a big gaping hole in the chest of the fans of fma with this. thank you for writing this wonderful fic
Cazolie chapter 70 . 8/30
Geeez I can't believe you're actually still updating this ! I began to read you like yesterday because I always need more EWin and that was just perfect. When I saw "70 Chapters" I definitely thought the story was complete but I can't say how glad I am that it is not ! I can't wait for you to update because I can't get enough of this big family you write about. Thank you so much for that ! I loved every single one chapter 3
Hinafan16 chapter 70 . 7/25
We'll that was perfect haha she is her mother's child! So great to see a chapter for this after a while. Such a nice treat!
alex chapter 70 . 7/7
Hahahaha oh boy x) Thank goodness Ed doesn't know about this...
Paint Pen chapter 70 . 7/6
nice to see this updating again, missed reading this fic
niewna chapter 1 . 5/23
I dont wanr to finish this in fear of running out of good reads. Thank you for writing us this good content, you made me cry so much and I loved it. I needed an outlet
rose7anne101 chapter 69 . 5/6
Thank you for this!
Just finished watching FMAB was looking for afterward stories, this was fun and some of the chapters made me ache, laugh, my eyes becoming mist.
It was interesting.
Loved your take on the children.
On Eddy you are going to learn the hard way.
Looking forward for more .
Guest chapter 1 . 2/13
3 years ago i watched brotherhood for the first time and immediately found this story and loved it so much. Now after rewatching brotherhood i had to sit down and re-read the whole thing plus the chapters i never got to. I absolutely love this story and can't wait updates:)
TheStrongAverage chapter 69 . 2/5
I cannot wait for the next update. Love your writing!
TheStrongAverage chapter 12 . 2/4
This chapter hit me hard. Solid work.
rowyntree33 chapter 69 . 1/17
I'm always happy to read another one of your chapters! Ive read through your fic several times over the years and I have to say I think your portrayal of a future EdWin family is my favorite.
Pouda-P chapter 69 . 1/8
You updated! AHHH!
Loved this, the last line tho!
Hope an update soon
Hinafan16 chapter 69 . 1/5
LMFAO that last line! If I was Ed, you're damn skippy I'd make the kid tell Winry what was going down because you just KNOW she will not be pleased haha
Ardans chapter 24 . 10/27/2016 it is. I was wondering when the Elric children were going to flex their alchemic muscle.
Ardans chapter 22 . 10/27/2016
Beautifully written. Unlike with some others, I can really visualize these "voices" as the characters from the show. Some great clincher sentences too. The only 2 small bits of teeny criticism is that 1. I don't see them being poor. I honestly don't see Ed not continuing to be employed by the government or continuing to draw on his alchemist salary as he's still a prodigy when it comes to transmutation circles and te mechanics of the art, even if he can't perform alchemy. Like Beethoven still composing after he lost his hearing. 2. I don't see Ed's son not taking up Alchemy. While Ed might have some disappointment in the limitations or use of Alchemy during his time as a State Alchemist, the anime never made it feel as though he thought it a curse or wanted to avoid it. Both he and his brother even spent a year or so researching further into Alchemy and Alchehistory. Ah well, that's just my take on things. You could make them poor as church mice and living in Drachma, and I'd still happily read, such is the talent you display here. :-)
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