Reviews for Wars Are Won: Shatter Your Illusions
Lonewuf chapter 3 . 8/8/2013
More i want more! Bravo ! Write more
Spades24 chapter 1 . 5/15/2012
I found your story originally on another website, although not all the parts of it, but thankfully then found them on here. I'm sorry its taken me so long to actually review though, as this was the first story I read but I wasn't a member back then! Ahem, anyway, I absolutely loved the whole story, it was so gripping I pretty much sat and read the whole thing at once. There's not much I can say that others probably haven't already, but all in all one of my favourite stories on here.
Susan M. M chapter 3 . 9/19/2010
Charley-girl was right to turn Throttle down in the condition he was in. A, never be the rebound love. B, never be the one he loves 'cause he's drunk. But later, when he's calmed down over Carbine, and he's sober ... not impossible. ** As for Tala, she improves upon further acquaintance.
Susan M. M chapter 2 . 9/19/2010
"I don't mind paying for a job well done. Well, I do mind, but good help is so hard to find these days." ** "I am one of the good guys. It's just been my experience that it's harder to be a good guy without a steady supply of cash." Too true, too true. Even Robin Hood kept some back for expenses before passing on the rest to the poor.
Susan M. M chapter 1 . 9/19/2010
"Throttle sighed. The pounding in his head was harder. It was going to be one of those days."
Meimei chapter 3 . 7/13/2010
i love this story so much! you are such a fantastic author, the pace is perfect, and just enough description without dragging the story but you know exactly what the characters are seeing!

Especially love Tala!

Please keep writing!

- mei xox
thechickenlittle chapter 1 . 12/19/2007
finally found you on ff. net! I'm so happy to see this story! (sorry, inuficcrzy from altbikermice. net)
ShadowShifter chapter 3 . 5/26/2003
finally got to read the whole thing (yay for finishing assignments)

there were bits i really didnt like and other bits i found absolutely fricken funny hilarious and plain great.

exactly what i needed
Lady FoxFire chapter 3 . 3/29/2002
"I also hope labor's a real bitch and you accidentally yank your husband's tail out."

Lady FoxFire chapter 2 . 3/29/2002
More Charley and Throttle please
Blade891 chapter 3 . 3/25/2002
so a great it up u know i wanna hear more about it.
Invidia Psyanide chapter 3 . 3/21/2002
Ah...sugoi, Bookworm-san!

Karnage: Cool!

Hehe...what he said...anywayz, this is good. I've read it before but I had to read it again...
Mez chapter 1 . 3/11/2002
You know I love this one Bookworm. A very awesome story : Great plot, great characters, well written. Fabulous! Cheers :
Morning chapter 1 . 3/8/2002
If you are like me, you read the reviews to try and get a feel of the story before you start to read. Well if any one reads this review I have to say that this is one of the very best authors around. Her style is realistic and makes you believe that there really could be 7ft handsome fur covered Martians lurking in the streets of Chi-town.

Lady FoxFire chapter 1 . 3/8/2002
You housebroke the Bros!

What about the Charley/Vinnie romance?
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