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Fiona chapter 1 . 6/13
Ok, so...I actually haven't read this chapter, one reason being, there are only 2 chapters,I don't like having the feeling of anxiety b/c the story will not be completed and the last update was 2011. It is now 2016, and no update...Are you dead? If your not,...IDK what to say...why do you not update?
Lunexis Hunter chapter 2 . 5/23
I took my time reading Blind and it was an amazing story! But now I wish I knew how all the loose ends tied up... I know it's been years but Fidelis is a great story to continue, if given the chance please update. I know I would be a faithful readerKeep up the good work!
Guest chapter 2 . 5/9
Hi,I really like what your writing but it's been 6 years yeah, I was hoping you could continue?
Veronica chapter 2 . 4/19
I have spent the whole week neglecting everything important that I had to do just to read Blind, which I absolutely LOVE!
The beginning of the sequel is so good too! I love the new style you chose to write it in. However, I am disappointed that it has been quite a number of years since you updated. Everything ok? Are you alive? I really wish you'd finish it, because the way you portrayed Sasuke and Sakura's romance is pretty much how I envisioned it, even if it did take him FOREVER to say "Marry me." I really liked reading about Naruto and Hinata too and how they took it slow because she's so shy and all and then when he kissed her, she fainted. I laughed so much! And Neji is alive and dating Tenten, omg perfection!
You can probably imagine my disappointment when Kishi just paired everyone together randomly in chapter 700 and then Naruto and Hinata are the only ones that we get an insight into their romance in The Last, which was also incredibly disappointing. Also, what's up with making Sasuke leave for a million years and not even recognizing his own daughter? Poor Sasuke and Sakura are still getting the short end of the stick in the end, so I much prefer how you wrote down their future, happy and with LOTS of babies, rather than Kishi's version.
Hope you update soon! _
Just passing by chapter 2 . 4/15
Hello there!
I hope you will come back and update this story... no pressure or anything. I really enjoy reading your stories and hoping for more!
Hope all is well.
Varder chapter 2 . 3/15
Dear author,
I just happened to find the translation of your blind fanfiction and found it so nice, that I proceeded and checked out original. And... it's totally badass! Despite how I like Sasuke and don't like Itachi (because there is no way one should solve problems by bloody massacres) I always found it difficult to see Sasuke (Sakura too, btw) having no development as a person at all in the anime. And i found that (paired with some nasty new fighting abilities, which i always enjoy, as a guy) in Blind. I've read Blind several times in a row and I still want to reread it! There revenge part actually seemed a little unrealistic, since Itachi seemed to be fighting at his full strength and it didn't seem like he was a genious, which it should have. The exact way Sasuke casted his will upon Itachi felt uneasy for me and left thinking hard about it - because I would probably prefer myself dying then blind and one-handed. But I concluded that I liked Blind even more for that cruel part - that's a shinobi world, in the end.
So... I found sequel you have been planning to write, but... Seems you have forgotten it. I just wanted to know if i can have even little hope, that you will finish this awesome story? Maybe in less size?
Anyway, thanks for your awesome story you had taken troubles to post here. This is surely beyond average level, this is mostly top 5 things I've read as a fanfiction.
Sincerely yours,
P.S. Maybe you could give me a piece of advice? I'm thinking of reading more fanfiction in English, but it is hard for me to search good ones. I hoped you could help me with it). No yaoi and only about Uchiha as a main character.
Guest chapter 2 . 1/19
Please write more
patricel chapter 2 . 1/11
Update pleaseeeeeeeee im so exciteddd
ShatteringPromises chapter 2 . 3/25/2015
Please update! Blind has always been my favorite Sasusaku fanfic, and I really want more of the sequel. Please Sidian! D:
lex80399 chapter 2 . 3/12/2015
My freaking gosh, 'sidian, please update this as soon as possible! I've read blind (Other account: NatsuStar) and the storyline is amazing. I'm betting Fidelis will be just as good I believe. So please try to get the next chapter up!
hfd568 chapter 1 . 2/13/2015
"I'm not homophobic, I just do not agree with the homosexual way of life." You are stupid. What, exactly, is the 'homosexual way of life'? Not every homosexual is the same. Bigot.
lilith dracul chapter 2 . 12/11/2014
Come back please just finished reading blind now started this! So epic!
Sailor Pandabear chapter 2 . 11/25/2014
Yumi Miharu chapter 2 . 10/23/2014
I don’t if it is just me but I find Danzou’s and Sasuke’s interactions are funny. It seems that you are no longer interested in continuing writing this fic but I really, really hope that you’ll do. I’ll wait for the update no matter how many years it will take. Thank you for writing a very wonderful story :’)
KiunoNamu chapter 2 . 9/29/2014
So glad to see the children in this story at least. It provides a little bit of closure. I'm assuming since it's been 3 years you will not be continuing this story, but you've waited long amounts of time before so I guess I'll just have to see. I send you much motivation, as a fellow writer I know how hard it can be to get re-motivated to continue a story. I have one currently that is frustrating me to tears and I've picked up a second one that is flowing endlessly. The first one will just have to wait lol. I really hope you are able to get your motivation back, since the reason I'm leaving a review. I love your writing and really want to read where this story goes. If you don't plan on continuing will you do me a tiny little favor and please tell me why Sasuke was crying? You posted a teaser at the end of "Blind" and now it's killing me lol. Please don't tell me any of his children got hurt, that would just be devastating, the man has been through enough.
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