Reviews for A Push In The Right Direction
pojo18 chapter 6 . 11/26
Oh my what an interesting story I hope the harem isn't to big I would say 6 to 8 max, poor harry not sure how he is going to manage.

Hope you update soon and keep up the good work :)
917brat chapter 6 . 11/22
I really like this story and find it very interesting I am also really curious as to what you are going to have happen next so please keep this up and update it again soon.
Guest chapter 6 . 11/16
more harem Please!
Mika821 chapter 6 . 11/10
Please continue. This is interesting.
PyroSolracIII chapter 2 . 11/9
So humanized pokemon? That is unfortunate.
Guest chapter 6 . 11/9
Aw Cute maybe you can do serpine that's somewhat aloof and kind
Kyuu-Hime chapter 6 . 11/8
I just clicked on this story by chance and this didn't dissapoint. The plot was very unique and very well written, I love it! I hope you update soon.
TyDragon30 chapter 6 . 11/1
I like this story and would like to read more chapters. Thank you for thinking of this story and writing it. READ YA SOON.
NickyNakoleT chapter 6 . 10/31
I took a chance with this story and am so glad I did. I absolutely love it! I'm not very knowledgeable with many Pokémon after the original 151 but that's what Google is for. :P
KioshiUshima chapter 6 . 10/28
A pokemon Harem that isn't girls! Exciting. Though, I mean, if you wanted to throw one in there, I'd be okay with it. I'm just tired of a guy falling into the pokemanz world, and all the female pokes wanting to sex him up. Jeebus. Thanks for all your hard work!
jupimako chapter 6 . 10/26
Yay! An update! I liked it :D. Thank you.
Ie-maru chapter 6 . 10/26
Loving that you updated this~! Looking forward to more. And to whoever this new pokemon-human is.
imaginz96 chapter 6 . 10/26
Pokemon that I would like to see have changed (I'm giving a list so you don't really have to choose any or all)
- grovyle
- roserade
- rapidash
- typhlosion
- wobbuffet
- cacnea
- milotic
- manectric
- luxray
- gallade
- lickitung
Phoenix Felinus chapter 6 . 10/26
Hey I just got to say I love this story so far and I am thrilled you have continued to write it.

Regarding the Harem: I am very biased because my favorite Pokémon is the Eeveelutions (Eevee and the evolutions) and Mewtwo. The result of this is I would love to see Mewtwo and Eevee plus the 6 other Eevee evolutions.

I know this would make the harem very big but let's face it- poor harry has had so little love in his life that a large harem would be perfect for making it up to him :)
Hell Sword chapter 6 . 10/26
Yay another character keep up the good work I enjoy the story so far.
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