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meelee729697 chapter 19 . 1h
Es&car speaking to E like a child is bugging me as much as it's bugging B.
meelee729697 chapter 18 . 1h
Superb chapter. Loving Edward's progress. & some of that was some funny ass shit. :)

Oh, but damn, the long term care issue... Bella will hold her own tho. She always does, & thrives because of it.

Now for the much needed talk between her & Esme.. -
meelee729697 chapter 17 . 2h
I love Bella's karma theory, because I am a firm believer in karma.

"Fucked up version of the kids' table." ... Ahh, lolololololol. That was hilarious!
- I feel so bad for Em, poor baby.. But I do adore the way B comforted him with her idea of a clean slate / new beginning. That was great. It's a lovely thing, also I knew Em would have major guilt about not being around recently.
(I wonder how E is gunna react to Alice)
- His reaction to Bella was so sweet. I loved the exchanges between the two of them. :)
meelee729697 chapter 16 . 3h
Even before u explained that these events are real real life, I was in awe of the realness... The raw, gut twisting feelings that this story evokes had me captivated, & well aware that somewhere, someone is experiencing basically this very thing. - I am just so in love with this story.
- I'm so proud of Emmett. Good for him! He deserves better. We all make mistakes, & I hope his younger brother forgives his bad choices, just as there are surely things Em can forgive E for.
.. & I just know that when we least expect it, the fishtank is gunna pop up.
I'm glad we have at least some insight in Alice's behavior.
- & lololol at Erin & Renee. Yes, Renee would make me seethe, I believe.
- & yes, B & Es need to talk & work thru that. I completely understand how B feels, but I know Esme was without malice in that... Hell, it was pure torment & must have been so confusing. She was trying to do right (although by her standards).

Anyway, I seriously need to shut up & turn the page!
meelee729697 chapter 15 . 4h
Woman... That was one hell of a chapter.
I don't even know what to say, I am so blown away. Brilliant in its heartbreak.
- Carlisle...
- Charlie's subtle, yet strong & fierce love.
Bella's conflicted heart. ... Please fight, please stay, but if u must go, be at peace, my love. That's (too simply) how I sum it up, & I just cannot, canNOT imagine the torment.
- I am strongly hoping for that miracle.
meelee729697 chapter 14 . 4h
Revelation... Bam!
- Erin Whitlock is super cool.

Ok, I'm glad B brought it up, cuz I was thinking it also... Suddenly, Jasper is good enough for Alice? Like, she is literally eating him up. - I am always rooting for them, but come on... Hmmm. - Earlier, during the phone conversation between Alice & Bella, A did express feelings for Jaz... But she sure did flip a switch pretty quick. - We all handle grief differently, tho, & bitch as she is being, I know she loves her brother... Maybe she is reminded of how quickly things can & do change. Maybe she realizes she doesn't want to lose J.
...(it has also crossed my mind how & if Jazz is going w/o any kind of drug right now)...
- Anyway, I definitely did not like the eye roll A shot towards B... I am seriously hoping sista girl is just dealing in a very bad way... I need her to redeem herself!
meelee729697 chapter 13 . 5h
"...hell from purgatory." Wow, that was a strong sentiment. & very fitting.
- I literally cheered for Emmett when he stood up to Rosalie. Ha! Take that, hateful ass. She needed a good strong dose of that. She is a super bitch for not even faking it to give her husband some support.
- Very cool of Dr. Dad to pay for all the rooms.
-... Em & the fishtank.. Lol. Now, there is some Emmett. :) The Fish Channel. Lolololol. Needed that bit of comic relief.
I am feeling like he has always been "the stable & responsible" one because it just seemed to fall on his shoulders. Not that he wouldn't have his shit together, but it just seems like he didn't let loose as much because he felt it was expected of him to be more serious.
- I knew that Bella getting the last visit of the day was actually a gift, & that she just didn't see it yet. - The Bitchfest that is Alice & Rose proved that. Man, those two are bummin me out, 'specially Alice.
& a big Hell Yes to Esme! :) Go, momma. ... & u too, Em. ;)
- I'm glad B overheard that convo between Es&Car... She needed to know how Esme feels. I am really glad that Esme does feel that way. I figured as much... Bella needs to understand that she is worthy in every way. - Now I get why Carlisle was actin so funky, but surely he can come to fully understand all of it the way his wife does... Come on, Doc, ur an intelligent man... Recovering alcoholic, tho. Selfish by nature.
-... Uh-Oh, Bella is about to confront Jasper.
meelee729697 chapter 12 . 6h
I like the way Esme includes Bella in her own particular way... It's like, even tho she doesn't know details, she KnOwS that there is a secret hell that Bella alone endures, lives with, & fights thru.
- I am living Dr. Painter. He is seeing every possible angle & giving the utmost care.
- ... Wonder what's up w/ Carlisle's somewhat changed demeanor... & what Esme meant about "not doing this right now" [however that was phrased]
& Alice's silent, yet rude behavior... The flashback shed a little light. - But... Ugh, I don't like "Bitch Alice." :( I need her to at least be endearing. Lol.
- I am hoping that somewhere inside, Rose is not the complete & total ice queen she is seeming to be.
- Tanya is a special kind of sweetness. What a precious nurse for Edward to have, & also for Bella to have.
This is all so moving, & touches my core. It is a story, but it's no fantacy land. This is real life stuff... Phew.
meelee729697 chapter 11 . 7h
Meant to mention that I love the flashbacks. The beginning of the story establishes the current dynamics, but the flashbacks are important, & great at revealing the true bond & deep love.
- Emmett... Sweet man.. I'm sure his past detachment was a protective mechanism for his emotions. I'm glad he & Bella bonded.
- Bella's thoughts on everyone's contributions toward addiction... The enabling, coddling, etc... That is true in every single person's disease. It simply goes hand in hand. & a disease it most certainly is. There are choices. There is always help. But the addict is so sick... Sadly, rock bottom is almost always the reason for seeking help. & in many cases, takes many, many tries. I know for me, it sure did. - But, as she said, now is not the time to dwell in that, I'm just glad she is aware of it. (But it was clear in the first couple chapters that she understood her own faults.)
- I am so hoping this is Jasper's wake up call.
- Wow, the surgeon's explanation of exactly what was about to happen made my stomach roll. But u sure did a hell of a job writing it. ;) That was on point.
When Bella whispered "please save him," I bout lost it.
As is usual with u, u are extremely gifted in conveying / portraying the human condition.
- ... Renee... :/ yikes. I hope she will be steady & not cause B stress. I know she loves her daughter, & it's sweet she wants to be there..
- "the lost boy we want to see prevail." ... Phew. How true that is.
I'm glad that B is feeling some hope after praying.
meelee729697 chapter 10 . 8h
Well, this story was written a few years ago, but I sure hope ur husband is well & in good health.
- these particular few chapters must have been especially hard for u to write. Wow. What a trooper!
meelee729697 chapter 9 . 4/17
Such a frightening, real reminder of how quickly life can change, & all the things we take for granted... Also, realizing mistakes & bad judgments... Finally, how much we really really love someone, flaws & all. That we will surely fight for it all. - crazy that what seemed like a sort of simple accident caused life threatening damage. - real stuff.
Agghhh, please let it work out... It won't be easy.
These two need another chance.
meelee729697 chapter 8 . 4/17
I cannot beLIEVE I am just now reading this story.. I started it a good long while back, & for whatever reason, got side tracked.. Kept it bookmarked, of course, being that I adore all of ur work.
Anyway, I'm not really sure how alive & well the land ofFF is these days, but I'll always be faithful to the ones I love.
- Just letting u know I'm here. :) 3
PCCTwiFF23 chapter 28 . 4/8
Nope, knew that Edward was going to "Just say no!" Lol...remember that slogan? However, it was always in the back of my mind that Jasper would relapse and would probably be a threat to Edward's sobriety. What I didn't see coming was Alice started taking drugs...weed, although it's not the hard still drugs. What a piece of shot Jasper ended up being, eh? Though not surprised.
avonluxfeu chapter 29 . 2/1
This story... I.. I just have nothing to say, it never fails to make me cry and just bring me along with the plot.

You did an extremely great job with this, and I am sure I will re-read this story, again, in the future.

helenemc chapter 29 . 12/28/2014
Thank you for such a wonderful and at the same time realistic story. It was hard to read at times, but their love won out in the end. I could not believe Jasper or Alice. They deserved each other. Emmett, on the other hand, deserved someone like Angela. I am only sorry to hear it was a story written from experience. Well done.
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