Reviews for One Sided
Anmynous chapter 1 . 4/16/2011
Excellence! Jinkuro's portrayal, Kongiku's fateful words, phrases like "shroud of killing intent"... the only thing I could possibly complain of in the fic is one instance of "your" instead of "you're", and that's insignificant next to the rest.
Souldin chapter 1 . 1/14/2011
One again, yay, there's a Muramasa fanfic, and a good one to boot. I've been meaning to review this for a while but my schedule has been a bit busy but here is the review.

Unlike before I shall first comment upon the criticism's of the one-shot (I seem to be in such a mood today). As per usual there was the odd mistake in word such as know instead of known but the previous problem of overdrawn sentences were not in this one. This feels a bit short but has the depth to make up for it and the only other critism I have is a line. The odd line seems rather pointless and in this one case,

'It was also passed through word of mouth that perhaps one of the blood seeking blades out there might one day become powerful enough it could pierce the defense of a God.'

seems like you're just spouting trivia. A better way of imputting this info would be to add on a line saying that this was why he carried one as his blade, or something along the lines. It just felt out of place, despite how it was related to the subject.

Praise is now due though and I praise the writing, the characterisation of Jinkuro, and the style. It's a nice thought drabble for the most part but smoothly ittirates itself as a first person fanfic before within its last line shifting into a third person narrative commentary. In most cases this would have been a trainwreck but you've managed to make it work. The vocab choice is above average and the knowledge you posses and confidence in your Muramasa knowledge is made clear through the writing. Also, I love the ironic humour of 'Even were you to be a woman' and the subtle ending comment of being thrown 'into strange territories of which he would need to adapt to.'

A fanfic that for a Muramasa fan such as myself is a delight as it shows off a keen understanding of the series within a trio styled work which managed not to clash upon smootly changing the writing approach. Fantastic job, keep up the wonderful work!