Reviews for A Magical Bond
Guest chapter 70 . 5/4
Why no updates? I'm dying here! This story is amazing and I'm completely enamoured by it :)
Brandie chapter 34 . 4/30
Lol I love your version of Fred. He's funny and easy going. I also love Gabrielle. Her personality is award winning. Their budding relationship whether its going to be romantic or just friends makes me smile.
Guest chapter 70 . 3/31
The only thing needed to say is I love this! Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the rest :)
fanficfangirl13 chapter 3 . 3/29
When I read that bit about their ancestors rolling in their graves, I could just see a picture of Grumpy Cat with the caption "GOOD". Laughed so hard at that. Definitely love the name Phoenix; it really is perfect for such a unique baby. Lily. Lily Luna Potter, living up to her namesakes in spades! Being awkward, being blunt and annoying as all get out, liking to be colorful, making everybody uncomfortable, and absolutely delighting in all of it. But I don't see how the Potters and the Malfoys were able to get along so well, break bread together, even swapping stories, parparticularly after Lily's "we're all family now," comment (which was hilarious as fuck). Hang on though. Something just ooccurred to me from chapter two. Why would Phoenix look days old? Shouldn't he look like a newborn? Oh, fuck. Now I'm thinking about "what if Phoenix grows at a super fast rate and dies really soon?" But, I forget with whose story I'm reading. :) YOU are not the type of author to do that sort of thing because you don't take pleasure in hurting your readers. Faith restored, must continue reading.
fanficfangirl13 chapter 2 . 3/29
A bit slow on the uptake, aren't they? Then again, they're not aware that this is a ScorpiAl story, so they don't know that something WILL draw them together. Also, they don't know your writing style or your flair for mind-fucks, so I guess it's really not their fault. :) I like that Harry points out that the baby might not be human (very astute, Mr. Potter), and what he has noticed about Scorp. Personally, I think that, while the child is obviously biologically theirs, he's probably not entirely human. But the way Al and Scorp were so wrapped up in the baby was so damn cute! The fact that Harry was thoroughly unnerved was like icing on the cake.
fanficfangirl13 chapter 1 . 3/29
MOTHER OF FUCK! SWEET SALAZAR! MERLIN AND MORGANA! They have a fucking kid together. A biological kid together. I can't even. I literally cannot even. I can't even begin to EVEN. You, dear author, have done it again; you have written a story that has drawn me in deep within the first sodding chapter.
rensei-chan chapter 66 . 2/14
Ahh! Christopher! Gosh, I love his character. He's all wonderful and amazing. And he's found his person too. Gosh. I love it. All of it.

Goodness but Phoenix really did a scary thing there. Leaving like that. Wow. I was so terrified for them. His poor parents. Can't wait to read the next chapter, glad I'm getting the chance to read this again and catch up!
jessithomas chapter 70 . 2/11
Ah Oh my gosh I hope you update soon! I wanna see their reactions! ‹з This is a brilliant story and I think you've killed me with all the fluff! Haha :)
jessithomas chapter 60 . 2/9
Omg! I just about squealed in delight! The ending was so cute! I love Phoenix! 3
jessithomas chapter 43 . 2/9
Omg Fred was amazing in this chapter! And the Myrtle thing was great! It's ncie to see her finally find happiness. :)
jessithomas chapter 22 . 2/8
Ah I've fallen completely in love with this story! I love the sorting hat in this chapter. It was quite cute and I can't wait to read more! 3
SableUnstable chapter 70 . 2/4
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Can't wait for the next chapter! Hopefully it'll be soon! :)
ScriosAisling chapter 70 . 2/3
Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I'm so happy I found this story. Phoenix is adorable, Albus and Scorpius are perfect for each other, and I LOVE the Potter/Weasley/Malfoy family interactions. They're wonderful and perfect. I am very excited to see where this goes;I'll definitely be following it. Thank you for your awesome creativity so far! :)
sweetteatwo chapter 70 . 2/3
I thought it was cute the way they could not get baby out and funnier when they called Sassy to go in and get baby and baby was sleeping. It was so cute when he sung for his Great-Grand Father
sweetteatwo chapter 69 . 2/3
Was glad that Freddie's girlfriend was not cheating on him.
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