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shadowstory11 chapter 1 . 12/8
Ok finaly got to the bottom of this chapter "Again" just to make my review of the whole story... (I did Pm/Dm you my full review as I dont think you will see my one in the now 1,202 reviews.
My short review:
This is a great story.
See... Short.

Kelly chapter 16 . 11/28
A timeless classic. I loved this so much. Thank you for writing it
Ho-Oh the great chapter 17 . 11/18
Just really getting into the HTTYD fanfics, and I gotta say, this was an amazing story. Makes me kinda sad the Hiccup had to turn back Human, seeing as how I really liked the whole him turning into a dragon thing. But anyways, I’m starting the next story right away, and excited to see how things go there.
Guest chapter 17 . 11/2
the whole neighborhood hears me scream:YAAY! DA SEQUAL IS HERE!
curry-llama chapter 17 . 9/12
im going to be honest I both loved and hated this story although it was more the plot devices and character representation that I didn't like. The plot was well thought out, the struggles felt real and the angst wasn't forced but some of the characters were portrayed horribly. Astrids character was ruthless and everyone freaks over the smallest of things just because Hiccups a dragon. I mean if someone turned into a dragon that you knew and was starving for a week its more than understandable that they try to find food
markoatonc chapter 5 . 8/31
so... I decided to re-read this story... I am not sure why on earth I would do that... this story broke me the first time... It was almost perfect... reading it as it was coming out made it even worse... the cliffhangers...
the way you shown changes that both of them went trough... how learning such things (not only he became dragon... he also learned that they are inteligent and have complex culture) changed the very way he was thinking...
I simply Loved this story!

how much happened just due to bad luck and terrible timing of circumstances... it made me want to scream... It was frustrating... but not in the " reader frustrated at story/author" way, but rather "the characrers frustration infecting the reader" and "frustration about the uneasiness of reality"... this chapter... this one was the first that show this... one that made me want to groan... even "growl"!
So I decided it is good place to write a review at. after now it only goes more intense... af first... just as Astrid, I was surprised that he didn't try to explain himself... that he didnt write on ground (While he did think of it late... I didnt know it at the time) that he was just hungry. and he knew they would just chase hin out and that's why he stole... it would be so much like Hiccup form beggining of the first movie... "Awkward, confused explanations and excuses. "

but then... he spent last days stressed... and in cimpany of someone with completly different way of thinking... not to mention that he IS physically a dragon (mostly, at least)
No wonder he reacred this way... It was then I realised this story had even bigger potential than I thought (oh boy... even THAT was underestimation to what this story would have)

Only issue was heavy use of VERY modern, meme-born phrases (thre worst of them till now was "captain obvious")
while I am NOT a purist and I will accept stuff like medieval glasses and some more modern terms (most names for items and building from past times are actually quite recently created. in past they had many names or were just described. ) but for some reason these things as memes and modern "internet" phrases annoy me in fantasy and similar generes.

If you even still read those... and somehow got this far... thank you for this story... it will stay in my heart for Eternity .

Just one queation... what are the reading points for "unheard hispers" If I remember correctly, some of these were made during main story and it was easy to followmas it was comming out.. but I am not sure when should i read it now...
Guest chapter 1 . 7/31
I hear myself scream.

Nacktgranate chapter 16 . 7/20
Hallo and greetings from Germany (so sorry for my bad grammar ), even though I doubt you will ever read this because you finished the Story some time ago, I still want to write a Review, not only because I Think Any FF-Reader should Do it, due to the fact you dont pay for reading the Story, but because of I want to Thank you. This is the Best FF i have ever read, better than many real books. I enjoyed the weeks of reading so much, even though I was struggeling a bit, because it was the first book/story of this length I have read in english (in the next english test I am supposed to describe the anatomy of a dragon I'll get a nice grade haha). But I also want to Thank you, because I really Think that this Story really changed me and Made me better Person. The whole mess in IHHS could have been awoided if the people would have just listeneded to each other and would have at least tried to imagine the situation the other is in (yeah Astrid, I am talking to you too! fck you Astrid! ). I am trying not to judge people anymore by the first thing I See of them, but to set in there situation to understand why they Do what they Do. Thank you so much for that, for making me a better Person. But lets get back to the "this is the Best FF of all time"-thing: You Made me feel so many emotions while reading. In the first half of the book it was mostly hate or fury regarding the stupidity and ignorance of almost everyone. In the second half there was the most impressive feeling misery (,,Trauer" in german). you Made me cry in Chapter 11, when I realized there minds have been washed, there memorys deleted, there friendship destroyed. But (yes, there has to be critique as well) you didnt Make me cry when Hicc and Too where about to die, because I knew they could'nt. this is not game of thrones where there are so many storylines you Can easily cut of one. At least you did your verry Best to Make the possibility of them dying seem threatining. also i found most of the 16th Chapter really... confusing. well I Think it was ment to be this way, but Still...
I want to Thank you one last time before I move on, reading the Rest of unhearded whispers and the sequel (hipeThank you!
Greetings from Germany, keep on writing (pls, you are so good) and see you in the next Review, most likely for the sequel. and lets keep on hoping for the next movie Nacktgranate
Theo Winters chapter 11 . 7/14
So, Odin has decided to act far more directly to save Toothless's life. There's a lot more going on here thin it seems, and I'm sure more gods will come into play sooner rather the later.
Theo Winters chapter 8 . 7/13
Geri and Freki? Okay, Odin has apparently taken a personal interesting in what is going on with Hiccup.

Seem like the first appearance was a warning, and the following ones were trying to do damage control (though how forcing Snoutlout to spill the beans in damage control... well we will have to find out). I suspect the bits with the helmet where his going as well.
Guest chapter 17 . 7/5
plz be pregnant night furry hiccip :) gender change :D
NightshadeLG chapter 10 . 7/3
NightshadeLG chapter 9 . 7/3
Ooooooo...I LIKE really bad endings...for some...really...odd...reason...
NightshadeLG chapter 8 . 7/3
NightshadeLG chapter 6 . 7/2
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