Reviews for I Hear Him Scream
Ominous Shadow Erkling chapter 16 . 4/17
Thank you! Just for dedicating all of this time to a wonderfull story. I laughed so hard I cried, and I cried so hard I was laugh-sobbing. I am sad (in a sense) that this story is done, but I am so very happy with you that I would hug you if I could.
So to keep from rambling, thanks. This has become a beautiful ride.

With utmost and heartfelt praise,

Shadow Erk
Amylin Jame chapter 17 . 4/13
OKAY! Love you, by!
SniperData chapter 1 . 4/13
Wow just, wow. This story has so many feels that I can't even put into words how awesome it was. The only complaint is that I think the ending of him changing back is bad, made me cry for a while. Maybe you could do like an alternate ending sort of thing where he stays a dragon or something. Still great story keep up the good work.
The Gray Dragon chapter 17 . 4/12
Me: *Sees update, freaks out that story being continues*

*Is disappoint* ;.;
Anonymous Noob the 2nd chapter 17 . 4/12
Thank you so much for the update and
congratulations on med school
Bookworm210 chapter 17 . 4/12
Alibi27 chapter 16 . 4/12
This was an amazing story, I read it a while back and didn't leave a review but I really should've. You are an amazing writer and know the charecters really well. I cried, laughed, and was shocked into silence reading this. Thank you for writing and keep doing what you do!
banjo2E chapter 17 . 4/12
Posting a chapter in your story from another unrelated story is a very good way to make me read neither of those stories.
LorreVarguhl chapter 17 . 4/12
Aww! so awesome!
Brenne chapter 17 . 4/11
WOW! MORE!? YES! XD THANK YOU! I'll look forward to more on Unheard Whispers! XD
aviendhaphiragon chapter 10 . 3/21
This is why you suck: the story is so awesome that nothing can hold up in comparison.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/15
wait... you mean the human you just turned into a dragon? 'cause... he aint' gonna do
frank.zalewski.7 chapter 16 . 3/1
im kinda sad now that the story is compleated... i kinda wanted moore but eh cant have too much of a good thing hehe but this deffinantly helped me get my reading skills up and understand more and yeah have a good day and bye
frank.zalewski.7 chapter 12 . 2/27
love it haha!
Guest chapter 9 . 2/26
You are CRUEL to your characters .
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