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iBombinate chapter 16 . 3/14
I've been binge reading this story and fall in love with it instantly! This is beautiful! The ending is beautiful. Everything is beautiful! I was deeply saddened at the ending though. I wish Hiccup could have stayed as a dragon ... Is that tears rolling off my face?
This story was really unique. I've never read a story where Hiccup was turned into a dragon and brainwashed by the Queen. This was a great idea!
Keep on writing!
Celtic Shadow Mage chapter 3 . 2/2
I don't really like! toothless is ruthless! (hehe) but he is so evil! I don't like him at all... like the idea though...
Brixxart chapter 16 . 1/31
Man. I couldn't put this down, I did dishes one handedly for two days, made food with one eye on my phone, shunned my family, stayed up till 2am for the last two nights, this was a great read! Thank you so much :D I usually just stick to Danny Phantom fics but this was incredible lol I'm going to have to explore the httyd section a little more now
Celtic Shadow Mage chapter 2 . 1/24
? ? ? ? ? ? ? confusing story... I is going to leave now...
Kiisotu chapter 16 . 1/21
To label 'I Hear Him Scream' as merely a 'Fan Fiction' is a gross generalization that fails to encompass and include all aspects that make this story stand out. We don't call a Country's Flag a 'piece of fabric' or a religious bible a 'book' because such a broad statement takes away from what the object truly is. 'I Hear Him Scream' is a piece of excellent literature that took enormous effort to make.

I've never had this much trouble putting a book down. A shame it's over. This story places an excellent emphases on the struggles of being outside of one's element. This story also shines a spotlight on the grim reality of this world; where Vikings and Dragons are in a conflict with each other, while the film (understandably) tip-toed around the subject. Things in this story do die, or are capable of being horribly injured, which leads to some emotional and jaw dropping moments, along with the realization that all characters in this story are vulnerable, regardless of whether they are lead, supporting, or miscellaneous. It creates great suspense. The icing on the cake are the building of relationships between characters; namely the two lead characters.

With a story as long and dense as this, it's impossible to write a proper review.

Excellent story, Rift-Raft.
Guest chapter 9 . 12/27/2016
I HATE, absolutely HATE how you have portrayed Astrid in this story. She is SO OOC that she no longer even bares a resemblance to Astrid as portrayed in the first film. This is character assassination at its worst.
free chapter 14 . 12/5/2016
fweh, I was worried this was already chapter 16. I'm loving this chapter.
Guest chapter 16 . 11/18/2016
Hey Rift-Raft! I started following this story when it was It was in like chapter 6 (or something close to that) and I just love it! I read the whole thing through, and then I re-read it, and I just re-read it again. No matter how many times I read it, it is just as amazing as the first time. Now that I'm writing my own story, I constantly look here for inspiration and am always amazed at your skill. I just wanted to let you know that this is a beautiful piece of work and that I appreciate it to no end that you wrote this whole thing (over 400k words with Unheard Whispers and counting) and I aspire to be able to write as good as you. This is, by far, my favorite piece of writing ever, far more than any fanfic OR published novel. (I also want this to be a movie; that would make my year) I hope you get to publish something someday, because I would read the shit out of it. You have a gift; use it. I applaud you! (Sorry I couldn't review with my account name; I forgot my login. Oops!)
TheFuriousNightFury chapter 16 . 11/4/2016
(After finished reading)

This is awesome, and I couldn't bring myself to put it down so much as I gave myself a headache. I love how the end is so.. similar to the movie like the start is. While I have no idea where the magic came from, it adds a lot to the story, gives explanations, isn't OP, AND makes the stakes so much higher for the whole story... I felt more anxiety during that battle than I do watching LOTR. Nicely done.

Okay. When Stoick goes into the ring to talk to Hiccup and he panickes, I'm literally like 'NONONO U STUPID HICCUP DRAGON!' But that seems about right. Halfway through the story, a hope rises.. BAM.

And when Hiccup and Toothless become under control all the way.. I'm like 'NOOOO QUEEN STOP IT ODIN DARN YOU LET THEM GO'

And when Hiccup remembers again, I'm like 'YESYESYESYESYESYESYES HE'S BACK AND BETTER THEN EVER'

And then Hiccup and Toothless lose leg and tail just like the movie and all I can think is: '...oooooooookay.. Hiccup.. make a saddle, and the two of you basically go to the way you are in the movie dragon magic and link and being kings. happy ending.'

Just my experiences with this.


Have a nice day!

TheFuriousNightFury chapter 7 . 10/29/2016
This is a really cool story! Wish it had less language, if you know what I mean. But really cool! Awesome! Just.. (those are some REALLY long chapters.)
Claywind chapter 16 . 9/18/2016
I have a pretty long string of comments for that amazing story, so I'll jump right into it.

First off: The first chapter is incredibly hooking. I think beginning with Toothless' point of view was an excellent way to ease us readers into the story (and I found it quite brilliant that the dragons calls their species with different names than what the Vikings have come up with). Hiccup's transformation and all the battle scene in the village plus the scene with Stoic was tight action packed sequence that flowed smoothly and was impossible to let go of. Great job with that.

That said, once Toothless and Hiccup started getting along in the cove, I found their interactions kind of slow. I do remember wishing something would happen.

The communication with the Vikings felt incredibly on point and accurate (mostly the stubborn "I won't listen to your side of the story" and the "us versus them" vibe coming from both the vikings and Toothless). However, it also felt quite strained on some part, as if the universe was doing its best to edge Hiccup away from the Vikings. (the fishing net incident comes to mind) Retrospectively, I realize that it was the Queen's doing and that Hiccup did not have a real say in her manipulations, but I still remember whispering to myself a very clear "Oh, come on! He's doing his best, give him a break already!"

I found Stoic too rash. I understand his need to distance himself from the situation of Hiccup being turned into a dragon, but he seemed a bit too eager to demonize his own son and a bit too fast to blur the distinction between "looking like the enemy" and "being the enemy". During the whole of the story, I kept expecting (and somewhat dreading) to have a bit of text from Stoic's point of view. The fact that we got so little of "on screen time" with him (even from Astrid's perspective) estranged him quite a lot and made some of his actions and reactions appear a lot more drastic and "evil/dumb"

On the other hand, Snotlout's characterization was handled superbly. Even if most of his appearances were from other's perspectives, his psyche and actions were given a lot of thoughts. And when we did get some of his point of view, it was really nice. I especially liked the echo you made about the "hill memory" and showed it from both Snotlout and Hiccup's point of view.

I did not like Astrid very much. She seemed too ... angry. I do see that you wanted to keep her in character as she is quite the "angry/jealous/prideful" person in the movie, but it sometimes felt also a bit forced. When we reached the fishnet incident, I had mostly given up on her character and I saw her as looking for a way to misinterpret every thing that Hiccup would say into solid proof that he has broken their trust and turned traitor. (Yep, even if Snotlout was the one shouting "traitor" in the background, Astrid seemed the most threatening. Dunno how you did that.)

Speaking of trust-breaking, it appears to be a running theme in your story (or at least the first half of it). The first big one that struck me (when Hiccup stole fish and got found) was disheartening to say the least. When I reached the second one, I was thinkinto myself "oh, damn, they're never gonna trust him again."
Then I got to the third one and thought "well it's been established that trust has been broken. Again. I suppose they're screwed. What now?" And I realized that I had gradually come to wonder if the breaching of trust was the only kind of drama that could happen.

And, then, BAM! Hunting party. BAM! chase around the island and horrific battle in a cave. BAM! Toothless and Hiccup captured, horribly wounded and paraded around Berk like trophies.
And "oh-gods-no-fuck-no-please-don't-do-this-to-them-why-are-you-so-cruel-not-the-Kill-Ring"

You know, when I was reading the part that was basically them waiting in a cage and waiting to be slaughtered, I felt physically unwell. My stomach cramped and I was nauseous because I was reading. That does NOT happen to me often and I don't know if I should congratulate you for your achievement or be angry because I was feeling really down after reading that.

Anyway, once the other dragons started healing Toothless, I got my grove back and was just slightly traumatized by the thirty-or-so dragons being killed. I think I teared up a bit when the elder Two-Walker died without fighting back.

But back to Toothless and Hiccup who miraculously escaped and everything was peachy and happy and THEN, you get them into the nest and you get Hiccup under control of the Queen, revealing that Toothless had never been free to begin with... I kind of hated you at that point. I kind of wanted to give up on the story. But I also kind of wanted to know what was going to happen, so I kept on reading.
And apart from the disturbing "mind rape / personality control", I found some fluff and cuteness ... sprinkled over the creepiest situation possible. Brrr. I even came to like the Queen a bit at some points... then I realized what I was doing and stopped, but kudos for making me believe for a few seconds that "maybe the Queen wasn't that bad in the end..."

Hiccup turning into a real dragon and forgetting his human life, I could handle. Hiccup forgetting his own name and participating in raids, I could handle. Hiccup viciously killing Vikings and fighting his father without realizing what he was doing, I could handle.
But Hiccup forgetting about his friendship with Toothless was somehow the worst sin the Queen committed in my eyes.

Never mind that. I had pretty much lost hope for a happy ending (I seriously did not see how Hiccup could possibly get out of his predicament) when you just brought one out of nowhere. Spiralling chain of events (and Hiccup being AGAIN paraded around the village by his father like a ravenous beast. grrrrr.) leading to an incredible ending battle. Literally. I have troubles believing that Hiccup's frail magic could counteract the Queen's influence on other dragons without touching them.
It seemed quite overpowered and a bit of a Deus ex Machina. but considering the Dragons' GODS came to his help in the end, I'm not sure if that wasn't exactly what you wanted to convey.

And just when things started to go uphill, BAM! They're dead.
I think I cursed you. And called you names. And said you should rot in the Prebirth for your crimes against Fluffiness.
Their deaths was both sad and pretty awesome and I do remember grumbling a shocked "How dare you kill them off!? I did not read my way through all this angst and horror to have the two main characters die on me!" (Sorry about that.)
Thank you for bringing them back.
And thank you for the fluff and cuteness in the end. It was pretty nice, if a bit confusing when Hiccup woke up.
Thank you for the story. And congratulations for managing to finish it with pretty much the same kind of situation as the first movie.
But, above all, thank you for making me FEEL so much, because, in the end, that is what I look for in the stories I read.
kyuubijyuubi12 chapter 16 . 9/11/2016
This was awesome, and while I'm kind of sad that you didn't do an epilogue I understand, and I'm glad you wrote this, it's honestly one of the best fanfics I've ever read, and I wish you the best in whatever you do in your life, good luck :)

Off to read Unheard Whispers! *runs like a madman* XD
World Theory chapter 4 . 9/5/2016
The emotions are thicker than old split pea soup in winter. Hhnng… I'm so confused.
D608 chapter 16 . 9/3/2016
OMG you had me so hooked I stayed up till 4:50am to finish reading this, I rembet end your early chapters from years ago!

Oh this chapter pulled at my emptions and now my curiosity...

As you make it sound like there's another on the way but that's just the vibe I got..
I thank you graciously for this wonderful and adventurous story, it's been like wow... Just awesome..
D608 chapter 13 . 9/3/2016
Yes Hiccup is back?!
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