Reviews for Kaito's new year
Kaj-Nrig chapter 1 . 4/25/2011
Hey, Shit Author #3,454,698 -

If you're going to infect us with your fecal matter, at least have the half a brain required to put it in with the same kind of fecal matter.

I would say something about the story, but I didn't see any, so I guess I'll have to leave this at that.
Irrevocable Memory chapter 1 . 11/1/2010
I'm sorry, what? First off, I don't even know how a Vocaloid fanfiction belongs in the Five Centimeters per Second category...

Also, I don't see why you need to cut sentences in the middle and put them in a new line.

The fic was far too short, and if you're going for a short fic, you have to be sure you'll be able to pull it off. Writing short fics requires conciseness and a certain style that leaves an impression on the readers despite its brevity. Additionally, for this plot, I don't think a short fic really works, not unless you focus on one character and one emotion. (Otherwise, I suggest you elaborate on the events that happened.)

I see that you've just recently published this. I'd recommend leaving this piece for a few days, and after you think you're less attached to your work, try to come back to it and make the necessary revisions and edits. (Also, try and ask some of your impartial friends - most preferably those who are somewhat well-versed in the art of writing - to look over your work for you. If you can't find any friends who you'd be comfortable showing your work to, enlist the help of a beta-reader here in FFN.)

Best wishes, xx

Irrevocable Truth.