Reviews for Hogyoku ex Machina
edy-chan chapter 18 . 8/24
Hi! Great job, I loved it! :) The title kind of made me hesitate a bit, sorta confusing but when I finally gave it a chance it was amazing! :D Some parts were kind of confusing,but I loved how you mixed seriousness with humor.

Hope you continue writing more amazing fics! Good luck in everything!
MessyBargainer chapter 18 . 7/28
AWWWWW this must be the best Bleach fanfic ending I've ever read omg 333 I LOVEEEE IITTTTT SO CUTE AAAA
MessyBargainer chapter 13 . 7/22
LMAO SON uf a gunnnnnnnn god damn zanpakutou spirits unexpectedly stabbing people Jesus Christ yo lmao so cute too though awwwwww
MessyBargainer chapter 8 . 7/21

So cute tho, the twin sisters :') and lmao everyone else listening, I ended up bursting out in laughter at the image that formed in my mind reading that comedic anime apt scene :') well done! 3 loving the story hehe 333
Guest chapter 18 . 7/14
Thanks for the story. It brightened my day Mr. cliche.
JasherTheDarkened chapter 11 . 7/13
Why you gotta tease me like this... Senna is the one movie character we all wish to be canon...
lara5170 chapter 15 . 7/7
This was an amazing story and even now that we know more canon facts I have enjoyed reading this and I am hoping that you continue to write more
hauptj2 chapter 2 . 6/10
I like your version of Yamato's Bankai way better than the official one. I never really got the whole "summoning burning zombies" thing.
Lyxi chapter 12 . 6/3
Honestly, I feel as if this story would have been better if he went back to his old power level when he went back. It's basically just a long training montage with the mc reaching gigaton levels of power.
Zenzao chapter 18 . 5/19
I doubt I ever left a review on this in the past. But it has always been a pleasure to return to this story, once every year or so since I first found it long ago. It was delightful to have read Ichigo's progress from the prologue through to the epilogue this week. Characterization felt spot on throughout.

Your usage of the memory projector and how characters reacted around each scene were well executed on the whole; they were typically entertaining if nothing else.

I enjoyed Ichigo's time training with Soifon and Yoruichi quite a lot.

Your interpretation of Yamamoto's Bankai is superb. The climactic battle between Ichigo and Yamamoto is certainly the highlight.

I was less thrilled by Zaraki's manifested zanpakutou spirit.

I found Muramasa's inclusion to be a bit... unnecessary, yet after all of the other little film details that you brought into play smoothly, I could not complain.

I honestly had not remembered how you addressed the confrontation with Aizen. It was a different direction that I was gradually expecting going back over the story again, and the idea that Ichigo would be used to make a new King's Key is fairly good. That it was Muramasa that ultimately saved Ichigo does bother me a little, but I can live with it.

And the Hogyoku manifesting its own spirit within Ichigo's quite expansive inner world was a nice little end point.

Thank you so much for having written Hogyoku ex Machina so long ago. It will always hold a dear place in my heart, no matter how jaded I otherwise grow as a reader.

My only regret is that the sequel has never been updated, and having just read it today for the first time, that longing will stay a while.
Kyuubi-dono chapter 19 . 5/14
You're right about good time travel fics being hard to find, and about even less of those being complete. This story was awesome. OP Ichigo is best Ichigo. Can't wait till he joins the Gotei for real. I love Academy stories.
Anonymous chapter 13 . 4/28
Wow! I love the emotional dynamic here. Ichigo will do anything to prevent the sorrowful death he saw, and Muramasa isn't stupid enough to let that go. Also, weirdly hot stabbing scene, A. The Shinigami had better hope no one else has a sword in a snit, Ichigo could end up very... occupied.
Anonymous chapter 4 . 4/27
If Kurotsuchi's passion project was to make a crystal that meant someone had to give their full experience with no possibility of lying... It's kind of perfect, isn't it? He is so curious, desperately desiring experiences he can't achieve himself, and at the same time incapable of trusting the testimony of those who have had them. Maybe not even able to guess who's lying and who isn't, one of the many ways he fails in comparison to Urahara. I really like the implied characterization of your convenient plot device, it's perfect.
Moobles chapter 2 . 4/22
J) at first I figured it was an illusion, but then more and more people died and I got super worried it wasn’t an illusion, and then I thought it wasn’t an illusion, and then I realized Ichigo hadn’t reacted to any of the deaths, but even then I let out a huge sigh of relief when the trickery was revealed
Hoggey chapter 18 . 4/8
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