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bribright91 chapter 2 . 18h
I feel pretty foolish but while I thought there was something odd with Aizen being so fast in comparison to the other captains, I didn't really piece together the illusion until Yamamoto-soutaicho released his spirit energy and "Ichigo" collapsed while "Aizen" remained standing. Very good chapter. Thanks for posting!
Temporal Knight chapter 15 . 5/20
Hmm interesting planning. So with Hachi missing an arm again does this mean he killed Barragan the same way again? Hopefully, that dude was so annoying and full of himself.

Ummm...I'm not sure how I feel about Charlotte being Barragan's did well with him though despite the minor screentime lol!

So the key thing worries me. I have a rather worried feeling that Aizen might go for pulling a rope-a-dope and trying to forge a King's Key right there and everything's really going to be for naught.
Temporal Knight chapter 14 . 5/20
Yes! Thank you sooooooo much for showing the entire preceding chapter from the pov of the popcorn gallery! Epicness ensued and it was awesome.

Some tidbits:
-I loved everyone fighting over who gets Tatsuki after she's a shinigami. I've mentioned I like her previously but it was utterly hilarious and cool how Kenpachi and Soi Fon fought over her and even Hitsugaya seemed to get in a bit. (Though with Kenpachi liking her I'm not entirely sure whether to be impressed or scared lol.)
-Aww Yumichika may not hide anymore! That is so sweet! He should totally come out of the metaphorical closet. Kenpachi would probably end up laughing up a storm honestly.
-Oh god, thank you again for showing Hitsugaya during Ichigo's Big Brother moment. Epic hilariousness indeed!
-I loved the casual bantering with hollow (you really have no idea how hard it is not to use Hichigo...) while Zangetsu was busying being murderous. Plus his first few comments were sheer gold.
-This chapter has become one of my new favorites.

Yeah I shouldn't be surprised that Aizen managed to subvert the original goal. I had hoped for it but shouldn't be as surprised as I ended up being. I mean really, you did make him a ninja with a resurreccion who can fight blind when he was already beating him while holding in his intestines...this shouldn't surprise me lol.

About the disparity of hostage vs. death I honestly hadn't considered them being killed until I read the preview line. I didn't think Aizen would be that stupid honestly. It's really just a quick ticket to painful death. Or painful vaporization. Or painful drawn out torture then vaporizing death. Ichigo's massive freakout in the fourth movie with Yuzu's death was scary, I can only imagine how scary it's going to be when he is in full God Mode and thinking they are dead...
Temporal Knight chapter 13 . 5/20

Yeah so as interesting as the potential of having Muramasa choose Ichigo to be the new wielder (is that even possible to have two zanpaktu?) is, I do wish it had been Tatsuki. She really needs a bigger part in the story. I mean the main story; though fanfic stories featuring her being active would be great too. There was so much potential with Tatsuki that was only ever barely hinted at. She would've done so much better than Chad...

And of course touching on the Karin romance: oh please, please show the same scene in the next chapter from Toushirou's perspective! I really want to see him go white from Ichigo's determination to extract pain for his sister's heart!

And to answer your question about seeing it coming, I figured Murumasa was going for Ichigo when he started asking about humans and staring at him. I had not even considered that possibility prior to that point.
Temporal Knight chapter 12 . 5/20
Damn you, Yamamoto. I hate when people make sensible arguments for why following a corrupt government issuing stupidly idiotic orders is a good thing. It is nice to know that everyone fully acknowledges that an order to kill Ichigo would pretty much be met with either complete mutiny or a lack of actual intent on following through from everyone besides Yamamoto.

Well that is one way to get him into a resurreccion form. I was going to complain about his hollow form being the original one with the tail but then you fixed it and made him the Vasto Lord version with the horns. That is just so far more impressive visually lol.

Overall that was a superb fight scene. Very well done and fun!
Temporal Knight chapter 11 . 5/20
Haha oh god now I remember why I love Mayuri. He's so darn crazy he doesn't even realize he's crazy! I'm not sure if it's just been too long since I saw the first movie but your short one paragraph explanation of what happened with the Blanks and the Memory Rosary was actually a lot easier to understand than the movie itself.

So that more heartrending than it was initially. I miss Senna so much...she was always my favorite match for him after Tatsuki...While I understand chaos theory and the probabilities involved it is still incredibly sad that Senna isn't coming back in your story.

I did really enjoy the parts with Nemu. It should be funny that he has acquired another addition to the harem but instead it strikes me more at the moment as really just a nice bright spot in an otherwise rainy chapter.

And just as a final side note, Senna was totally a canon pairing. Just because she died it doesn't make her any less of a canon girlfriend. She got further than pretty much anyone else from what I remember.
Temporal Knight chapter 10 . 5/18
Okay, while the fight with Ikkaku and Renji was very cool I have to say that him just getting regeneration smacks of a bit of cop out honestly. You could've gotten away fine without trying to reach for resurreccion but once you did it kind of implied a promise we'd get to see the awesomeness of it. And I really, really hope you don't actually plan to not let him go into bankai for the remainder of the story... the ending section of Fade to Black. Dear lord that was hilariously awesome. Between, Ishida, Ukitake, Byakuya, Mayuri and Yamamoto (being sensible!) there was just too much to comment on. Fantastic use of humor! Bravo! And Soi Fon's reaction to Kon with "please make sure he doesn't show me evidence because then I have to act and I don't particularly want to" was also sweet. Both meanings of the word.
Temporal Knight chapter 9 . 5/18
I didn't find many issues with the thing between Ishida and Ukitake. I've always had issues with the Quincy powers myself (not even counting the latest arc with them randomly pulling new powers out of every orifice) so it's nice to see that problem spoken about for once. Concerning Ukitake standing up to genocide, I don't see his buddy standing against it honestly but I've always considered Ukitake either being way outvoted or simply not being high enough at the time yet to truly have a voice against it or powerful enough to get far with a mutiny.

It was nice seeing Ichigo vs. Soi Fon. You did that one well I think.

The Diamond Dust part went well. I'm interested to see how the hollowfication thing goes. A resurreccion in addition to a mask and a bankai would be sweet. On that note it is rather cool to see Ichigo still in God Mode yet that honestly not being a problem for either story issues or balance issues. Very rarely do I see writers continue making God Mode characters compelling, threatened or even all that interested. So cheers, well done!
Temporal Knight chapter 8 . 5/18
And Gin goes back to being creepy and vaguely evil. Is it bad that I'm still hoping he dies before the end?

Okay so I have to dispute one thing: If Ikkaku and Yumichika are acceptable in the meeting than Rukia should be there as well. Especially if Ichigo is mentioning the Ninth. She may not be a powerhouse but considering she was present there to begin with it seems like a perfectly reasonable spot to put one's foot down like he did with Ishida and Orihime.

Wait...Ichigo didn't know about Ikkaku's bankai? I could've sworn that came up at some point...literally everyone else knew about it by the end of the Aizen arc how did Ichigo manage to avoid finding out that tidbit.

You know I really, really want Stark and Hallibel to switch sides but if Ichigo doesn't know them that doesn't seem likely sadly...
Temporal Knight chapter 7 . 5/18
While I can understand and agree with the need to let Yuzu see and interact with everyone the way you did it at the beginning came off rather awkward. I'm not sure exactly why it feels weird so I can't give much constructive criticism beyond saying that it is just off.

I do think the fight in fake Karakura was very well done with a good mix of comments and recap.

I also like how you're involving the Shibas a bit more than canon. Kukaku was awesome and deserved more screen time.
Temporal Knight chapter 4 . 5/16
In answer to the TB questions: I was pretty sure there was a cure but would need wiki to make certain. I did know it was bacterial and I do know about antiobiotics. (I'm quite a ways past high school at this point but none of these answers would've changed since middle school I believe.)

I like the memory crystal thing and buy your explanation for it and the lack of seeing it in cannon. Love the dissing with Mayuri. Always hated him. You should totally have Ichigo compare him to Uruhara.

While I don't think the explanation of the soul chain is needed it is nice to see you thinking of it. It's also good to see it addressed with how he'd have to split again after getting whole. I was wondering about that. I imagine though that this won't be a simple process and am still going to quietly expect something or some other option to come up to prevent them from remerging.

And I am totally expecting popcorn for Ichigo Memory Movie Night. At least Yoruichi and Matsumoto should bring popcorn.
Temporal Knight chapter 5 . 5/16
"Training accident." Perfection.

I have to agree with the hollow too. There comes a time when there is simply too much power. Dragon Ball was a good example of that.

"his sword was a much better liar than he was." Also perfection.
T51b Moridin chapter 19 . 5/16
Ah the events of her memory loss. Coolio.
T51b Moridin chapter 18 . 5/16
Thats adorable. He even brought he HOgyouku home as a dog. Cuuute. As for who he marries while living I honestly don't care. I'm more interested in all the chicks in the after life that he could hang with after this is all over. I'm curious if later you will include the Quincy arc events.
T51b Moridin chapter 17 . 5/16
Excellent idea. To take such a seemingly innocuous phrase and turn it into quite the major plot point. I like that. I'm curious what would happen if he became the key. Would he truly die or simply live as the Oken. Then upon accessing the reishi heavy environment of the kings dimension would he be able to absorb even more power and forcibly reform even stronger than before. I gotta remember the statement of Tensa Zangetsu a few chapters ago about wanting to be able to split the very heavens with a simple sweep of his blade in his completely sealed state without the fusion being active let alone their release states.
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