Reviews for My DAY & NIGHT Guardian
midnight lion chapter 56 . 6/9
you really have a talent for writing and its a real shame you haven't updated this story in a really long time. I got hooked to this story a long time ago and it still continues to be in my library. I just keep waiting for a notification of when you finally update a chapter. I really wish you would update the story as a writer myself I understand of course you are busy with your own life but seriously this is such an amazing story and I love it. So I will continue to wait for this story continue to its proper finale.
Guest chapter 56 . 6/9
Please update! Its been too long and this is such an amazing story with a great plot that must be finished! Its been years since your last update and really wanna see this story have a proper ending :(
lunagraves chapter 56 . 3/12
Started reading thing 56 chapters the story is probably finished. I finally got to this last chapter was I was left wanting more. I read this in less then 2 days. I'd like to read more. I wish you would update but it's been a few years. But I love this. please consider bring this back to life.
xXIxLOVExDOUGNUTSXX chapter 56 . 3/5
Please please please please please update I can't wate any longer
Abangnya Oci chapter 56 . 2/4
Extremely fantastic! I can't wait for the new chapter. Hope you publish it soon! :)
Sparrow Walker chapter 56 . 1/15
Omg I really love this story! Please continue it! It's too awesome to stop now!
AnimeFanPeep chapter 56 . 12/9/2014
Initially, I thought the story ended at 56 chapters since you haven't updated for nearly a year. Your story's nice, has a good plot that wasn't weird or awkward although there were some missing points and the characters were occ, not like it's easy but even if they're minor characters; they change the overall feel of the story...

I have got this feeling... that... are you going to surprise us a year later, on your birthday?

I hope you read my review and please do continue to surprise and spoil us readers :)
AnimeFanPeep chapter 29 . 12/8/2014
I know you've already ended this story and stuff, having not updated it for a year, but the last part where amu met tadase, yaya and... Nikaidou? I was initially confused but it's actually Nadeshiko right? I do hope you can make this small changes so that it wouldn't confuse any future readers any further, thank you :)
AngelicXDemons chapter 15 . 11/25/2014
Oh my gosh I could never picture Kairi this...evil...
Guest chapter 56 . 8/1/2014
pls pls pls finish the story :D :D :D
CheshireMouse chapter 56 . 7/23/2014
*thumbs up* Good plot twist here!
Now, the nerve-wrecking wait ensues XD
Adne Rose chapter 56 . 6/8/2014
Keep writing! I love this story. So please keep writing.
Sandy smiles chapter 56 . 6/1/2014
Oh my god!Best story I have ever read so far!There was so much twist in the plot that always leave me wanting for more.I couldn't stop reading it!Please Update,it's just too good!It would be great if Amu could make Day Ikuto jealous by accidentally kissing Tadase in front of him and Sion so Night Ikuto could
come back!It would be such an epic scene!
I will always support you!
Guest chapter 56 . 5/18/2014
Saki-chan16 chapter 56 . 5/10/2014
Missing Night Ikuto T.T, just reread the series! What's Sion going to do with Amu O.o
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