Reviews for A Shadow of the Titans
QuestKeeper chapter 13 . 9/19
PLEASE UPDATE I want to see this can go I want to see how teen titans will handle this situation what has really become of jade what will slade's plans be now as well what will become of terra and what was situation with zhu chan that nightwing handle the WRONG way as well what was decsion that caused fatal crack that teen titans apart? Hopefully with starfire around perhaps robin will make right decision but ultimately it could be anything this could be start of situation or what leads up to that situation keep it.
oscar chapter 13 . 9/12
grete story ven vill you kontinu
ShadeStar chapter 13 . 8/9
Keep it want to see where this goes.
RandomReader chapter 13 . 8/7
Really hoping you're alive so this gets updated soon.
Looking forward to seeing how soon Starfire's influenced chi leaves Zhu Chan. As well as who figures out where and how to find her light chi. Will Slade finally enter the stagelight? Or how it'll affect events to come?
JimmyHall24 chapter 13 . 7/30
I hope you are alive and update this some day.
JimmyHall24 chapter 3 . 7/30
JimmyHall24 chapter 2 . 7/30
Rooster, Dragon, Snake. Not a bad trio.
Loyal-LeoBlade chapter 13 . 6/30
I love this story, when will it be updated?
Allhailthesith chapter 10 . 6/20
Tarakudo has a older jade porn stash haha
StarDragon chapter 13 . 4/10
MonsterInsanity chapter 13 . 4/2
Update soon please I look forward to next chapter don't abandon.
Guest chapter 13 . 3/25
can you please update
ShineLucario chapter 13 . 3/23
WOW that was great so now light jade's soul/chi is missing dark jade has lost her memories as well as now has a piece of starfire's soul/chi hope light jade can be found eventually wonder what will happen next also with tarakudo and brother blood gone I believe slade can take center stage now will plan accordingly to this new development anyhow I think candidates that could find light jade's soul/chi is raven or jinx.
Anarchy of the Soul chapter 13 . 1/14
So, what are the Oni Generals' names?
DarkKrampus chapter 13 . 12/11/2016
Nice job be careful teen titans other wise this may destroy team happy holidays.
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