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azure1996 chapter 12 . 6/20
Cool Story! Thank you
HikariNiwa chapter 12 . 6/15
Quite liking this story.
God of anialation chapter 12 . 5/16
Wher is good jade
StagPrince chapter 12 . 3/11
Ok, now that I've read both new chapters let me just say... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ahem, yay update. Seriously though you are evil for making us wait so long, but it's a good kind of evil.
StagPrince chapter 11 . 3/11
Fencer's Tale huh? I'll keep an eye out for it.
chaotic9 chapter 12 . 2/24
Sorry for the late review. Anyway, even if shorter than the previous chapert (half the size more or less) I got to say this one is as heavily packed as that one. And even more surprising this one really advanced the plot.

The first half almost seemed like an interlude, with you taking things when they were last left, from what remained of Jade in the ShadowRealm. I must admit you really know how to make Jade struggle in your stories. Then in the mortal world (the DC one of course) we see how it affected the Titans, from the ones that felt responsible to what happened (Raven, Robin mostly) to the ones around them. It doesnt surprise me seeing those two taking the full blow on the emotional anguish (and like Robin said as much as Raven tries to make her be an unfelling being ultimately she isnt, those emoticlones are her, or each a piece of her at least).

Jinxs extreme reaction was also expectable. Exteriorly it seems that she blames the Titans for what happened with Zhu Chan but ultimately it is no more than an expression of her own guilt. And rarely we like to confront our own feelings of remorse, prefering to channel it to other things like blame others or simply ignore it (more like trying). Even Robin and Ravens initial reactions were more or less a way to avoid/ignore their own feelings, until they couldnt anymore.

Honestly I was actually expecting that this chapter ended with Tarakudo starting his first steps of adquiring Jade to his side, and perhaps Zhu Chan finally emerging even more Shadowkhan like. But the Shadowkhan and Oni starting to move so suddenly that really caught me by surprise. Interestingly it doesnt feel rushed, well to me at least. And I liked how you played with the lack of chi sorcery knowledge that this DC world apparently has. If it was the Demon Sorcerers I imagine that the Justice League would be able to duke with them for a while but eventually the demons would win in direct confrontation (maybe even the likes of Darkseid couldnt put down Shendu). Granted the Oni attempt is more similar to their own failed attempt in JCA world with a few alterations. Had to give to Tarakudo, he adapts (most depictions of him do tend to put him like that, while Shendu in most fics is simply true to himself, charging straight to the goal).

So for now it is only Jades dark side that we see, and it seems Jades lighter and darker halfs separated like when it happened with Jackie. Of course this gives the question of where it is located. Perhaps in the Shadowrealm too? And I forgot to ask in the previous review, but what happened to the powers of the Talismans? If we remember from season 3 the Talismans can be destroyed (perhaps the closest that science actually beated magic in JCA) their powers cant (at most a power stays in limbo if there is no current corresponding animal of one of the 12 of the Chinese zodiac). So does three animals now possess these powers? Or they returned home? Or perhaps something else? Maybe it is me but I have a feeling that they will play a role in the next chapter.

So your approach of the ShadowRealm seems similar to my own (more or less). While I did take my inspiration in "Her Shadowed Realm" JCA also confirms that the ShadowRealm transcends more realities and dimensions than for example the Demon Netherworld (the episode of season 3 when they tried to track the Astral Projection power of the Sheep Talisman showed that the ShadowRealm even connects with the dream scape of someone). And your possibility of the covering of the world in darkness in Ninja Twilight being a way to drag the whole planet to the ShadowRealm or make it an sort of outpost of it is plaussible. One way or another I imagine that the simply gesture would empower the Oni and the Shadowkhan, or corrupt the others in some way? It was never addressed to be fair. As for destroying the planet is for losers, well it depends, some villains do have that goal in mind, the most extreme ones normally (they are rare though, it is more common having villains putting the world in jeopardy without they knowing or if they were close to defeat they trump the sore loser card). That joke of the 879 years instead of the whole millenium package reminds me of the Xiaolin Showdown when Dojo almost brought the world 962 years of darkness (the monks said 1000 years to sound more ominous).

And to end this review with one final observation, this chapter really approximates this story with Queen of all Oni and Queen of Shadows (granted that was not of your initial authoring) in the Shadowkhan mythology. Granted there are differences but what they have in common more than overshadows the differences. So far the Shadowkhan part has been sparcily utilized but even in previous chapters we could see the shift (mostly by Tarakudo appearance).

One last thing, Gadjo is really cool, to decide his allegiance with a mere toss of the coin. Classic. Ironically choosing a side in a conflict is always a gamble at the time, dont you think so?
hilt51 chapter 12 . 2/22
Amazing story, I hope jade get her human side/ light side back fast she seem a bit too much of a push over without, letting a the generals mess her around.
Guest chapter 12 . 2/17
this isinteresting but were is the light side at
TrueMetis chapter 12 . 2/14
I can't see either facet of Jade being willing to work under Terakudo for very long. Bet's on how long it's gonna take for the two side to merge?
Jetsmillion chapter 12 . 2/13
I'm not really liking the invasion so far. I liked Jade better when light Jade was in control.
kms5665 chapter 12 . 2/12
1) To be fair, she did have a plan, it just was much simpler than the rest. And unlike normal, she was not feeling stressed on whether anything might go wrong. She had not been worrying about a lot of stuff, recently.

- When ones violently retaliate out of grief they really don’t care about the consequences of their actions. They just want those around them to know their pain.

2) "COME," he commanded. He smiled through the shadows as she actually resisted. Her will was no match for his. Not now, not here. But still there was struggle, a refusal even as she came all the same.

- At Jade’s core she will always be rebellious. It is one of her prime personality traits.

3) "I always knew you would be back, Jade. Not because my mark was placed on you. Any fool can draw something on them for power. But you made that power yours. Your nature is that rare combination of those who long so deeply for power, yet possess the capacity to break it beneath them like a horse rather than being carried by the horse.

- That nicely sums up why when Jade placed Tarakudo’s mark on her ankle, she was affected differently than when Uncle put the mark on Tohru’s arm.

4) A) "Because I would make you one of mine officially. I am a Shadowkhan Lord; my power is great. I would have you reborn through my chi, restored to glory and set on the path of my kind.

B) "In the name of shadow, the blade falls for a second time. Rise now, reborn of a shadow lord's chi, Shadowkan. Zhu Chan, Kagehime," he said. The blade sang through the air, severing the cord.

- With Jade being reborn from Tarakudo’s chi this kind of makes Tarakudo Jade’s father.

5) Big Red had kept his word; her body was restored. Not completely unaltered, though. Her hair was gone, she noted with a scowl. It had better not be a repeat with her eyebrows, because if he could resurrect her from that state but not re-grow hair, she would haunt him with snark against his unseen manhood for a thousand years.

- I am in complete agreement with Kagehime you don’t mess with a women’s hairdo.

6) Oh, and there were tiny red horns growing from her brow. She gingerly touched both with her index fingers. They did not look even as long as her pinky nails. Dull red nubs, really. Flanking the glowing mark of Tarakudo on her forehead.

- Ah RED horns instead of white ones, a mark of Tarakudo chi inside Kagehime, like a parent passing on hair and eye colors. As for Tarakudo’s mark on her forehead it screams the comparison to Raven with her father’s mark on her forehead too.

7) And now was an opportunity to check on her beloved other self. 'No,' she cursed, finding the other still incomplete. She still functioned, but the chi core was gone. Either expelled or destroyed. It must be found, she decided. Yin required Yang to be complete. And this changed her goal not at all. They would be I. This only meant she could control the process more directly.

- It’s a shame that Yang Jade didn't understand what Yin Jade did, they need each other. They are much more powerful and complete when they are working together. Yin learned that when she was sealed away by Tohru, hopefully Yang Jade learned that same lesson with being sealed away to where ever she is right now all because she didn't listen to Yin. Of course both will fight to be in the driver’s seat but hopefully they’ll be at least content with whoever gets that main seat they will satisfy to have the other half siting right beside them giving advice a ready to take to wheel in case an emergency happened and to say the least stop trying to eject the other one.

8) "Oh please, you are too kind! Everyone hopes for such a warm reception on a comeback tour.

- Once again may I say you nailed Tarakudo. He is such a great character. I swear you take him right off the TV show.

9) "But no, I have smarts in abundance in this organization. Besides, that merge plan of yours would just as likely produce some chaotic good dark anti-hero type. Not good for my business.

- Tarakudo has point, I can see why he wouldn't want Yang Jade in the picture, it could spell disastrous for his plans if he has to deal with an anti-hero Jade if Yin and Yang merge and I can see that happening. Of course it would be one hell of a show to see.

10) "That end being to then drag this entire world into the Shadow Realm. This world will become an interstice where shadow magic and shadow beings are superior at the expense of all others.

- Once again a really good explanation on why the Shadowkhan were covering the world in darkness in the show because I have to agree with Jade that destroying the world is a stupid thing to do, you don’t get anything out of it.

11) A) "There's a second circle spreading from this first one. It seems to not affect humans and other native Earth life, but metahumans, aliens, and magical creatures get pushed back.

B) "Batman is feared by the darkness of this world. He defeats darkness while in the darkness," the small Khan insisted.

"I do not share a little girl's fear," he said. To press his point, he planted his boot to her exposed rear, and with a cut-off shriek, she fell into the water.

- Very clever move by Tarakudo making it so that the superpower heroes can’t fight. BIG mistake on Ikazuki dismissing Batman like that, I mean come on the Shadowkhans were defeated in season 4 by mere mortals in the other universe, you would think they would learn their lesson about not underestimating their enemy. Also there is someone else out there the Oni should not overlook, SLADE.

12) "And I wish to start preparing the special dish of our new era banquet," Noburu said, gesturing to the stock that glistened with purple chi sorcery, a ragged Brother Blood struggling within it.

- That is funny and disturbing at the same time, well done.

13) Kagehime watched this all with a frown as she tried to wring water out of her kimono and took a sip from the juice box. The mask fragments still throbbing under her face, and the currently invisible mark on her brow still burning slowly out of sight.

- Wait a second does that mean Jade has Tarakudo’s mask inside her because if she does that means she holds the key to entrapping the Shadowkhans again. I just realized something the deal Tarakudo and Jade made early in the chapter, Tarakudo resurrecting Kagechime and Kagechime freeing the Oni army, there was nothing said about Jade not allowed to seal the Shadowkhan away again, Tarakudo should have worked out a better deal for himself.

14) This was one game changing chapter, fells like I just watch an intense season finale leaving off on a cliffhanger. Just one question, I forget what does Zhu mean?
Duquette7 chapter 12 . 2/10
Oh, this was the best chapter yet, so much fun!
Heidao chapter 12 . 2/6
A partial resurrection coupled with an invasion, what a wonderful way for the fic to surpass the 100k word count, and to kick off the new story arc, let's see if the oni's indifference to Batman is well founded or merely hubris but knowing the Dark Knight, things never go as planned for villains.

Here's hoping for Jade to wake up and take control of this crazy train.
Rhavis chapter 12 . 2/4
Gadjo curb-stomped the fourth wall.

Why am I not surprised?
Ander Arias chapter 12 . 2/4
Wow, I didn't expect you to update this story so fast! Less than a month from the last chapter, definitely a record.

Besides the quick update, this has to be one of the most significant, story-changing and plot-relevant chapter of the whole fic so far. Plus it was surprisingly fast paced, which was a very welcomed change, at least to me.

We finally see more JCA elements appear into the story, a new group of villains enter ths ecene in a big way and Blood and the HIVE are wiped out, and it appears that there's going to be an alliance between the Titans and Jinx and co.

Wonder what happaned to Jade, the real one. Because from what I saw, I'm not expecting much from this Queen: she lacks any kind of drive or ambition, and seems to be just a mere pawn of Tarakudo. In fact, with Tarakudo and the rest of the Oni generals here, she seems kind of redundant. I mean, she can't even summon Shadowkhan. Sill, I know better that that and guess that you'll plan something big for her in the future.

Now the story is at its most interesting. I can't wait for the next chapter.
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