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HideousZippleback chapter 26 . 11/17/2016
'The team he had lobed." Damn, I got a choked up about that. Poor Wildrider... and the Stunticons.
HideousZippleback chapter 14 . 11/16/2016
HideousZippleback chapter 2 . 11/16/2016
Breakdown was pretty cool in that episode. It was nice to see him being brave.

I like how varied Wildrider and Airraid's experiences are.
HideousZippleback chapter 1 . 11/16/2016
Really good so far! Though, poor Wildrider!
snapeathy chapter 31 . 5/16/2016
Found your story and couldn't stop reading it!

'He arrived in Air Raid's personal space and grabbed him by the back of his head.'

Ah man, I never wanted Motormaster and Air Raid to make out until you wrote that. They're like a young Megatron/Starscream.
Guest chapter 31 . 12/16/2015
32? )):
jpgFury chapter 31 . 12/2/2015
What a fantastic story - I was really hanging out to see when the two teams meet up.

I hope you pick it up again on day...
duchesseduo chapter 31 . 11/23/2014
awesome!please update!
Guest chapter 28 . 9/16/2014
We've been waiting year for update. Why you are so cruel? :(
mstheresa chapter 31 . 6/26/2014
This story is really good! I can't wait for you to finish it!
Nyx811 chapter 31 . 4/11/2014
Guest chapter 31 . 2/14/2014
Wow what an amazing story
Guest chapter 31 . 11/8/2013
Great chapter. I noticed one error though; during the training session between the Stunticons, Motormaster is first said to have wounded Breakdown's arm and Dead End's leg. However, soon after, it is said to be Dead End who has the injured arm and Breakdown who is implied to have the injured leg. Just thought I'd point it out so you can correct it if you want to.
QoS chapter 31 . 11/1/2013
I’m guessing one reason Motormaster prefers practising in an old warehouse is because he doesn’t want his team to get used to the Cybertronian standards of a nice training room on the ship. And also, fewer complaints if their session levels the warehouse.

Drag Strip must be thrilled to have won so many times, even if he’s winning by default since Air Raid won’t attack him. Not that Air Raid isn’t fully capable of standing up for himself when necessary. Except when he told Motormaster that it was *his* missiles which came so close to deactivating Motormaster for good, he didn’t get the response everyone was expecting. That’s a lesson Air Raid still needs to learn. Motormaster only gets angry when it suits him, when he can use that rage, otherwise the team would find it only too easy to push *his* buttons, no?

What Air Raid does learn is that Motormaster in a cold fury is much, much worse than anything he could ever have expected, because Silverbolt would never have gone so far as to deliberately shoot two of Air Raid’s teammates to keep him in line. And I loved that we’re seeing it all through the lenses of the Reflector triad, who are now annoyed that they missed a snapshot of the crucial moment. What a coup that would have been for their “Life—and Death—in the Decepticon Army” photo album.

I also liked the mention of Motormaster alone in his quarters and working as hard as any of them, planning their strategy and actually thinking about how to protect Air Raid. That’s another of the things you’ve done really well in this fic—showing that Motormaster, for all his faults, is not an entirely bad leader. When push comes to shove, he puts the team’s well-being first. Unfortunately that also means he’ll sacrifice anything, individuals included, to preserve the team.

Which Air Raid discovered in the final, wrenching moments of the chapter. It’s such a change for him—before, he would have been the first to dive into a battle against the Stunticons. Now he can’t fight them and he can’t fight the Aerialbots, but he has to choose. You can’t be neutral in this war, and if you are, you’ll probably just get gunned down by both sides. And of course, Motormaster’s response was great. “Is that all?” Because Air Raid’s reasons for not wanting to fight, legitimate though they are, mean little or nothing compared to the fact that his teammates might die if he doesn’t work with them.

If he doesn’t, as Reflector noted, kill an Autobot.

I wonder if the wings he gives Motormaster will be his own.
Doomstalker chapter 29 . 10/29/2013
And we're waiting... and waiting... and waiting...
Please, update soon X_x
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