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Nyx811 chapter 31 . 4/11
Guest chapter 31 . 2/14
Wow what an amazing story
Guest chapter 31 . 11/8/2013
Great chapter. I noticed one error though; during the training session between the Stunticons, Motormaster is first said to have wounded Breakdown's arm and Dead End's leg. However, soon after, it is said to be Dead End who has the injured arm and Breakdown who is implied to have the injured leg. Just thought I'd point it out so you can correct it if you want to.
QoS chapter 31 . 11/1/2013
I’m guessing one reason Motormaster prefers practising in an old warehouse is because he doesn’t want his team to get used to the Cybertronian standards of a nice training room on the ship. And also, fewer complaints if their session levels the warehouse.

Drag Strip must be thrilled to have won so many times, even if he’s winning by default since Air Raid won’t attack him. Not that Air Raid isn’t fully capable of standing up for himself when necessary. Except when he told Motormaster that it was *his* missiles which came so close to deactivating Motormaster for good, he didn’t get the response everyone was expecting. That’s a lesson Air Raid still needs to learn. Motormaster only gets angry when it suits him, when he can use that rage, otherwise the team would find it only too easy to push *his* buttons, no?

What Air Raid does learn is that Motormaster in a cold fury is much, much worse than anything he could ever have expected, because Silverbolt would never have gone so far as to deliberately shoot two of Air Raid’s teammates to keep him in line. And I loved that we’re seeing it all through the lenses of the Reflector triad, who are now annoyed that they missed a snapshot of the crucial moment. What a coup that would have been for their “Life—and Death—in the Decepticon Army” photo album.

I also liked the mention of Motormaster alone in his quarters and working as hard as any of them, planning their strategy and actually thinking about how to protect Air Raid. That’s another of the things you’ve done really well in this fic—showing that Motormaster, for all his faults, is not an entirely bad leader. When push comes to shove, he puts the team’s well-being first. Unfortunately that also means he’ll sacrifice anything, individuals included, to preserve the team.

Which Air Raid discovered in the final, wrenching moments of the chapter. It’s such a change for him—before, he would have been the first to dive into a battle against the Stunticons. Now he can’t fight them and he can’t fight the Aerialbots, but he has to choose. You can’t be neutral in this war, and if you are, you’ll probably just get gunned down by both sides. And of course, Motormaster’s response was great. “Is that all?” Because Air Raid’s reasons for not wanting to fight, legitimate though they are, mean little or nothing compared to the fact that his teammates might die if he doesn’t work with them.

If he doesn’t, as Reflector noted, kill an Autobot.

I wonder if the wings he gives Motormaster will be his own.
Doomstalker chapter 29 . 10/29/2013
And we're waiting... and waiting... and waiting...
Please, update soon X_x
Jen Rock chapter 31 . 10/27/2013
This is a really interesting look at what it means to be a gestalt and the way things can go so terribly wrong. Both teams have to deal with so many complications but everyone is perfectly in character. I look forward to more.
Guest chapter 31 . 9/20/2013
Amazing story! I just found this stoey yesterday and could not stop reafing it! I can't wait for the next chapter! Great job

Guest chapter 31 . 9/16/2013
I really liked seeing Motormaster's psychological games and torture. He really did a number on Air Raid without too much violence.

As for the battle, I am going to guess that Air Raid gets a pair of wings without killing anyone because Wildrider saves his teammate.
Guest chapter 31 . 9/15/2013
Hell yeah, loving this, u have 2 continue
Doomstalker chapter 31 . 9/15/2013
Just... wow. Thank you, really (it’s like present on my birthday – today I celebrated with my friends, and when I came home I saw update. You just can’t imagine how happy I’m now ). So, chapter is a little bit unexpected *yeah, I’m trying to formulate my thoughts, and it’s quite difficult. Why, just why English isn’t my native language? X_x* First of all, thank you for showing dynamics between Air Raid and Motormaster. That was actually fascinating. Like you said before, Air Raid has empathy with Breakdown, with Drag Strip our former Aerialbot has some bitter complicity, and with Motormaster... Am I wrong, or do they actually respect each other? Yeah, I remember that in earlier chapters you wrote that Air Raid indeed had respect for his new leader *and now he openly admits it* but now I suspect that Motormaster respects Air Raid in return. And I wonder – why does he feel this way? He sees potential, but is it only reason? Maybe it’s because Air Raid doesn’t fear him like other Stunticons? Though Dead End can be blunt, but again, he wouldn’t go into Motormaster’s room and say something like “Hi, I know that you understands me and I will regret this but I want to say true anyway: I don’t want to fight your (or our) mortal enemies”, right? Or maybe because Motormaster and Air Raid have some... closeness?.. Arrrgh, it’s difficult to formulate my ideasX)) I’m just trying to remember how other Stunticons feel towards Motormaster. Drag Strip loathe him (partly because he wants Motormasters’ respect), Breakdown fears him, Dead End tries not to feel anything besides aversion, though he does understands his leader. But I don’t remember that you actually wrote about their respect. Neither of them would spoke with Motormaster on equal terms because of fear, hate or indifference. Maybe I’m wrong but I just can’t see it. But with Air Raid... last scene that your wrote isn’t talk between leader and his subordinate *for me, anyway*. It’s conversation between two teammates, first of all. Just listen how they speak... Air Raid’s “You have to understand this” and Motormaster’s whole speech... Air Raid doesn’t only object and Motormaster doesn’t just order. They actually speak with each other like equals. Yeah, Motormaster tries to keep distance between himself and everyone else. For his teammates he is fearsome leader and he doesn’t appreciate any friendly gesture (like when Breakdown tried to treat him like he would any other teammate). But even he needs some closeness and in his own way Motormaster showed it. *Hah, nor Air Raid, nor Motormaster are my favorite characters in both gestalt but dynamic between them is fascinatingX))*
Again, maybe it’s my imagination but does Motormaster already feel possessive for Air Raid? Would he want some of Aerialbot wings if Air Raid didn’t step at Motormasters room and didn’t show that his loyalty doesn’t belong only to Stunticons?

And about future battle between Autobots and DecepticonsX))) Air Raid has two likely opponents: Slingshot and... Wildrider, of course. It’s pity that Wildrider doesn’t have wings because Air Raid could use this loophole to obey Motormaster without harm for his former team (though in Russian words “wing” and “fender” are the same, we use “крыло” for both *2 minutes later* Ooops, I read on Wiki that in British English they use for cars and planes one word too, and it is “wing” Hah, it can be indeed funny)). And Motormaster has to loathe Wildrider more than any other Aerialbot because Wildrider kind of betrayed him and team. Now I really want to see what will happenX)))

Sorry for my mumbling, I’m just truly excited ’
Starfire201 chapter 31 . 9/15/2013
Back against the wall. That describes Air Raid right about now, I'd say.

I'm making no bets about the upcoming battle. But I do assume that it will be one Pit of a crazy fest.
Doomstalker chapter 20 . 9/3/2013
Dear Taipan!
I do love you other stories *really do, and I'm happy that you wrote about Aerialbots in "Our Darkest Hour"))* but we're waiting more than two month for updating _this_ story X_x Please, update soon...
DK chapter 6 . 8/12/2013
Ehm, which movie was he talking about? :D
Awesome chapter. I know I'm a little slow catching up, but I'm on it!
Doomstalker chapter 30 . 7/23/2013
And yes, after re-reading… Why I have feeling that Air Raid can be Motormaster's favorite? I mean – look, for decepticon he actually don’t have any weak points. Yes, he is careless but this isn’t as bad as it can be. And Air Raid isn’t so indifferent like Dead End or so timid like Brekdown. He isn’t so looped on himself like Drag Stip. Our former Aerialbot, though, is canning, cruel, clever and skilful fighter. And very, very loyal to his team. I won’t be surprised if Motormaster in near future would be… fond of him (not sure that I chose correct word but I hope that you forgive me). Seriously – Motormaster love(d) Wildrider because he is (or was?) his brother but Air Raid in some way _is_ better (first of all he isn’t insane… OK, maybe he is but he isn’t _totally_ insane). With him Stunticons could be more effective in battles – and this is what Motormaster always wanted. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe not. But yes, I really want to see their dynamics :)

Greeting from Rus-fandom * I heard about plans about one story of yours… I hope that you will do it))*
QoS chapter 30 . 7/21/2013
It’s interesting how the Decepticon and Autobot gestalts pair up, isn’t it? The Aerialbots vs. the Stunticons, the Protectobots vs. the Combaticons. In a way that makes things easier for the Aerialbots (because the Seekers have been flying for millions of years and know every trick there is in the air) but I also think their feud with the Stunticons edges over into a personal vendetta, which is another thing the Autobots might not like – and which the Decepticons should exploit as much as possible.

But getting back to the story, nice variation on strip poker. We could call it shock poker instead. Poor Breakdown, if that goes on for much longer it might trigger some “involuntary” revving of his engine. And of course Drag Strip was cheating. Anything to win. I think the others are so used to his shenanigans by now that they either don’t care or just take it into account, though of course Air Raid is still new enough to the team that he’ll challenge Drag Strip on it. Not that a good punch-up damages team solidarity. Knowing the Stunticons, it probably strengthens that instead.

Speaking of punch-ups, though, Air Raid knew exactly what would happen when he took the best table, and he also knew how to get his team on his side. Way to go, appealing to Drag Strip. I love the way this is written, with Air Raid capitalizing on Breakdown’s empathy with him (fueled in part by Breakdown’s guilt over what happened to Wildrider) and how Breakdown then looks at Dead End. Oh yes, he knows very well that it’s the calm before the storm, and all he needs to be sure of is whether the entire team is in it together. Which they were, in the roundhouse punch-up that followed. I like how aloof Blast-Off is – too superior to be provoked by something as low-flying as an F-15 – but the rest of them were more than happy to join in. And Motormaster, watching, provided the seal of approval when Air Raid finally proved he was as tough as any of them and then some.

Hope the next chapter goes up soon!
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