Reviews for Second Chances
mer-may chapter 20 . 7/26
Beautiful. Amazing. This is so great. I have no complaints! I just want more!
mer-may chapter 19 . 7/26
Sooo good! Intense beginning. Also I Love what Sakura and Ino are doing. Excited to read the next chapter!
mer-may chapter 18 . 7/26
I'm sure no one cared that was a cliffhanger! That was sooooooo good! Onto the next chapter! So intense!
shadowinRW chapter 20 . 7/25
Okay, so normally, I really, really don't like Naruto/Hinata fics. Part of that is because female characters are rarely as well developed as male characters in canon, which gets so incredibly frustrating when you see female characters with a shit ton of potential (like the ones in Naruto) and barely anything being done about it. So I usually prefer slash because the characters are more likely to get equal attention paid to their character development. The other part of why I don't normally like Naruto/Hinata is because while it's a lovely pairing in theory, their story almost never lives up to what it could be. There tends to be a whole story revolving around their relationship, and it still follows trope after trope.

So now that I've said why I don't normally like Naruto/Hinata, I have to say that yours I do like. A lot. The story doesn't all revolve around them, but they are an important part of it. They exist apart and together. They are both STRONG but in their own ways. And Naruto, although he is protective of Hinata, is perfectly aware of how strong she is and gets out of her way to let her stand on her own two feet. Hinata, although she has something similar to the incredible admiration she holds for Naruto in the manga/anime, is not blind to his faults. And she's not afraid to tell him when he's being an idiot.

You've written a pairing that feels real. And that I'm invested in. And you've done it while writing a story that doesn't depend solely on said relationship. The rest of your story also does the same type of character development that I just raved about earlier. It's a strong, good story.
blue-analytic chapter 20 . 7/9

I normally ignore stories containing Naruto and Hinata for personal reasons but the short description and the fact Minato and Sasuke are also included in this fanfiction made me curious. I love reading about the bond between Naruto and his father, so I was willing to make an exception, and I wasn't disappointed. May I allow to say that you have a very good, refreshing writing style that makes me fall in love with literature and its magic even more. How should I put my thoughts in words so you can understand me? English isn't even my mother tongue but I want to try my best. Somehow, you have a way with words just like Naruto has a way with touchung people. I feel so much passion in your text that I enjoy the text. It's that captivating.
Now, on the plot.
It's quite interesting, and I think you have captured Naruto and his family very well. I also like how much focus you put on him and Sasuke which is something I rarely see in fanfiction when it isn't about shounen-ai. I appreciate how you try to reflect as much as from canon.
May you have a wonderful day! I am glad and at the same time a little sad how soon your story will be finished but I hope we will see more of you!
Misha chapter 20 . 7/7
I was hoping to see Naruto and Hinata properly talk about his rash actions (from the last chapter) in this chapter, so I'm a bit confused why it seems to be glossed over (at least for now). He really needs to be chewed out for that by her, imo... She almost had a mental breakdown from it...

That said, great chapter. As usual, I cried tears for Hinata. She is so extremely precious and just-so alone. Her existence is almost ethereal. Hinata inviting Sakura was so poignant. Their entire scene together was simply divine. I wish there was a little part of Shino and Kiba as her best friends. Without them, she feels like the loneliest character in this story. Not a critism mind you, it just makes me sad. I wish she had a support system that wasn't just Naruto (or extensions of him). I love him, but he has so much on his plate. Sakura is her friend, but not exactly close. Does she even really have any...? Anyway. think we really need a proper scene with her and Kushina. We are told the environment in the house is warm, but tbh, we are never really /shown/ it.

Should almost go without saying that the entire final scene with Hiashi was amazing. Great writing.
Coolestbee chapter 20 . 7/7
I love everything in this fanfiction. It's my favourite. This chapter is also wonderful. I love how you described the hospital part, the Hiashi confrontation and the snow scene. It was all well detailed and explained with all the emotions clearly displayed. You really communicated Hinata's character well. How she was and how she now is. The turmoil Sasuke's feeling was also well described. Hiashi's regret was well felt. Even the love of everyone to one another was descripted perfectly. Wonderful job. Keep it up.
Pinoy Gamer chapter 20 . 7/7
Just finished it reading it today...I must say, you write a pretty good story.
Shebali chapter 20 . 7/6
This story is hella amazing and I'm so glad I found it and got to read it and that you keep writing despite RL getting in the way in all the nasty ways.

The characters are all wonderfully written, even the ones who are only mentioned occasionally.

I can't wait to see how this goes, and where.
BBLimits chapter 20 . 7/6
... I read the whole thing in one day " It was great.
I particularly liked the awesomeness of team 7 and the others (i.e. when Sakura, Ino and the whole hockey team create videos and blogs to help Hinata and Naruto). Also the way you decided to characterize the Uchihas, Gaara and the Fox – the latter in particular, with the way he subtly changed thanks to Naruto.
I think I would have liked to see a little more background for secondary characters – for example, why is Neji friendly with Naruto and Hinata and not obsessed with Fate? But I kinda understand that explaining all the little things would get impossibly long and probably boring.
Liked the reunion between Hinata and her father.
All in all, I liked this story very much; thank you for writing and sharing it ;)
Kamish88 chapter 20 . 7/6
Really good story overall but sometimes it get's a bit disjointed with unexplained time-skips when you reference things that happened. Like these videos of Hinata.
Awesome chapter 20 . 7/5
Sounds like there has been an awful lot of drama in your life lately. I truly appreciate you taking the time to finish this fanfic. Take care of yourself first & foremost - understand life gets hectic!

Great chappie too. I can't wait to find out more about the Namikaze's
GypsieRoseLee chapter 20 . 7/4
Thank you for updating this story often . It is my favorite naruto fanfiction . Every emotion is so raw . Your portrayal of characters in this AU is flawless you even made me like Sasuke which I usually despise . The Universe you created is very interesting and you managed to make paralells with canon in a very intelligent way . Thank you for this fanfiction . Every update makes me very happy .
LectorElise chapter 20 . 7/4
I'm failing at finding words to describe why I love this chapter, but I do. It's amazing. Hinata, and the imagery of her baby's heart, and the confrontation between her and Hiashi are all so perfect.

On the other hand, I want to smack the (in-universe) writer of the first bit, like, How dare they judge Naruto for surviving? when he's so kind, and so generous, when he came out of that he'll with a heart and soul battered but intact? Bad reporter, no biscuit. If you want to talk about monsters, go talk about what the Uchiha have done.
Pressing Point chapter 20 . 7/4
This is such an amazing story I love this and your writing so much!
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