Reviews for A Spark of Genius
Jackal chapter 45 . 10/7
You didn't do the next chapter... even though you said you were waiting for tht chapter a long time...
Nonyaarb chapter 24 . 10/7
If leg had a charisma stat...
Nonyaarb chapter 21 . 10/7
Can’t wait for the rebitution lex is about to receive
Jackal chapter 31 . 10/5
I hate this chapter, this whole chapter was filled with Xander retard moments and stupid choices, literally every decision he made was a bad one and didn't help him in anyway or just outright restricted his choices, Xander wasn't thinking and even when he was he went with a retards choice of action
Jackal chapter 20 . 10/4
Why the hell would you call it something stupid like Bob, now I can't read it without thinking the castle is stupid, you should have followed Heterodyne tradition and named it after a style of building like Fortress Heterodyne, i thought you were alluding it to that by calling it fortress occasionally instead of castle, what the hell. Bob the castle Heterodyne, that isn't even sound remotely funny or wacky it just sounds lazy
Guest chapter 45 . 10/3
It's been a while, anymore on the horizon?
Dude chapter 12 . 10/2
Personally, I'm impartial to either "go big or go home" or "small and efficient" an 8 foot power armour isn't really either of those
tannim31 chapter 45 . 9/27
Please finish.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/20
what's with the emotional ups and downs... ? i feel like i'm reading about a crazy person who has no control over his emotions whatsoever ... like a 5 year old child ...
kirosyamcha chapter 45 . 9/18
Shame I was looking forward to see how he would deal with the birdies :( but seems the story has stalled
kirosyamcha chapter 35 . 9/17
Kind of gay, you backed yourself into a corner and forced this “spark” whatever it is to be the be all end all auto win it looked like :/
kirosyamcha chapter 18 . 9/16
Awhhh come on! Everyone loves Zatanna and Xander way over reacted and just acting angsty
kirosyamcha chapter 16 . 9/15
Having them pre themselves was a little over dramatic :/
kirosyamcha chapter 15 . 9/15
Being a little corny with titles and names :/
kirosyamcha chapter 1 . 9/14
Hahaha dusted angel then spike at the end laughed my ass of at that. Oh shit! :)
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