Reviews for A Spark of Genius
LoveLifeForever chapter 23 . 9/12
While I regularly enjoy your writing, I felt this chapter was incredibly - indeed unnecessarily - over dramatic. You have tended to be relatively realistic. Xander getting his butt kicked by Dracula until his upgrades kicked in was really well done. This chapter just took a dump on your standards.

Pretty much every problem could have been solved with Xander's portal tech. The artillery, the helicopter, all of it.

You didn't even come up with a plot device to temporarily disable portals. Not a single threat should have ever crossed the border.

I really hope the character development is spectacular.
SixFtWookie chapter 45 . 9/11
I love returning to this story periodically, and I do so wish you would to. One of my favorite crossovers on
Rune Tobor chapter 45 . 8/10
An end can be near...

Chapter 46: Thangarians, the new dodos, Xander xtermiates the bird brains.

Chapter 47: Wedding and Epilogue, really just a teaser for the rest of the series.

You're so close to an ending point, please update.

Thanks for writing and sharing, I'm a depressive and you made me laugh!

Rune Tobor chapter 43 . 8/10
Dr. Fate needs to be sent to HELL!


Just coat the helmet in Nth metal...

Sensory deprivation ... Can a lord of order go crazy?
Rune Tobor chapter 42 . 8/10

It is another name for OPPRESSIVE TYRANNY!

Order and Chaos are like day and night, both are needed.

Xander needs to SLAM the magic fools HARD!

And I'm not sure Talia can be redeemed, Ra's is a murderer who needs to die. Assassinate the assassins!
Rune Tobor chapter 41 . 8/10

In other stories Xander is paired with Diana, I like your Artemis too!

The Amazons are sadly out of date with the modern world.
Reduced to comic relief, how sad...
Rune Tobor chapter 40 . 8/9
Yes turning Cancer into a killing machine would be bad... Also unfunny!

However in a sick city like Gotham, sometimes the cancer cell cannot be cured and need to die for the rest to live.


Its the new code,

The endless recycling of evil idiots is boring...
Rune Tobor chapter 39 . 8/9
Doomsday vs demons!

A truly inspired use of one of DC Comics mistakes!

I found out the reason behind the death of Superman was copyright law.
DC "killed" Clark, waited a few months, then took out a NEW COPYRIGHT.

There should be a RULE against all powerful, unkillable, creatures in comics.

I blame Lazy Writers.

Reusing villains over and over and over again gets boring...
Rune Tobor chapter 38 . 8/9
Catfight in the future?
Selina vs Talia?

The pranks were very good.

I especially like that Led was infected with nano clanks!
Led Luthor is one of the worst evils of DC.
He corrupted the Justice system enough he was never punished.
The authors should have had him die.
One of his plans could have killed him, laboratory accident!
Rune Tobor chapter 37 . 8/9
So the HELL INVASION ARC has ended.
This chapter could have been a summary epilogue.

But thanks for not stopping here.

Pretty Please...
Write the rest of the story.
GeorgeTobor chapter 30 . 8/7
Never ever bother replying to one of my reviews.
Just please write and post another chapter.

As nice as a reply is, another chapter is better!
GeorgeTobor chapter 28 . 8/7
Celina robbing Ra's all Ghul of everything!

I love it!

Thanks for writing and sharing with us.
GeorgeTobor chapter 27 . 8/7
Reviews are random.
Some chapters you will get more than others.
Some good stories are also very under reviewed.
I have no idea why.

Flamers should be extinguished!

With liquid nitrogen!

Or just ignored...
GeorgeTobor chapter 23 . 8/6
Chapter length does not matter much, but I recommend at least one thousand words.

If on you computer screen you can see the beginning AND end of the chapter then it is very very very short, maybe too short.

On the other hand at this point I'd accept a single sentence.
"I'm alive and working on the story."
GeorgeTobor chapter 22 . 8/6
There are several places you can end a story.

Let's take Harry Potter as an example.
Book One tells a complete children's story.

Quite a few fanfics stop at then end of year four.
Harry kills Tom right after he gets a body back.

Another possible end point is the battle at the ministry.
Tom is killed in book five in other fanfictions.

The battle of Hogwarts is an ending, it would have been OK.

The crapilouge, sorry, epilogue, is the end Jo gave us.
I'd like her to take it back, I want a refund!

Stories can have many endings, just please complete the last posted story arc.
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