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OrionGold chapter 6 . 10/26/2015
When are you going to update this story again?
Hi welcome to Denny's chapter 6 . 8/22/2011
Hahaha. I gotta say, this is pretty entertaining. I loved Roku getting flattened by a pancake. That kids got some co-dependancy issues. Anyway, This story inspired me to write a Sue-story. So, thanks. XD
Raberba girl chapter 6 . 8/12/2011
"Her eyes didn't move from her drawing – of herself, the only one she had ever drawn of herself" In CoM, didn't she draw a picture of herself with Sora and Riku, when she was starting to insert herself into Sora's childhood memories?

"She hated lying. So very, very much." Aw, but she has to do it all the time, poor thing. :(

Terraaaaa! *glomp*

"Oh Ansem." Lol!

Heh, in some ways at least, Xion's more like Sora than Roxas is. ;

Okay, so I've never played FF6, but Imma take a wild guess and say Mr. Crazy Clown is...Kefka?

Hahahaaaa, for some reason I think it is hilarious that Etsuko beat Agailia's bosses for her!

Cloudy! Oh, help! XD XD XD

Gah! My eyes! Noooo! *headdesk* Oh well, at least it was Aden and Roku, and not their poor desecrated originals... Though Roku's Bella Swan thoughts are making me laugh.

I think you're doing pretty well with Aerith; she's basically very perceptive and Really Nice with a mild mischievous streak, though that last bit doesn't really show up in KH.
Raberba girl chapter 5 . 8/11/2011
Lol, "Kingdom Hearts wouldn't implode if it didn't get its daily dose of hearts, no matter what Xemnas tried to tell her and Roxas."

And Xemnas's unreadable expression. Heh, he's the only one who actually acts like a Nobody is supposed to. *sweatdrop*

Depending on how much the Epic Mickey stuff shows up later on, I'd recommend re-categorizing this as a crossover, so that it's not so confusing for people (like me ;) who don't know anything about EM; but if this is as far as it goes, it should be fine.

XD "Xaldin, for example, called them target practice."

Squeeing so hard over you getting Demmy and Zexy to collab on a CD with them still being in-character... XD XD XD

Yay for crossovers!
Raberba girl chapter 4 . 8/11/2011
Poor OOC Cloud and Leon were sooooooooooooooooo funny! XD

And I love the bit about Marluxia offering to quit making gay jokes about Axel. :p And Marly's hair still looking perfect even after mucking around in a greenhouse.

"That was the second most awkward moment he had ever had in his life." (What was the most awkward...?)

I love KH2!Leon, but Cloud annoys me so much in the KHverse... *sigh* Oh well, at least Zack-puppy more than makes up for it. :3
Raberba girl chapter 3 . 8/11/2011
Aha! Yes, that is a perfect explanation for Aerith's Sue immunity. _

"She decided to keep moving, rather than stay here and wallow in sadness, unlike some blond males she knew." XD Oh Cloudo...

WHOA! Wait! The rabbit thing doesn't have anything to do with Epic Mickey, does it? :O (I barely know anything about Epic Mickey, but that would still be cool.)

Wait, King _Riku_?

Ooohhhhh, the rabbits are PLOT BUNNIES? Brilliant! :D
Raberba girl chapter 2 . 8/10/2011
I've never really been a fan of Xion, but now that they've introduced her, I want to see more of her. I especially crave her to be running around KH3 in a purple version of Kairi's KH2 outfit.

Lol, "You are a lot like Sora."

"He didn't know he loved depressing, soulful poetry until he met him." Bless your emo little heart, Cloud; I think you've found your soul mate. DX

My problem with Xion is that she's kind of whiny...I mean, I do feel sorry for her, because her backstory and her fate suck, but she spends the entire game moping around and kind of leeching off Roxas and Axel's friendship without doing a lot to contribute. Amano does a better job with her in the manga, but there still wasn't anything about her character that captured me...though I can actually say that for all the KH girls except Larxene, who's too nasty for me to truly enjoy; the boys are far more interesting. *sweatdrop* I will say that, physically, Xion is ADORABLE (yay fanart!), and I like shipping her with Roxas...their relationship was much better developed in canon than RokuNami, which makes it a shame that Roxas and Namine are apparently meant to be together. *shrug* Though I wouldn't mind seeing Xion end up with Riku, either. That boy seriously needs a girlfriend.

And so does Axel! I'd toss him to Aqua, except that I'm saving her for Terra, and GAH KINGDOM HEARTS NEEDS MORE GIRLS.

I think that Aerith can recognize the Sues because she's the Final Fantasy version of a Princess of Heart. The only reason she couldn't be an actual PoH is because she's not Disney. :(
Thaumaturgic Adversary chapter 6 . 8/9/2011
I loved this chapter! A couple of questions were answered, and I hope Xion has luck in her quest to destroy the Sues. Oh, and please spare Aerith from this madness! She's too sweet a girl to handle this. Poor Teef.

Love the Kefka reference as well. But... how do you contain an omnipotent god in a place called Sunshine Happy Nice Meadows?
Raberba girl chapter 1 . 8/8/2011
"Cloud . . . was too busy trying to find and defeat his inner darkness to be of much help" Stupid Cloud, he always did annoy me in the KHverse...selfish emo hottie. I'm hoping KH3 is more kind to him. He was kind of hilarious in CoM.

"his favorite place in the universe" Aw...that is super-cute for some reason. .

LOL at poor Leon meeting his Sue lovechild! XD

"but something about her calmed him down and even made him respond with a smile." No! Noooooo, Leon, don't fall under her Suey spell! D:

"a little brunet boy walking together with two little girls, sharing a bag of candy" Think, , think...Squall/Rinoa/Quistis?

"However, the town as it was didn't deserve to be called Radiant Garden...not yet. One day it would, but that day wasn't today." Aw, I really like that line. You're making Leon adorable.

"Roxas and Axel reappeared next to Xion" So does this fic take place before "Walls," or are they AUs of each other?

"Xion, I didn't kill her. I merely turned her into nothing." THE VOOOOOID...KINGDOM HEEEEEAAAARTS *drool*... Lol, Infamousplot and I were talking about how Xemnas's character can be summed up in a single phrase: Kingdom Hearts fanboy. XD

"Which was not Axel. Axel's not a smart person." Lol, I beg to differ...he can be a total jerk, but pretty clever; unless Xion is just very understandably ticked at him for abandoning her when she needed comfort. :p Axel and Roxas can be such BOYS sometimes.

"My current theory is that the Sue's charm only works on people with hearts, save for the Princesses of Heart." OHHHH! That makes perfect sense, I like that!
Sora Tayuya chapter 6 . 8/7/2011
Aw, poor Xion...glad that she didn't totally hate Namine after that, but still...a bit random, but oh well, sometimes it happens. It sounds alright enough by me to keep on going however, so that is good.

Aww! Poor Aerith. She is great, and so strong, to be able to hold out against the of the overwhelming power of the Sues. Stay strong girl~

*Blinks several times*


Sora Tayuya chapter 5 . 7/29/2011
1. Yay a new chapter.


3. Awesome story about Xion...but how the heck did Namine do that!

4. Ha, Xigbar and Demyx's Dancer Nobodies...haha.

5. HA! Zex writes great Freakin' lyrics. That was awesome~

I really liked this chapter, and not just because it had Oswald in it. No, it was also because I was just thinking about this story about...oh, maybe 2-3 weeks ago? and there suddenly was a chapter. Huzzah for my mental abilities~ And thanks for the update.
Thaumaturgic Adversary chapter 5 . 7/29/2011
Yay! You updated! I hope you keep continuing this, because I promise I will keep reading.
ThaumaturgicAdversary chapter 4 . 1/4/2011
Really good chapter. It sucks that only Aerith and Xion are the only ones that know about the full wrath of the Sues. And now Aerith's out of the Committee! I really want to seize the Sues & Leon and throttle them. :(
Sora Tayuya chapter 4 . 1/3/2011
OH GODS CLOUD...*shakes head sadly at Cloud's (fail) belief that he actually "scored" with an awesome scientist, Lexaeus* Poor Lexy...

*severely face-palms upon reading the line FOLLOWING the line above.* Oh poor, poor Leon...and a sorely misguided Cloud...

Oh gods...this is hilarious! hahahahahahaahahahahahahaha!

Oh no...serious chiz that Aerith notices...Yuffie being...sadistic? It can't be Yuffie. She is fun, not mean...but, she has been hanging out with Xigbar, Xaldin, and Larxene's Sues...

Thank the gods Cid got out. Even if he doesn't know his good fortune, hahaha! And of course, Merlin is just so awesomely talented.

Wow. I can see Tension doing this.

Oh gods...the serious is the form of...Leon kicking Aerith out of the Committee? Oh gods...

Ah, high-stakes poker and the offer to possible stop with the gay jokes. I can see how exciting these prospects are!

Knowing Freakin' Marly (my lovely nickname for the man) his care could stay perfect in a HURRICANE.

Yep, it is indeed Freakin' Marly all-right. He wants Axel to give Roxas MORE trauma than what the poor boy already had...and Axel doesn't even know about the Alternate Universe...AND, Roxas is going thru MORE trauma (angst-y little chibi, isn't he?) discovering that his "heart" belongs to a sweet boy named Ventus, who lost his heart 10 years ago and is the "true" Keyblade Master.

Lovely, hahahahahaaha! Can't wait to see how Axel reacts to Marly's idea.

Jail. "Too Pretty" for jail. He DOES know that he totally sounds like one of those celebrity chicks who are constantly being thrown in jail, right? Oh gods, it is hysterical...

I think that Axel should torch the garden. Just because he likes burning things, and this is going SO far past personal insult at this point.

Well, I'm really geared and excited for this and "Walls" to be updated now. Hehehe...Sue is scary...oh...
Sora Tayuya chapter 3 . 1/3/2011
Cool! I think this is the first fic I have read that references The Wasteland of Epic Mickey to be an actual Disney World. ...unfortunately, it probably won't come up much in other fics because of how different the characters are (like Horace and Clarabelle being "forgotten") and the plot is too different. (But, the fact that you have to have a heart to leave the Wasteland could be used with Kingdom Hearts in some way...). Epic Mickey is a PHENOMENAL game by the way; all the reviews online are lame because "professional" gamerz cannot get to cheat sites because the game is so unique in its style of 'self-made plot'. hehehehe.

Hm...well, I would believe the Sues are evil...if they were gonna use the Restoration Committee to exact revenge upon the Org. But...if they really are fangirls and the like, they would just have to...ooh...lock them all up and torture them again. heheheehehehehe...well, I like the sound of that. That sounds funny.

Aerith being an Ancient is AWESOME.

I am a Xion supporter (my first KH game was 358/2 Days, a month after it got released in '09 actually XD), and I DO like Vivi.

AHH! Thank you, thank you! You also think that Vivi looks like a freakin' heartless! When I first saw him in KH2, I said "oh freakin- is that a Heartless or what?" especially with how weird possessed!Vivi was...

0.0 NO FREAKIN: WAY! AWESOME, so you are going to have that Melle probably got stuck in the Wasteland? Awww...that is sad, but also, if Xion goes in
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