Reviews for Twilight Zim
Guest chapter 12 . 8/1/2014
This story was sooooo much better than the original Twilight book! I love the writing style and all your other stories. Also are you going to continue to New Moon Dwicky and the other books? It would be badass if you do and I'll be sooo happy! Good luck with your other stories.
Agafa Shelly chapter 1 . 6/11/2013
Since this is a twilight parody.I guess the water doesn't bother Zim XD.
Larka chapter 12 . 11/25/2012
Pleeeease do the sequel? D:
SuicidalGummyBear-X3 chapter 12 . 10/30/2012
angela.dickson.18 chapter 12 . 10/18/2012
I felt like i was in Dib's shoes and i felt have odd and weird as well because i'm exactly a girl but i felt each and everything from the beginning to the end of this story and i love it and it's very genius people put there who very a mind watching movie and TV shows that's very genius now.
angela.dickson.18 chapter 1 . 10/7/2012
i love this story have good and genius person and i love twilight as well and i love Invader ZIM as well too my favorite show ever man.
Annaley chapter 1 . 8/6/2012
what about new moon zim, eclipse zim, and breaking dawn (doom, hint for a ending book title)?
Munelyte chapter 12 . 6/8/2012
Are you actually thinking about writing the next part of Twilight Zim? Because that would be awesome if you did
vodkaCanidae chapter 12 . 4/5/2012
Yay epic cheesiness! Thanks for writing this, it was really fun to read
vodkaCanidae chapter 8 . 4/5/2012
And it's official! Woot yeah :D I love this fic!
vodkaCanidae chapter 7 . 4/4/2012
That was so sweet! Oh gawd the cheese. It's killing me. It's too epic. Love this!
vodkaCanidae chapter 6 . 4/4/2012
This chapter was awesome!
vodkaCanidae chapter 4 . 4/4/2012
Jealous Zim is adorable. Jealous Zim in denial is even better. I can't stop loving this fic!
vodkaCanidae chapter 3 . 4/4/2012
Aww man...! This is adorable! The cheese! I love the cheese!
vodkaCanidae chapter 2 . 4/4/2012
Ohh yes. This is so much more appealing than the actual twilight series. You did a wonderful job.
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