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Katarena chapter 101 . 9/2
Deliberately causing damage to a power plant and gyms isn't exactly a small thing! Come to think of it, the power plant incident was actually very dangerous - and I don't mean to Alaska. What if there had been accidents, or people hurt, because power had gone off? Had Alaska even thought of that?

Sandy had a really good point. Alaska is focusing a lot on herself, not her team. She hasn't actually trained them properly or seriously. The only time she has is when she's got a gym badge to win. (Ever watched the Indigo series? Ash seriously neglected his training when it came to the League, and it came back to bite him.)

Well, that can't be good. Chansey are always nice and friendly. A frowning one must be very unusual.

And things were going so well - as well as they could for Alaska, anyway. She WAS responsible for Darwin's care.

Janine coming onto the scene is either going to be really good or really bad for Alaska.
Guest chapter 100 . 6/19
Congrats on the 100th chapter.
I have reading this from very beginning.
It has been nearly 5 years since i started reading this story
MountainLord-92 chapter 100 . 6/19
Never liked Clair in the games, nice to see she is even less likeable here.

Have you uploaded Kris' battle anywhere, because it feels as though I should know what happened, and yet I don't. There's clearly a lot that's happened to Kris since Kris vs Gold, leaving me slightly confused. This is partially my fault, I haven't read Galactic yet... I probably should do that.

It is nice to see Chloe being given some depth at last. She may have a more privileged background than Alaska but hers was no less difficult it would seem.
Katarena chapter 100 . 6/16
First of all, congratulations on 100 chapters!

Clare is...well, she's spiteful and petty, isn't she? And then she gets her smugness thrown right back in her face.

I thought a certain unfriendly ghost was behind the crystal's theft. I don't know who Spike is (yet), but he seems quite the character. I have a feeling Kris' days as the Champion are numbered, and that it'll be a relief for her when it's over.

Uh-oh - the Indigo Dreamers are at Fuchsia as well. This could get interesting.

Amanda doesn't know what's happened to Buzz, does she? You've actually got me feeling sorry for her. Buzz wouldn't hesitate to throw her aside if (or perhaps when) it suits him.

Chloe gets some deeper characterisation. THANK YOU. That was long overdue. It seemed to me that she only existed to be a shallow, bitchy character that Alaska looked down on and trampled on (the way Chloe treated Alaska was exactly the same way that Alaska treated her). But she's getting some good development.

This was a good chapter!
Katarena chapter 99 . 5/11
In this blog entry, Alaska shows how far she's come and how she's changed as a character...and then the last paragraph shows she is still very much who she has always been.
Katarena chapter 98 . 5/2
Oh, that was genius! Alaska never technically released Darwin, so he was still her Pokemon. That was a nice touch!

Hopefully this time things will be better between them.

Everybody seems to be hoping Alaska will save the world just because she stopped the bad guys one time. They were putting serious expectations on her just from the museum incident.
Guest chapter 25 . 4/22
Damian and Lochy seem like nice peeps.
MountainLord-92 chapter 98 . 4/22
Don't understand Jack at all, why would some random guy hate somebody he's never met enough to happily go out and murder her family (or nearest equivalent) just to prove a point. I'd have understood it if he was mercenary hired by one of the antagonists to harry her, but this? Nah, I don't buy it.

I did enjoy the battle, they are always done well, and it was nice to see Alaska developing further as a character. The simply returning of Darwin to his pokeball was quite clever, if it does make the whole battle a little pointless, hey i'm not complaining, you've gotta love a good battle.

Overall, good chapter, looking forward to the fuschia arc
GarionRiva chapter 98 . 4/20
Can you post or PM Alaska's pokemon list. I really want to know, thank you.
MountainLord-92 chapter 97 . 3/16
"Most of our colleagues just chase of Snorlax and go and get tea." Ok that killed me.

Nice to see some exploration into possible motives for Sabrina's actions, seems I'm not the only one who thinks her explosive anger was a little odd, to put it mildly.

You know I had this strange feeling that Darwin would be back. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part, but I had this feeling, given that they are near where he disappeared and would have settled, and it could be an opportunity to show how Alaska has grown as a person to have her finally bring under control her unruly fighting type.

I wonder what Jack's deal is, why has he got Darwin? Can't wait to find out.
Katarena chapter 97 . 3/15 I didn't see that coming.
Katarena chapter 96 . 2/24
I think Alaska needs Sandy around her. Sandy keeps her grounded in a way, doesn't she?

Wow, Looker doesn't mince words, does he? But I'd hardly call what Sandy said whining.
Katarena chapter 95 . 12/30/2014
I really like Alistair Melton. He's a pretty good character. I love the way he's so concerned for his son - but then, he's got a good reason to be, hasn't he?

Amelia's pretty awesome as well.

Alaska's going to take control...and I have a nasty feeling people aren't going to like what happens.

And now for the nitpicking. Did you mean 'scared of the unknown' and 'settled into her brain'?
Katarena chapter 94 . 11/24/2014
The Least Sexy Chapter ...well, that’s quite an interesting title.

Evelyn has a point: she IS spending money feeding, housing and protecting Alaska. And Alaska isn’t even grateful. Come to think of it, she does have a VERY good reason to be angry.

Sandy’s right. That is absolutely messed up. If anyone needs a kick in the face, it’s the League.

You made a slight mistake: “They are grooming you” is four words, not five.

I feel sorry for Damian, Lachlan and Chloe. They’re pawns in this situation as well.

I’ve noticed something rather interesting. From what I’ve seen, none of the Champions are living a happy life. Red and Kris are miserable and angry, and Steven outright said the life of a Champion isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. And this is Alaska’s potential future, what she’s aspiring to be. This seems to be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’ – was that what you intended?
Species Unknown chapter 94 . 11/24/2014
The Kanto League are a bunch of idiots. Frankly, I wanna see Alaska kick one of them in the crotch for not seeing the danger for what it is.
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