Reviews for Ignis Fatuus
NorthernShinigami chapter 1 . 3/1
This was a beautifully written nightmare-fuel. To wake up one day and realize your nice comfy life is just a dream and that you're still in the middle of a burning warzone (or something) and you're friend's a bloody mess and missing an eye.
levysbookshelf chapter 1 . 3/20/2015
Omg! That was so dark but so creative!
ClearMortality chapter 1 . 8/12/2014
Oh oh wow. Okay, it may just be my ardent need to read more, but no way is this complete :( You left at such a cliffhanger! You are pure evil Dx Okay, well, no you're not evil, but omg, you just inadvertently broke my heart by declaring this complete without even giving an epilogue of sorts to what happens next. Maybe you'll write? Maybe? In the near future? :)))

Anyway, I really adore this one-shot. First and foremost, your plot. My gosh, this plot is giving me goosebumps. So, everything that happened was all a dream? Genius! You have successfully blown my mind away. Second, the length of this one-shot is just so praise worthy that no words can describe how happy I am that authors like you have such amazingly lengthy stories. Third, the emotions. THE EMOTIONS. You got me fangirling and holding my breath and squealing and crying in a span of a few minutes. Like seriously, I love you for writing this.

Creepy as this may sound, I'm going through your Tsubasa fics and from what I've read so far, I can definitely say that you're one of the authors whose stories I wouldn't mind waiting on for months.

Keep on writing! :)
xEmeraldStarx chapter 1 . 7/17/2011
to be honest im not sure what to say about this, my mind is still thinking over it all and processing but this was...a previous comment said something like it felt like "Inception" and i have to agree, very well written, i loved it.
Irene Gerke chapter 1 . 11/3/2010
My mind is still sorting through the context of the story while my emotions are roiling in a heightened state of chaotic complexity.

There are so many ways to describe the experience of reading this story, but, they all come off as tawdry in comparison to this work.

Humbling. You have incited my emotional reactions and induced corresponding physical.

I have not seen Jacob's Ladder, but, I know the basic outline of the story... I'm sorry I want to give you a review that fully expresses my appreciation for this story and your skills as a writer, but, my own words are failing me.

I am left repeating, I am humbled.

All that aside, a question to satisfy my curiosity The Dark Crystal almost ruined your childhood, why?
Queerapika chapter 1 . 11/2/2010
Do you know what I did right after downloading this story? I deleted the document and started looking for the unedited version on life journal, thinking I was old enough to read it. Foolish me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am old enough but I really should have known what this story might do to me.

The fact that I’ve been listening to too much helplessly romantic Ingrid Michaelson songs lately didn’t help either.

So try ro imagine me, a 22 year old geeky fangirl with her tiny netbook, sitting in a lecture of Communication Science, following your story, not the Professor’s words. Then I started reading. First, this story gave ma a Matrix-like feeling, and then as more and more of the scenes turned out to be a dream, I knew what happened. I mean, the reader never knew when a dream would begin, and every dream seamed so real. Then I remembered this gorgeous Stargate-episode where one of the main charakters was living in two different worlds, unable to tell which reality was the fake one. In this episode Daniel Jackson said that if both worlds seem equally real, they’re probably both fake.

So I knew. So I felt what would happen but my foolish, helplessly romantic heart was hoping that I’d be wrong.

Stephen King once wrote that an author has to use his writing skills as often as possible and he called it ’keeping the tools sharp’. Well, you took your damn sharp evil-plotting knife and pierced it right through my poor little heart. When you were through with me I was sitting in the auditorium, unable to feel anything but sadness. Your story is a Dementor, draining all happiness out of my body and leaving me with nothing but the desperate need for chocolate and a high dose of Ingrid Michaelson to be cured. Oh, you killed me with your words but it was my own fault. I let you do this to me and yes, I will let you do this to me again.

This is so gorgeous; reading it just once would be a waste. Not to mention how you used the element of erotic horror. You raised the “have sex and you’ll die”-theme of the B-movies to a whole new level, the “be foolish enough to make love and your soulmate will probably kill you or die painfully”-theme.

I know, I’m praissing you but do you know what? I didn’t even get the whole angsty beauty of this baby; I’ve been reading it without a dictionary near and although I have a quite big english vocab there were a lot words I missed. Next time, I’ll read it with a dictionary. And a whole lot of plain chocolate near.
TrueDespair chapter 1 . 10/31/2010
Dang! That was freaky; not so much scary. (But I'll have to read the un-edited gore you 'oh so' mentioned before the story XD). It felt like 'Inception' but it's not. XD I almost expected torture (of some degree) and some cruelty (again ta some degree) but I loved the suspense and the end of the story. I was thrown off but in a good way~! _