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Phoenixir chapter 33 . 7/11/2017
I have multiple problems with this fic. The first is that this is mostly tell and not show. Could have used flashbacks. The 2 years in Sha-Ni especially. The second is how Akane goes from a supportive friend who just happened to be a fiancee to someone who focused on their relationship and was blinded by the rage at the current situation. You made it pretty obvious that they weren't going to pursue each other that way and part as friends. So why add in that element when it would have been better to have her accept it after a long talk and solidify the Ranma and Akane friendship? Your characterization of Akane was too inconsistent and served only a tool for the other characters. Now about Ranma's male side. Why didn't he discover an alternate energy? I know that ki is essential to martial arts but surely there are other internal energies that can flow through those damaged pathways and someone as dedicated to the Art as Ranma would not assuredly search for those alternates. There likely should have been a type of Art that only his male side could learn too. With All that, in addition to the flaws your A/N pointed out, this was a subpar fic. It's a good thing that you scrapped it.
Prince Chrom chapter 34 . 4/4/2017
Could I have a link to the previous mentioned The Travellers story as I am unable to find it on this site?
silverhawk88 chapter 17 . 1/19/2017
Or not...

This was a nice start. And you're right this would be a massive undertaking, I would have loved to see where this story would have gone.

Quick thought have you ever seen if someone else would continue this story where you left it?

Thank you for what you do have of this. Would of been a great read and a even bigger hit.
Guest chapter 33 . 11/28/2016
Should have hit him with her wet hair.
Calling her weak. Feh!
Guest chapter 6 . 11/27/2016
This one really deserves the monniker crap.
Fowl, spare, etc.
There are far too many typo's in here.
JustWriter2 chapter 35 . 6/21/2016
Huh. I've seen your SetsunaRanma sword wish storyline as well as the one where Ranma ends up being Usagi's mother. I've also read several where Ranma is a genuine Sailor reincarnation. And now I see your Beryl version where Ranma goes much more psychotic than he should in a seemingly small space of time, so no wonder you scrapped it. (shrugs) Anyway, I haven't seen any where Ranma is a genuinely interesting dude incarnation in the Silver Millennium.

Also, the Prince of Earth, Endymion or whatever his name is walking out on a promise to marry Beryl to unite the kingdoms of Earth because he FELT like it always rubbed me the wrong way. His reincarnation Mamoru Chiba was worse, insulting the girl he claims to love on a regular basis as a way to show his affection!? (rolls eyes) You have GOT to be kidding me.

Soooo, I wondered... if Endymion walked out on an agreement to unite a kingdom for the Moon Princess and that caused her mother some trouble with Queen Beryl, what if said Moon Princess had done the EXACT SAME THING because of a crush on the Earth Prince and pissed off her betrothed as well? (laughs maniacally) What if Ranma's incarnation had been the future King of the planet Ceres (a real dwarf planet discovered in 1801 by a guy named Piazzi who thought it was a planet, check NASA's website for details on the water ice) and was set to marry the Moon Princess? Then, when the offer was rescinded, Ranma's incarnation felt it a stain on his family's and his planet's honor, so Queen Serenity was forced to fight two wars on two fronts, the outer senshi against Ceres (which would explain the huge debris field known as today's inner asteroid belt where the dwarf planet Ceres resides) and the inner senshi against Queen Beryl's forces.

Current Ranma, I don't know what the reincarnation plot would be to be honest, but I can easily come up with cliché plots for him to regain his Silver Millennium memories, that is even if I even want such a thing to occur (like Ranma meets a weird old dude who has incense burning and the man offers him some kind of remedy for perfect recall or some such typical contrived nonsense).

Anyway, it'd be even more hilarious if Ranma DIDN'T remember his past life and Usagi remembered him and the chaos and carnage and destruction that her broken promise in the past had caused her kingdom. In a show of either brilliance or stupidity, Usagi chooses to make amends by insisting that she get engaged and married to the him of now. Now add the hilarity of the fact that Usagi broke up with Endymion's reincarnation just awhile ago and he thinks that she did so because of Ranma... (laughs gleefully)

This would be a good story, right? I know that I am missing a few key pieces of the story, but I know that this is the start of a good plot that I haven't seen done before.

Best wishes for you having fun writing whatever your heart desires,
JustWriter2 chapter 21 . 6/20/2016
This could easily be an InuYasha crossover as well. What would Ranma do though? He's not Kagome, so getting sent to the past via the well wouldn't even make sense, no matter how cliché it is. If I WERE to enjoy a Ranma 1/2 crossover, I wouldn't have Ranma be at all able to traverse time through the well. I'd also not have him meet any modern demons masquerading as humans. The InuYasha from the past, I'll abide, as he's been through the well before. Also, NO new fiancées, as that's overused even by the original author.

Maybe it could be a story where he gets friends, who for the first time ever, can't be manipulated or even affected by elements from his crazy life. The friends would be Kagome and InuYasha, maybe even Souta. Ranma might even think that he can get a valuable offensive or defensive move from Kagome's grandfather, only for it to spectacularly fail when NOTHING happens.

The only endgame for this idea though would be if, as a punchline to end the story, Kagome is either accepted as a student to Furinkan High School out of all the high schools that she’s applied to and Ranma has to unwillingly introduce her into his life of chaos or overglorified drama, but they somehow manage to keep their friendship, OR it's announced that she's his fiancée and there’s one horrified shared moment before you write "The End".

I suppose the overall tone that I would be hoping for would be true friendship with humorous situations.

What do you think?
Meshgeroya chapter 32 . 1/10/2016
I really enjoy your writing and you're probably my favourite author on Fanfiction. I'd love to see a little more come from this chapter, 33. Even if it's a one shot or just 2 or 3 chapters, i loved this little alternate Ranma-verse experience and if you ever have time to write more of it i would love to read it.
Balthanon chapter 30 . 12/30/2015
So one other potential solution as a mini-Omake:

Well, at least I've saved the Phoenix people, Ranma thought, it was a big sacrifice but it had to be done. And I can still see my family at least. The last thought was prompted by the Tendos walking through her door, ending with Nabiki.

A chorus of "Ranma!" rang out and the mercenary Tendo appraised her future brother-in-law. "Nice look, Ranma, I take it that worked?"


Sidling up to the transformed Phoenix, Nabiki grinned and whispered, "Good job. How'd you get them to give you super Phoenix powers?"


"You know- instead of having all the Phoenix take a quick dip in the Spring of Drowned Girl or Boy?"

"Have the... GOD DAMNIT!"


Probably easy to write around, but as it is if Ranma gained the drain as a Phoenix, the Phoenix would presumably lose it with their own Jusenkyo curse. :)
Dirminxia chapter 29 . 12/30/2015
This was written beautifully, and I honestly wish there was more. I really do. I don't think I have read anything this good in a very long time.
Balthanon chapter 9 . 12/29/2015
Hmm... not exactly where I was expecting this one to go- I was thinking something more standard with Ranma (and possibly Nabiki along with her) being pulled to Warcraft more or less permanently until they found a way home. The idea of Ranma as a summons for a warlock could be quite a bit more amusing though. I assume that she wouldn't have an option on removing the cursed bodice when she gets back to Nerima and would need to do something like convince her power hungry summoner to take it off and lose her glitched super-Succubus. :)
Balthanon chapter 3 . 12/29/2015
Another interesting concept- kind of reminds me of one that I had which was going to be the Sailor Moon series using a more standard reincarnation model down through the ages before the Dark Moon kingdom finally broke out again. Basically have a random selection of Senshi be re-incarnated into a variety of different series- Naruto, Ranma (just before their final incarnation in SM), and others. Maybe have that throw off the ages and such in the main series as well, so you have some of the scouts older than others because they prolonged their lives beyond when they were supposed to perish. Thought Sailor Pluto could be quite a fun antagonist for most of the series as she keeps trying to put the Senshi back to sleep again. :)
Balthanon chapter 27 . 12/29/2015
Shame that this one isn't active any longer- I've seen the concept a couple of times, but this is definitely one of the better examples of a "Nodoka Takes Ranma on the Training Journey" fic. I'm interested in what you put in as the reasoning for the Ayumi still being around- I'm assuming something along the lines of Genma being there to save her from an accident/attack or maybe spur Soun into a journey to find a cure for whatever disease she died from originally.

I enjoyed the version of Nodoka that you have here and would love to see any other scene fragments if you had them written, even if they aren't in order.
Prince Chrom chapter 33 . 12/13/2015
Has this been continued by anyone and if so could you send me a link to it.
SixPerfections chapter 36 . 12/5/2015
Three years olds :).


Though you may think of this as crapspace, it was actually very exciting for me to read. Nothing inherently wrong with a nice SW cross I don't think. Certainly would be popular.

Look forward to your work, even your crapspace stuff is better than 80% of the garbage out there. Well done.
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