Reviews for A Different Halloween
buttons1721 chapter 20 . 9/19
This is one of the best and unique "what could have been" stories that I've ever read! Love it so much!
Colin Gascoyne chapter 19 . 9/12
I thoroughly enjoyed this story thank you.
articdranzer chapter 11 . 9/2
I have read this story quite a few times and the "Awesome Godfather" but still gets me.
gwb620 chapter 20 . 8/18
Fantastic story from start to finish! Well done!
SpockST chapter 20 . 8/8
I really enjoyed this story. It would be wonderful if you could continue it further.
keht.jelicho chapter 14 . 7/29
sooooo... will you have MTV show up as a mirror vision program? MTV Europe started broadcasting and was available from August first, 1987 (actually, the original, American, release was in 1981 on the same datethe day after Harry's birthdays).
I just think:
A) that MTV had such an impact on 80s and 90s kids and music groups that the six would have to have had some interest
B) that the concept of music videos as phenomena is striking enough to have captured the muggle world cultural consciousness, especially at that time, and that's with decades of exposure to the existence of TV. Wizarding World has no comparison to TV before these, and we're given very little examples of wizarding culture in terms of music. now show them MTV, music videos, concerts, etc. (Lockhart would definitely jump at it). Now take it a step further, what producers tried to do for 80s and 90s music videos but combined with what Magic makes Actually possible.

Dang it. now I want a HP fic where Harry is into Music videos, movies, TV and media in general. Especially when you consider that it could be a fun light-hearted/ crack fic (somehow defeat Voldemort with the power of music, or magically recreated special effects), but it could also go a darker, grittier route (Vietnam was the first war the was covered/televised live and that had a huge impactimagine the Wizarding world getting access to mirror TV and then given access to see just what is actually happening as the sheep are forces to open their eyes at what the reality of Voldemort's rule would actually mean) not to mention what new and broader world aspects could become plot relevant with it (ICW, or foreign nation, aidpossibly even to both sides). Anyways none of the above is within my ability to write in any more concise of a manner- I am good at ideas, bad at following through, my ADD means I have one overall theme of an idea, but it's made up of a bunch of inter-knotted, tangled, and fragmented threads of thoughts and tangents off of them and interweaved around them. too many possibilities and ways to take the initial thought means I cannot bring myself to settle on any onechoice anxiety or some such wording.

Basically if you/any one reading this is interested in anything I brought up, or are inspired for your own tangent from it, please run with it. (If I could write the general ideas down better than the above mess then I would have a forum or some such or writing promts/story challenges)
shizkane chapter 20 . 7/25
A fantastic story. Love how much it change that halloween all the characters lives and predispositions.
DerekB74 chapter 3 . 7/21
The goblins will be giving away free gold comment was absolute gold XD
pincho chapter 20 . 7/2
Wonderful story!
pincho chapter 18 . 7/2
Well we know who is a Hermione hatter from the comments.

Lucy Maud Montgomery chapter 1 . 6/28
That that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that

You use it so much at the start of sentences. Mow when i look at this word i feel its lost all meaning. Why do u start sentences this way. I think it may be grammatically incorrect is some way or there is something anout which isnt right. I dont know why else it would bother me so much unless it is purely becuase u use it to death.
Alwin-nl chapter 20 . 6/23
Applause. Loudly. That was wonderful!
Rebe Marauder chapter 20 . 6/14
I liked it. Although there are still questions. What happened to Draco?
Rebe Marauder chapter 19 . 6/14
How anticlimactic. I thought Dumbledore would put up more of a fight... But considering that the old man spent ten years in solitude...
Rebe Marauder chapter 18 . 6/14
I agree that the twins should have thought about the baby. Perhaps notify the little girl's parents about what would happen. Sirius is a prowler, surely he wouldn't have stopped them.
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