Reviews for Aspirations
jtbwriter chapter 6 . 11/6/2010
Wow. That's what this story does-reduce me to one word. To feel the ominous tone creep more and more into the fantasies-to see the effect on Leslie and Christian...then to have Christian face his feelings? Thank you for quite a ride of emotions-and for the promise of another trip to the "Island"!
PDXWiz chapter 6 . 11/6/2010
Cool, I can't believe Amalia and Kristina are into this, especially Kristina! Neat-o-riffic!

He did it! What a race! And I can understand why Leslie closed her eyes...expecting the worst. Can't believe they got through the race without an accident! A-may-zeeng!

This race fantasy would have been an excellent episode. Especially now, when NASCAR is so huge, if they had been able to get about five named drivers for the race...woo-eee! Sweet day in the morning... Very well done, I could see it in my mind and the post-race stuff, too.

Cool...they did really good research on his work. And Esbjörn wants to put him to work at Premier as a journalism professor...high praise indeed!

Perfect record for creating happy customers...hahahah! Good one!

Very cool...Glory accepted her Ethel name in apologizing to Johnny... there's lots of hope for them yet... Let's see if they can click after all...

Yes, probably the first reporter Christian's ever liked! LOL And Leslie probably will enjoy this book!

Great chapter, great story! Nice shoutback to King Peter...

And what are you going to do to our beloved Christian next? It could stress Leslie out very much!

PDXWiz chapter 5 . 11/6/2010
What is she up to? Pressuring them to let Johnny win?

Good, trust your feelings, Leslie! It can prove helpful in this case...

Great interlude with the mail carrier! Sweet touch...

Heheheheheh! He came to lunched, they clicked...and nice of Roarke to be gentle about their...their reconciliation...

Oh, the Grunewalds? Could be interesting...

Most interesting...can she turn Karen around to her way of thinking?

Wow, she did...! :) And no, Christian won't have to go to Lilla Jordsö, Leslie... The supervision can all be handled by Christian from FI. After all, he adequately supervises his offices in Sundborg, and London, and Santi Arcuros without being there. The internet is a good thing! it. The family goes to race, while Louisa stays to play with Katta! Nice...

Oh ho! She doesn't like her background...and these are her brothers... VERY INTERESTING!

MacGillicuddy...related to Lucy Ricardo, no doubt. LOL

So...that's what it is all about... Well, several couples have fought so far in this story: Christian and Leslie, Christian's family, the Grunewalds, and now Glory and Johnny. Can they get patched up too?

Yes, a charity race... cool! Wonder if we'll see any names there... on to the race and the next chapter!

Harry2 chapter 6 . 11/4/2010
Well, alls well that ends well. But, I wonder just WHAT Mr. Roarke has in mind for Chrstian? I guess only time will tell.
Harry2 chapter 5 . 11/4/2010
Well, now we know the truth about Glory. I hope that the man she is in love with can do right and finish either first or second in this race.

As for Christian and his fmaily, I think that seeing what this man has gone through to prove what he has, should tell them that he will give this story the proper repsect its due.
Harry2 chapter 4 . 11/4/2010
I think that both Christian and Leslie have suffered enough over this book. THey need to talk this out and take care of the problems that it has caused them before it causes even more problems for them and the children.
PDXWiz chapter 4 . 11/3/2010
Good, honest discussion between Christian and Leslie. It's a solid core of their relationship.

Not surprised she could see both sides of the question. She is her father's daughter...adopted father's daughter, after all.

OH CRAP! An argument... :(... :(... :(... They aren't supposed to argue!

Good...Roarke will talk some sense into her... He's right, Christian will come around sooner or later. Hopefully sooner... especially after he says Leslie ran out of the house so early... Leslie is right, and so is he. Aiiii! A pox on Count Olaf forever!

Hmm, Karen also has had a fight... Oh, whoa, that's a big scandal too... I can well see why she is so scared of the big about what the Arnulfs did...

Dayum...he's upset...and he could scare the kids. Not good...

Hah! A Three Billy Goats Gruff reference! As I live and breath! Woohoo!

Hah! Zing him good, äldresyster!

Good...let it out...point it out to him, Anna-Laura...

Okay, Christian...let out a good cry...and I'm sure you miss both your mom and the triplets' mom... Go see Leslie for lunch...

Ack! Chapter break! Where's the next chapter? I need a fix, quick! ZOUNDS!

Harry2 chapter 3 . 11/1/2010
I think that this driver is trying to do the right thing, even if his girlfriend will not be satisfied with anything less that first place. As for Christian and his family, I think that they have done the right thing in requesting the articles and things that he has done. It should be very interesting to see how it works out.
Harry2 chapter 2 . 11/1/2010
This fantasy about the race is OK, but the one with the writer APPEALS to me! This is one that will clear the air on a lot of things and help put to rest many of the problems that Christians family has had on this matter!
Harry2 chapter 1 . 11/1/2010
Its good to see the family back together again, and away from the kingdom, if only for a few weeks. And I think that Christian is enjoying this as much as the rest of the family is. Now, lets see what this fantasy is all about.
PDXWiz chapter 3 . 10/31/2010
Cool, a radio dj is gonna call the race for a fantasy...mega-neat! Bet I know who... ;)

Yes, perhaps the Enstads will come. After all, auto racing is still big in Europe, even though it has slipped a bit in states behind stock car racing and Indy-style cars... (yes there are differences...)

Hahaha...checking in on Mr. Waters... check in on Dunstan...or Dunston Checks In, a film from the 90s... Probably just a coincidence, as that's the kind of word play I might indulge in, not so much you...

Cool! A green rover! :) I'd love to own one of those, sigh...

Neat dialogue among the family about the reporter...

Well, that certainly was a fascinating meeting! I cannot wait to see where you are going to go with this... Another excellent cliffhanger!

PDXWiz chapter 2 . 10/31/2010
Interesting. Winning the race and keeping the girl; sounds like a standard plot from the show's heyday. By that I don't mean you are copying, I mean it sounds like something that would have met the approval of the story editors.

Writing a book...the right people...oh, crap, about Christian's family? You've got six dozen cans o' worms you just opened here, girl!

Hehehe...little Johnny driving around the house with a the imagery! :)

Very interesting question...just why does Glory want him to win? Just for the money? And fame?

But I do want to find out what it is she is after. Hmm, maybe she wants him to quit racing so nothing happens to him? Win one, get money, then retire and live happily ever after?

Yes...the Gruenwalds... this is yet another one of those fantasies that impacts Leslie on a personal level... Well, there were a few fantasies that did hit Roarke and Tattoo personally, after all.

Interesting discussion. Grunewald has thought this out very well. As Roarke's assistant, Leslie HAS to help him get his fantasy fulfilled one way or another.

And as far as the Vikslunds are concerned, he could reach them via the Duke's son with Ingela. But that will come later... the long run...this could be beneficial for the Enstads, too: they can let their side of the story out to a truly impartial reporter. Let's see how this all turns out... But of course, Christian will not be happy, nor will the family.

HAHAH! Christian actually finds this an interesting proposition from when he first hears about it? Wooohooo that is grand!

Hahahahah! Leslie's dumbfounded!

A good reason for a journalist to interview him? WOW! Speaking of body-snatchers...ROFL!

Hahahah...funny way to end a chapter! Next, please!

PDXWiz chapter 1 . 10/31/2010
Yay! Enstads on arrival! Woo hoo!

Great horny toads! Kristina's coming? Well, that's one awesome sign. And we get to see Rudolf and Louisa's daughter. Yahoo!

And Esbjörn. Roarke will actually be interested in seeing him. Someone who essentially came back from the dead as far as the rest of the world was concerned...

That's right. The family can definitely use some down time. I hope they get it!

All over the place...the the Bungalow Area...and at the B&B. That could be helpful, as there will be less fewer family members around for each of them on occasion, in relaxing settings. Another factor for them will be the chance to interact with Leslie, Christian, and the triplets in their home, instead of how it is usually L & C & the trips going to the castle...

Did Kristina come to the island before? I don't think so, not when Christian 'married' Marina. Carl Johan and Amalia did come, IIRC, and of course Anna-Laura did. Louisa and Rudolf have been there, too. Obviously their baby hasn't... Pretty sure Esbjörn never made it down to the island, as I think it had been some time since Enstads came to FI (before World War II, I'm thinking) until Christian got that fateful website job contract with the McKnights...

Yes, body-snatchers...LOL

Great dialogue about Rudolf's over-protectiveness of Katta...and upon Roarke meeting Esbjörn...

Triplet cuteness, in the form of!

Good dialogue continues...

And an interesting cliffhanger...what is in the letter?