Reviews for Patriot's Dawn
yochan123 chapter 23 . 18h
Danzo is so fucked up
yochan123 chapter 20 . 18h
I love what he said. It’s not worth it to be Hokage
yochan123 chapter 18 . 19h
Damn you write such great action scenes
yochan123 chapter 17 . 19h
Why wojld danzo think he can assasinate gaara anyways -_- suicide mission that
yochan123 chapter 15 . 19h
Well orochimaru is not wrong
Joke’s on your hiruzen you idiot
yochan123 chapter 14 . 19h
Kiba the worthless teammate
yochan123 chapter 13 . 19h
Ahh I was thinking if they don’t make him a chuunin after this he needs to defect
yochan123 chapter 12 . 19h
They really need to teach their students better before sending them on C rank missions or out of the village. No water walking wtf?!
yochan123 chapter 11 . 19h
Bruh lmao I would never meant take a C ranked mission afterwards his track record of having it turn into A ranks olol
yochan123 chapter 10 . 20h
Good job naruto. They’re shinobi and moping around only gets them killed. If kiba wants to die then he can die. Dude was practically useless
yochan123 chapter 9 . 20h
I hate that the village blames him when if not for
Him them they would all be dead
yochan123 chapter 8 . 20h
Man where be the backups!

And for real Ino is right. Not telling naruto when it’s own damn life at jeopardy is just fucking evil
yochan123 chapter 7 . 20h
Oh jesus
yochan123 chapter 6 . 20h
Naruto really needs to learn the kage bunshin

I do like this naruto a lot. His worldview is one that keeps shinobi from becoming dead shinobi. And indeed if not for being practically nowhere to go it would have been good if he left, but he was an orphan T.T

Fucking village
yochan123 chapter 5 . 20h
That’s some actual great advice really. Too bad sasuke isn’t on the team to hear it lol

Kiba is one useless dude
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