Reviews for Trick Or Treat
Troub95 chapter 2 . 12/1/2010
This was really good and true to character. Love the Buffy reference, very funny.
juch chapter 2 . 11/8/2010
thank you for writing it:) I really enjoyed it and it was great to read some new TC fanfic after so long time. it was well written and I especially like "I promise them heaven, while you bring them back to hell." line (among others). It was entertaining from beginning to the end:) Great!

Write more please and preferably some longer TC stories - I'd love to read them;)
cherrygurl1225 chapter 2 . 11/2/2010
I can't even get my thoughts straight enough to review this chapter. It's that awesome!

Awww, Tru has a harp-shaped purse! I love that! Perfect for her costume. I like the opening scene in this chapter because it shows how she's fighting her feelings for Jack and she's not sure what to say to Jensen, so she just rambles and then drives away. Her denial of the kiss is PERFECT.

"I'm Okay…" She interrupts. "It was just a stupid, meaningless, utterly disgusting, incredibly rude and totally inappropriate kiss. But I'm Okay… I'll survive. "

Aha, yes! Because I think this contradicts everything she's actually feeling and she's totally into him in some ways! Just leaving Jensen in the dust by speeding off is very appropriate, I might add. :P

Woo-hoo! Tru/Jack confrontation and all around awesomeness at her apartment! YAY! Gahhh, I LOVE how they both saw something and FELT something when they shared that kiss. Their vision. I think that is so powerful and is an excellent demonstration of how powerful they are as opposite forces destined to be attracted to one another. Was so totally intrigued that their kiss could bring about apocalyptic visions (and a kiss like that SO WOULD!) and Tru's hesitancy to confide/confront Jack about it, so she tries to avoid it instead. These are two people who are caught in this very precarious position, balanced on the edge of right and wrong, of Fate and Destiny, of Life and Death. Yet, I sense Tru's burdened by this and her desire to want to be alone, denying her calling (to an extent, I think) as well as the heated magnetism of attraction igniting between them. Aww, he wants her to see it! Jack's such a sneaky bastard - love it! Totally seducing her and totally resonating as a real and believable moment between them.

"The unlikely warmth of his close distance disrupts her train of thoughts." - The juxtaposition of the words 'close distance' really stood out to me and made me feel the heat between them, the growing intensity of the moment. And Jack just keeps kissing her! Ahhh... "What's wrong with you? Stop doing that!" Total in-character Tru reaction. And Jack's just all-knowing and smirky about it.

OMG! She pulls him back! She wants him to leave, but she pulls him back! YES. SHE DOES SO WANT HIM. AHHH. FINALLY!

*flails* THEY HAVE SEX. (And I repeat...) THEY HAVE SEX! I love how you described the magnetism of that moment and Jack waking up to seeing Tru at the edge of the bed. No kidding it was his best night of sleep in awhile! She's wrapped in satin sheets! She so would be in this kind of situation and just sitting there, contemplating if what she did was a sin or not, somehow disrupting the universe and then totally turning it around on Jack and blaming him for seducing her! (But he did, so there!)

Even though this is supposed to be a humorous story, I love this moment of drama, where Tru and Jack both, in a sense, reveal all. Tru doesn't want to lose anything in the apocalypse and she doesn't want to lose anything or anyone she cares about, yet here she is denying the one person who loves her and understands her unconditionally. Jack telling her nothing has to change is perfect because I can totally see them keeping their relationship a secret and then having explosive, passionate moments such as this one. This whole scene is depicted so beautifully! And I can't get this out of my head:

"He approaches her gently from behind, plants kisses on her bare shoulder while touching her neck with his fingertips. She gives in to his tenderness, letting her head fall back slightly to meet his loving touch, and closing her eyes and breathing in deeply, enjoying the cool sensation and goose bumps on her silky soft skin. Then, as if awaken from a dream, she stops him by walking away from the bed."

I can't stop reading this! This intimate moment between them speaks louder than any "I love you" or any words they can possibly say to one another. Because, for that moment, they're just there and she doesn't pull away, she just lets herself get lost in him and it's a beautiful depiction of the complications of all their relationship is and could be. In this wordless moment, she DOES have feelings for him and he "marks" her bare skin with the memories of their passion.

LOVE the rewind. Wasn't expecting that! The complete denial of the love affair! YES. It's like Tru thinks that just because her day rewound she got a lucky break, but neither of them could forget that moment. I'm glad Tru could save Tyler and how the Tru/Jack relationship came to be at the end. Them walking out arm in arm is so precious! I hope by them going back to her apartment for another episode of 'Angels and Demons' it means they're gonna have more passionate sex. Hey, this fangirl's allowed to dream! ;)

Thank you for a beautiful, funny, dramatic, amazing, incredible, BELIEVABLE Tru Calling Halloween story! I can't wait to read your upcoming DH and TC fics! Love this one so much!
cherrygurl1225 chapter 1 . 11/1/2010
I cannot even begin to explain how much I love this fanfic of brilliance! So get ready for a long-ish review cuz here it comes!

OK, first of all? I loved the DJ Andre character (inspired by Andre Agassi maybehaps?) and that he's wearing a purple pimp costume. I don't know... picturing that is just hilarious! And the mixer game he has everyone play is so awesome. Great set-up!

Thank you for bringing in all characters from Season 2! I mean, all the main ones we should see anyway. I always felt like Tyler never got enough storyline in the show, but felt as though he was an integral part of the Tru/Avery/Jensen group. I enjoy them all as friends and him dressing as an alien and drinking too many vampire blood tomato juice shooters. Ahaha. "The Guinness Book of Out-of-This-World Records" - Great line!

Everyone else's costumes! Carrie as Cleopatra (I approve, great choice!) and Davis being awkwardly adorable in his Gandalf costume! He SO would be Gandalf! WIN. Also, those jokes are SO cute! I enjoyed every single one of them! And the Davis line about the Teletubbie suit! Haha! Harrison/Avery! So glad to see them paired up! Wish we could've seen their relationship develop a bit more on the show. I adore Lizzy Caplan! Poor Harrison trying and failing to impress Avery, but that's why I love him. :P

JENSEN'S COSTUME! Hippie FTW! YES. YES. YES. YES. (That's totally a Community reference, even if you didn't realize it except Jensen isn't shirtless, but that's OK.) This made me smile so wide. Also, him dancing with Little Red Riding Hood? Perfection! (Another Community reference!) All of the Tru/Jensen flirting back and forth is actually kinda adorable and Tru would so be in that kind of mood. An angel costume is THE perfect choice for her!

OMG, Jack as the Grim Reaper! Mwhaha! Again... perfection! I remember Dawn Parouse (one of the exec. producers) saying something literally like "the grim reaper vs. an angel" when talking about Tru and Jack rivalry and both costumes really bring out who they are and what they stand for. Those are most excellent choices! Jack in all black... (Jack Black? HA!)... mmm... sexy! Just his mannerisms and everything and that scythe and how he uses it as a kind of weapon to control Tru. Brilliant!

"I thought you were gonna go with the Wonder Woman outfit." He says.


"Not at all. This is even better. I love the golden halo, brings out your eyes… and attitude!" He teases.

LMAO! Totally got the reference. Good job with that. I just LOVE the banter you wrote between them. Way too many good lines to quote! Just how Jack wants to dance with her while also reiterating the rules of the universe to her (typical Jack) was completely in character. Also, love the whole handsome bit because I do think that Tru is attracted to him exactly how he tells her that she is, but she just doesn't want to admit it to him or herself. So they'll keep on going with the banter and games instead! Love how Tru will not allow herself to be broken by Jack, yet he keeps pulling her back to him! YES. Mmm... so much attraction!

"...There's a reason why you don't hear of a TV show called 'Buffy, the Angel of Death Slayer', it's just absurd!"

LOVED THIS! Buffy references! WOOT! I think Jack's right, though. It IS absurd!

"Check out the angel and grim reaper who can't seem to get enough of each other. Isn't that a lovely example of how opposites attract."

OMG, YES. THIS QUOTE. SO MUCH. They SO would be the last ones on the dance floor, too! What with all of their bickering the whole world would pass them by and they wouldn't even notice! They're too busy being competitive and trying to one up the other to even notice anything else. Seems like they would naturally end up in something as awkward (and awesome!) as this predicament.

Love Tru's 'no way' and Jack's probably too over eager 'hell yes' and an awkward kiss with all eyes on them! And Jack's all loving every minute of it. Their kiss created something! It SPARKED something. Because, again, it SO would! I mean, they ARE Grim Reaper and angel after all!

Such an amazing chapter! Onto review the next one! I LOVE this more than words can explain. Best Halloween present EVER. Thank you! *hugs* 3