Reviews for Blood Types
alexdemyx chapter 2 . 11/19/2010
cool and interesting so Butters is a vamp? Can't wait to read more and find out about this vision of robyn's and more development with the other charectors. So far i must say Alice looks awsome.
Yumi loves the darkness chapter 2 . 11/17/2010
Kya~ Grazie for choosing Alice dear! This chappie was a great way to start the story! - Update soon!
Chocoholic-Wallflower chapter 2 . 11/16/2010
Wow, Alice and the parasol thing seems really cute to me(I LOVE PARASOLS!). And killing off the vampire victims? NO! Yeesh, does Jacob even care about his children?

I sure hope Katrina gets to be in it. The tension whether she'll be in the fic or not makes me kinda giddy. :D
xXBeyondBirthdayXx chapter 2 . 11/16/2010
Thanks for using Sophie 3

And this story is coming out great so far! I love Craig and his mysteriousnessosity. Update soon?
Christiansoldier5 chapter 2 . 11/16/2010
im going to be toatlly honest

my character could be a tiny bit more sympathetic toward vampires, like police officers are to the guys they pull people over.

other than the glitch, i portray my OC as british, english, UK poission et frites and tea and all that (not that you have to change anything, you could just keep making him eat hotdogs and apple pie instead of bangers and mash)

Poission et frites Fish and Chips.

other than that, its the same as Dali, odd but extravagent work of masterpiecel art with a capital A.
Masked Hatter chapter 2 . 11/16/2010
WOAHS THERE! That was really really really really good! Great even, and trust me that's quite the compliment coming from me! The spelling, grammar and punctuation was all perfect, EXCEPT for when you were describing Stan, I believe you accidentally forgot to put a space after a certain comma... Oh god I'm not that picky. Anyway that's not really any trouble, and I liked the way how instead of introducing and describing all the human in this chapter, you just had Craig say there names as a sort of promise they'd be in the next! Clever! I find that the authors can get kind of overwhelmed when they introduce a bunch of at one time, so nice!

ZOHMYGOODNESS! CRAIG'S a VAMPIRE! Yes? I'm sure he'll be a vampire who likes to flip people off... wow I'm "amazing". But wao, how is he gonna react? Is this gonna change Craig and Robyn's relationship? IS HE GONNA BE'S TARGETING D:! Well I suppose since most vampire already are, it would be weird if it didn't happen to him... Also can I just say this; for a guy with the name of 'Jacob', Robyn's dad sure is a bit of a whiny bitch about vampires. Well, I guess it depends on the story for how dangerous they are... Maybe he's heard too much about Twilight, and automatically thinks that there evil because a character with his name dislikes them... I think. Does Jacob dislike vampires, or just Edward Cullen? I've never really read it or watched it :P ...BACK ON TOPIC!

A lot of the OCs in this are really original! I've heard and seen a lot of Mary Sue's but then the first OC (besides Robyn and her family and the first vampire) was Alice and it was like WOAH! Was not expecting that! She has tons of personality! And then their was Alyssa, who can I perhaps guess solely based on the fact that she was hanging out with Stan that she's paired with him? I guess she could just be friends but still! AND YES! There are vampire hunters! *insert happy face here* Not that I have any sort of problem with vampires, it just makes for a more interesting story I think. Oh yeah, just wondering, did Levi get accepting? If so, is he a vampire hunter of vampire or both? Also if he is a vampire than you can make his eyes red. I jut didn't really get the pattern before, because I'm so smart like that. If not, then I guess that's life... Awww :(. Well I'm still gonna read the story, because it'd be such a waste to not, eh? XD And I suppose by asking you this, it means I'm to impatient to wait for the next chapter...WELL IT'S SUSPENSEFUL ALL RIGHT!

Hope you update soon! 3 Loves it!
mellowpuffzz chapter 2 . 11/16/2010
Yay update! :D I loved it!

Mwahahaha "but this one takes the cake...hahaha." Kenny you are so freaking awesome :3

Ahhh I really hope you do use Isabelle c: Can't wait for the update! Oh and if you use Belle I don't mind if she is a human or vampire~

SweetSinister chapter 2 . 11/15/2010
:O Craigs a vampire. . Thats so sweet. -3- Alice sounds so awesome : D With her lolita style and all *Glomps* xD Well, im gonna go watch TDWT 3: Don't judge me. . (Awesome chapter! Can't wait for the next one to come out!)
ShortAsVegeta chapter 2 . 11/15/2010
Love it! They were both perfectly in character. Good luck with the next chapter! :)
alexdemyx chapter 1 . 11/11/2010
sorry it actually sent before i was ready hera's the true thing please let me in to this!

this sounds awsome i wanna join! So i'll make a charector based on me!

Name: Dawn

Age: 16 birthday October 13

Hair: Brown

Eye color: Brown (Tea color)

Human or Vampire: Human at least to begin with

Pairing/Crush: Butters all the way! He's mine please.

Clothing: for the most part she loves to were either t-shirts with either her interests and jeans.

Personality: She is typically very bubbly sometimes she’s fairly random to. She’s very maternal and therefore is extremely protective. Due to this she’s sort of become Cartman’s surrogate mother at least in her own mind and actually for the most part understands his nature and why he is who he is. She’s also fairly indecisive so badly that she’d let her dog decide, however when she sets her mind on something she doesn’t sway easily.

History: Moved to South park in 6th grade when are fav. boys went into middle school. Immediately latched onto Butters and then therefore become sucked into the weirdness of our fav. boys. During that time she developed feelings for the blonde and became somewhat jealous of Cartman seeing as how much those two get along however, out of the main four she still enjoys Cartman’s company she views him as a lost boy who needs guidance. So typically even though he’s annoying she dose like him until things get bad between him and her love. At school she’s looked on as weird due to her cosplay, and her dramatic changes from quiet to loud. Oh she’s also on the swim team and Butters and Cartman are the only one’s she trusts completely to share her singing voice and life.

Likes: Loves T.V. Favs. are glee, buffy, Kingdom hearts nut and cosplayer. Loves to sing and is actually pretty good, and be random. Also enjoys rain.

Dislikes: homophopes, can't stand pickels,and is nervouse when disturbing others (as in arguing or bothering unless it's important.) Doesn't typicaly share her singing voice to the world. Oh she kinda of dislikes Cartman for abuseing Butters (unless it envolves her sweety crossdressing or other cute costumes) all the time but she doesn't hate him in fact she typically likes to help him.

Friends: Butters, Eric

Enemies: Doesn't really have any...
freemanrage chapter 2 . 11/11/2010
I don't suspect you live in the same time region I do because he did not die in that episode permanently. :C Thank God. I apologize for the spoilers but it's just a reassurance, incase you didn't know by now. I can't wait for the new chapter, though. :D
The Gator chapter 1 . 11/11/2010
Name: Leon Fitzroy Armstrong

Age (Kenny and the other boys are 16): 16

Hair: Unkempt jet black hair

Eye color: Icy blue eyes

Human or Vampire: Human

Clothing: Loose fitting jeans with a white wife beater and a white/navy plaid button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and brown boots

Personality: Leon can be raunchy, flirty, and loud at times but when given the chance to know him, he is a kind-hearted and care-free individual who likes to have a good time.

History: Lived in Texas until he turned 16. Due to current problems with his parents oil wells, he was sent to live with his grandparents at their estate in South Park.(just in time for the new school year)

Likes: Football, snowboarding, animals, working out, refurbishing old and broken cars and motorcycles and music(plays a lot of instruments)

Dislikes: Math, spiders, celebrities, clowns, justin beiber, miley cyrus, and the jonas brothers

Friends: Just moved so he has none

Enemies: Just moved so he has none

Pairing/Crush (Craig is taken as a pairing. Even through the first part was Kenny/Robyn, this fic is actually Craig/Robyn): He is bisexual so it doesn't matter.

Extra: Leon is about 6'5 has a tan and is very muscular. He also owns his own twelve gauge shot gun. He speaks with a texan accent and was quarterback and team captain for his old school.
saruke101 chapter 1 . 11/10/2010
Name: Lorelei (lori) Connor

Age : 17

Hair:Brown with blonde hightlights

Eye color: Green

Human or Vampire: Vampire

Clothing: tomboy

Personality: nerdy but is down for anything fun

History:grew up i texas and left her family when she was turned into a vampire, her family thinks she died.

Likes: coffee, candy and novels

Dislikes:bitter food

Friends: kyle stan

Enemies: wendy

Pairing/Crush: crush kenny or stan
Chocoholic-Wallflower chapter 1 . 11/3/2010
Name: Katrina Berlitz

Age: 16

Hair: Has straight, long, brown hair with a black headband. She has an aqua-blue highlight on the left side.

Eye color: Gorgeous light sky-blue eyes symbolizing her pure personality.

Human or Vampire: Human.

Clothing: When shes at her/someones house for a long time, she wears a short-sleeved white and black-striped shirt and a black skirt. She wears a black choker around her neck with a sun amulet. She has really long socks and black slip-on shoes. Most of the time/outside/at school, shes wearing a zip-up cherry-red dress with a white fluffy collar over her attire. It also has two pink pockets on the sides with matching mittens and Katrina has a pink beanie with a white stripe going across. She also has light-brown go-go boots with the same white fluff on the tips. Has small gold hoop earrings.

Personality: Katrina is a very nice girl, usually respects peoples opinion, and just loves to have fun. However, shes very shy, and gets her feelings hurt easily. She mostly gets furious and says mean things like "Youre icky!", "Go away!", or "I hate you!"(she never ever swears) But she might cry instead and never want to see whoever insulted her again. Despite her shyness, she can be loud and act silly and cool once she gets to know you, but Katrina finds it hard to trust others and will not let most people automatically become a friend, she wont look them in the eyes right away. Katrina is basically a timid, kind, anime obsessed girly girl. She blushes a lot, especially when shes embarrassed, complimented, etc. When shes REALLY mad, almost everyone calls her 'Hurricane Katrina'. XD

History: Before moving to South Park when she was almost ten, she lived in Wisconsin with her widowed father(mother died when Katrina was four) Katrina saw an R-rated horror movie at age six and she was scared for such a long time. Her dad would get furious if she were to swear which shes never done in her life yet. Later, after moving to South Park, she almost died of meningitis(infection in the membranes surrounding brain and spinal cord).

Likes: Fruit, candy, rainbows, all cute animals, romance, humor, videogames, art, anime, cartoons, holidays, Valentines Day, reading, nice people, environment, music.

Dislikes: Celebrities who do dumb things, mean people, stupid TV shows, swearing, bugs, R-rated movies, people who dress in skimpy clothing, her dads job(he thinks of ideas for commercials), when people seperate others for being of a different culture/religion, people who dont care for the environment, drugs, and horror movies.

Friends: Wendy, Bebe, Red, Butters, Kyle, Stan, Token, and Clyde.

Enemies(more like frenemies): Cartman, Craig, Esther(they got in a fight years ago but are starting to warm up to each other), Damien(he scares her), and another OC of mine named Holly(Holly wont appear in this story, she's a secret ;).

Pairing/Crush (Craig is taken as a pairing. Even through the first part was Kenny/Robyn, this fic is actually Craig/Robyn): Kyle! Please, let them be together! XD

Extra: Katrina wears round glasses when she reads something. Her birthday's October 4. Her sun amulet belonged to her mother. She hates this about herself, but...she's kind of a homophobe. Despite her great singing voice, Katrina has stage fright. Holly, a girl Katrina isnt very fond of, is also a great singer and is currently in California. She has a minor case of Asperger Syndrome.
mellowpuffzz chapter 1 . 11/1/2010
I noticed quite a lot of the ocs that were sent in put Human- so you can have Isabelle as a vampire if you want :D
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