Reviews for Good things happen when you meet strangers
TwilightSky15 chapter 1 . 2/16/2012
you should make this one longer!
animeartfreak579 chapter 3 . 12/25/2011
Nice drabbles! The one with Shizuo made my day. xD
Congeniality chapter 2 . 11/23/2010
Write moar. I demand. :U
kimkakashi chapter 1 . 11/19/2010
Hahahaha not bad. It's really cute. Can't wait to see more of your work.
SinceILeftYou chapter 1 . 11/1/2010
Hah, I really loved your writing stlye in this - the last line made me LOL.

If I had one minor gripe; it was slightly OOC for Shizou; then again, if I had a penny for everytime I went wildly off character in my fanfics... :)