Reviews for Above and Beyond
Ace Of Light chapter 1 . 4/26/2013
Heh, I went as Misa Misa...
Volixia669 chapter 1 . 1/31/2011
I like this. I think concerned reader was over reacting. You have L's quirks down to a T. Plus I think we all have different versions of what's canon and what's not.
Maara Annika chapter 1 . 12/28/2010
9 year old BB is quite cute. I mean just telling the true how he knows names and also telling that he knows when people will die. Thought I think L would not believe and say so to BB. Shouldn’t BB be worried about A death date since is soon to happen?

I agree with you that BB probably didn’t like to be called Backup. It is cruel nickname and if he was called like that by adults in the orphanage...that emotional child abuse.

If BB killed squirrels to feed them to birds...well I know some people who bought mice and even birds for their cats... However if child is cruel to animals he needs professional attention as it may indicate that child is/was abused or/and he has psychological problems.

If A suicidal tendencies is known he should be put in medicines. Expecting that another child will help is unreasonable and puts BB in pressure and gives him awful responsibility. This is task in what he can’t succeed. Again emotional child abuse and neglect.

This is how I see it and you have showed these problems very well. I don’t think Wammy house was good place for children. Just look at L. He eats only sweets. Most likely it started in his yearly years. Again he needed attention and someone should have worked with him to understand reason why he only eats sugary food and slowly include other food in his diet but since it was easier to let it go...

You showed these bugs in Wammy system very well especially since this fic wasn’t mainly focused on them. Well done!

PS . I don’t think you have overdone L quirks.
MARVELCOMICS chapter 1 . 12/11/2010
I very much enjoyed this FanFic... and just so you know, I was refereed to your page by the user Meohy. I believe it was definitely possible, and I agree with your statement about L falling over when Misa said something about "the eyes". I didn't know why he did until I read Another Note, and then I realized he must have known. I do think, however, L wasn't completely convinced B was telling the truth. L DID say, after all, "blank expects us to believe shinigami's are real?" Of course I can't remember the exact quote but it was something along those lines. This statement lead me to believe B told L about his eyes, but L didn't believe him.

The whole six year old Mello scene was absolutely adorable and well written, seeing as it implied something happened to Near and Mello's friendship afterwards. I have to commend you on your description of a younger B and A. And A stuttering was absoultely genius! You should be at Wammy's! It really was creative.

Wonderful job! My only negative comment is I wish it were longer.
Natalie River chapter 1 . 12/10/2010
Oh what happens next? Soon after next? Does L tell Roger?

Never minds..I love your work!
CR chapter 1 . 11/2/2010
Yes, that's what compliant means. However, if the only things that are meant to be compliant is the timeline fittage, then the majority of the stories on here are canon compliant such as pairings that did not happen. Hence, the mere term of canon-compliant is misleading.

And of course, no one wants to be called Backup. But it's important, because it is part of what fuels Beyond's desire to surpass his label.

You have it backwards. L did not flip out when Misa mentioned the Eyes. L reacted when she said "Show each other our Death Gods". That's why he flashbacked to the cryptic notes that Light sent him about Shinigamis loving apples. When Misa said 'Eyes' all L said was "Hmm?" Also, later in the series, after Higuchi's arrest - which is after L confirms the existence of Death Gods - he still doesn't know about the specifics of the Eyes. Rem clearly states that the information is shared only between the Shinigami and the note user. This leaves L confused and still wondering about how Higuchi was able to kill the police officer on the motorcycle. Also, remember none of the Task Force knows about the eyes and their powers until Ryuk shows up during the Mafia arc.

Those are just little details, I'm just a nitpicky reader.

As for L's quirks, it's just L's lollipop eating scenes. You could've mixed it up a little, rather than making him eat a lollipop twice, which dilutes and overplays the irony of what Beyond called him (Lawli). But again, it's not terribly important.
Concerned Reader chapter 1 . 11/2/2010
Your writing style is awesome and everything, as the previous reviewer has said. However, the actual content of the story itself is irksome. Really irksome.

You have labeled your story as "canon-compliant" when it really is not. "Canon" has been violated more ways than one: the orphanage was never called Wammy's House for Extraordinary Children; disregard for Beyond's alias as Backup; none of the fourth generation orphans (Mello, Near, Matt, etc) have ever seen L's face (according to the manga, NOT Another Note); the biggest error is Beyond being able to see the deaths of L, Wammy and Mihael.

Shinigami Eyes allow the bearer to see the natural lifespan that would play out WITHOUT the interference of a Death Note. L, Wammy and Mello's dates should extend farther than their real death dates, because they were killed by the notebook. Matt's death, however, was by gunfire, so the date for his death is basically set in stone. However, the lifespans show years in Shinigami numbers. It is impossible, unless Beyond is able to translate them into Earth years, for him to know what the exact date is.

Also, L does not have any knowledge of such Eyes prior to the Kira investigation.

Aside from that, the atmosphere and tone was good. You characterized L's quirks well, though they were kind of overdone. I think it was just the "Canon-compliant" that set my expectations really high for this and left me a bit disappointed. Sorry. Don't take this too hard though, accurate, canonical interpretations are really hard to nail.
NearIsFar chapter 1 . 11/2/2010
i love this story! i went trick-or-treating as Misa Misa too! your a really good writer
Meohy chapter 1 . 11/2/2010
This was brilliant! The name you gave A was incredibly clever, and it fits with B’s so well. I loved your portrayal of L in his teen years. And Mello glomping L was so damn adorable :3

AxB stories are rare to come by, and I think you’ve put the others to shame. This was so awesome!


P.S. LOL, I was a gangster/pimp for Halloween. Basically, I masquerading around, claiming to be one of Mello’s Mafia members. Mad fun, I tell you, mad fun.

P.P.S. I HEART your icon picture, and totally agree with you: BB *is* da shiiit!