Reviews for Siege of the Island
CapitalClassShip chapter 9 . 8/12/2016
its good to see Berri return. Very good story.
leirin chapter 9 . 4/16/2011
Oh my gosh, this story was unbelievably good! And that's coming from someone who rarely has the time and patience to read any kind of fanfics, well, you grabbed my attention immediately with the good writing :) Perfectly believable too, it makes me wish Rare would actually make this happen...the occasional Conker-y humour worked perfectly as well:

'If only I could see her again… if only I could kiss her again like I used to back when we used to go to the bar, just the two of us… If only I could squeeze those big...'

Mable chapter 9 . 12/3/2010

(In background) What's wrong with you?

No ConkerxPipsy ending? Aww, I was hoping, just hoping. Great fic but then a sudden letdown.

(In background) There will always be more fics.

...Hey, wait you're right! Ha! That's it! My second DKR fic! Sequal? No, hmm, maybe? No. Maybe. Ah, I got it! Wait, what about... Hmm... That plan failed. Oh, ah ha! No! Yes! No!

(In background) Err, she does this every once in a while. I'll finish the review. It was a really good fic and it started up May-bay into her 'got to write' faze. Which I won't thank you for.

Maybe, no? Yes! Wait, wait, wait. The boat, a boat? A messege! No not a messege, what am I thinking? Wait, I know! Yes!

(In background) *sigh* We're pulling an all nighter... Come on.

Fine, quickly! Great fic, love to see more from you. I can't believe THIS is your first fic. I'm putting you on alert. Hope to see more soon!