Reviews for The Phoenix, Reborn
Crow Lady PG67AW chapter 1 . 7/2/2011
Woah!First of all,the title is amazing,I really love this one!you expressed in an awesome way the process of Jill's recovery,how slowly she learns to face her nightmares and starts to see the light 's inspiring the strength she shows,that that's a fight she must fight alone against 'him'(that is to say Wesker,or the incarnation of her darkest fear).Of course,it's amazing the meaning of "he can't touch me,he can't hurt me" for her,how the repetition of it gives her confidence to keep the child she is going to have with Chris is another thing she have to fight for,a great bittersweet oneshot! _Code:(row L4dy PG67AW_
The Magnificent Kiwi chapter 1 . 11/3/2010
Do I need to say how much I loved this? _

I love how despite the fact that there have been quite a few post-RE5 stories in a similar vein lately, this stands out as something different. I love how you have followed the positive yet still succeeded in producing an emotional piece. I was actually grinning when I read she was pregnant :). I'm also not a huge fan of first-person but I did like your style :).

I also loved the repetition of 'He can't touch me, he can't hurt me'. It gave the sense that while she is still overwhelmingly positive about everything, she still needs to repeat that for fear of that strength and positivity slipping. And the mention of Chris's joy before her own... It shows that she is still not quite there, which is realistic under such circumstances.

Kudos! This is going straight in my favourites _.