Reviews for Pieces of Eight
ephiny63 chapter 6 . 6/11/2011
Hey hon

okkies first up I totally love Kirra, she is perfect in a lot of ways and actually I have a fairy statue sitting on my mantle that looks very similar to what you described except for the long black hair, but I can so imagine the rest and I can't think of a more perfect "mate" for Sam, he was always destined to be linked to the Supernatural in my way of thinking, with Maddison, and Ruby and that it fits.

Next, I am glad you got Lisa, Ben and Dean back together, I know there are a lot of rabid Dean fans out there who hated the union, but like all classic womanising men he needs a strong woman at his side to keep him in check and I always liked Lisa for that score, though I do believe that Ben is Dean's son and the way it was hinted at in the second last ep of S6 just cemented that.

The confusion and loneliness of Soulless Sam brought tears to my eyes especially whe he sat with his loaded gun in the beginning. The way you wrote broken Dean was great and I cheered internally for Bobby getting stuck into him.

You had the humanity and canan characterisations of Bobby, Dean and especially Sam down pat and Cas was great too.

I guess you can say that you have a fan now! AND I truly hope that you decide to visit Hunter's Rest very soon ... I wanna find out about the baby! Plus it would be interesting to see what would happen if Dean and Sam get lured out of their sanctuary.

Great story I loved it from start to finish

hugs Shelley
CeCe Away chapter 6 . 11/21/2010
This was great with all the pieces kept in safe places with people he loves and then given back. Very creative and love theidea of Hunter's Rest and Mary and John coming back.

Nice indeed.