Reviews for A Jaded Blossom
Guest chapter 5 . 8/24
yeah and abandoning her would truly be the final straw y live when even without the abandonment she's lost EVERYTHING in life dream hard work so much agony and pain and permanent chronic physical and mental emotional severe damage to herself i think u should add another chapter the end is bullshit what happens next if this ends here anyways he should give up everything slowly and stop being famous do whatever possible so he can eventually be with or least by her side...
ANURADHA MISHRA chapter 5 . 8/16
This is a good emotional story..i simply love it!..
Sheen792 chapter 5 . 8/10
I just found out today that u updated. It was such a pleasant surprise. Took me 5minutes to stop screeming , I was so so happy. I read the entire story there was no point in reading just the last chapter. It made me cry . .so so much . I've already read it many times before but it still made me cry. I really love this story a lot. Plez whatever happens completely it. Plez . Waiting for the next update. N I hope everything will get better in ur life. Life is hard at times but we still can't give up.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/1
Poor Sakura TAT
Why in your every fanfic you only make Sakura suffer horribly ;_; Do you hate her?
Will you ever going to update Shattered part 2 to Destined to meet ?
RalitsaR chapter 5 . 7/30
Oh my God ... this was so ... emotional and so hard to read. I loved every bit of this story so far. I don't think I can explain how it made me feel. Thank you so much and Good Job!
Cassandra Echizen chapter 5 . 7/30
Sakura's story always make me cry... this is so deep...
I'm in love... please continue soon... I beg you
Guest chapter 5 . 7/29
Thank you for finally updating again.
Chinweoa chapter 5 . 7/24
love this story. Pls update i can't wait for karin to be thrown in the trash. Good writing.
Demonic girl111 chapter 5 . 7/22
My heart genuinely hurts, and my entire being is hurting for Sakura and Sasuke. I've never felt so strongly for fictional characters in my life, and you've accomplished the impossible.
sasusakulovesarada chapter 5 . 7/22
Omg i love you and this story its amazing and beautiful and sad and ... so many things. Its been a while sincei read such beautiful story i really love it .cant wait for next part .update soon .hehe.
Teyona chapter 5 . 7/22
Oh how my heart aches for this story poor Sakura and I feel somewhat bad also for Sasuke. I really can't wait to read more about their journey after this chapter, hopefully Sakura won't be completely devastated again since he's leaving, which I hope won't be for too long. I'll look forward to updates!

P.S. Is t bad that I'm so glad Karin lost the fetus.
Innocence and Instinct chapter 5 . 7/22
I almost cried reading this. THE FEELS!

I'm glad to see that you're back. I've always loved your stories, especially Life is Beautiful. That story was, and still is, my all-time favorite Sasuke and Sakura fic. I've re-read it countless of times. I'm still sad that it will no longer be updated, but with this fic I now have something else to look forward to.

Until next time.
Ketsurui15 chapter 5 . 7/22
Oh God. Rarely have I felt my heart clench so much for a fic. This was all too intense. I hope Sasuke gets his shit fixed soon and go back to Sakura. Damn, this story was... fuck. It's really amazing. I gotta hand it to ya. I'm gonna be questioning my life for a while.
guest chapter 5 . 7/22
Great chapter!
Guest chapter 5 . 7/22
Do you hate sakura? In all your fics why you only make her suffer horribly. She's so miserable. Give the girl a break for once and have her deserved happiness.
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