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Adam Arashi chapter 3 . 2h
are those all fire emblem names i see? I'm on to you!
GoldenCyclone4 chapter 53 . 9/22
Well, that was one hell of a ride. Took me a good two weeks to make it through this thing, and I enjoyed it immensely. It's been awhile since I went through a huge story like this. You have a few redundancy issues here and there in descriptions, but you write very well overall. Have a favorite.
GoldenCyclone4 chapter 14 . 9/9
Not sure if you know who this is, but I can't help but read Harker as Dr. Oobleck from RWBY. So fast and Hyper...
GoldenCyclone4 chapter 13 . 9/8
I must say you have gotten better on your redundancy by now. There are still instances, but you're not using the same descriptors within five words of each other as much anymore.
GoldenCyclone4 chapter 5 . 9/5
Eh, Great Jaggi is trash anyway. Give me 4 Gunlance users, 4 Barrel Bomb Ls, and a Pitfall Trap. Drop it in one shot. xp
Nutella Man chapter 53 . 8/19
This is one of the best fanfic I've ever read. There ain't any words that can describe how good and epic it is. You've managed to make me spent four whole days reading through your million words, effectively keeping my attention from the JO ( thought I still watched Bolt beat everyone in the 200m) and even Tv Tropes ! I never thought that there might be such a master piece in the monster hunter fandom.
Rip48 chapter 11 . 3/21
Any chance at a side story or Marshalls past?
Rip48 chapter 7 . 3/19
omg decided to read from the beginning. I love the detail you put in the story. and can't wait to see what happens.
Rip48 chapter 7 . 3/19
Been following the story since you were on only chapter 20. Haven't caught up since the 40s. But I downloaded the app and decided to read from the begglinning.
SMBLOZ123 chapter 53 . 1/30
Hello! I'm rather a newbie to the site, and I've not written anything yet, but I just came here to say that this piece of work is truly masterful.

You have managed to create a story that kept me engaged through over one million words, with heartwrenching twists and revelations that either I'd pieced together myself beforehand or was dropped a bombshell when they occurred.

Even then, you managed to make even the minor characters stories of their own, leading the final showdown to be the culmination of everything the reader had known in the story up to that point.

What you have done is not something to scoff at. This story is wonderful, hands down, and thank you.

One last thing, and a question that has been bothering me since early in the story. Is the armor set used by Malefica's hunters based on an in-game set? I had originally assumed it was Gigginox armor, but it isn't necessarily "crimson".
jeffreyfloyd112 chapter 53 . 1/6
Ah at last! I've reached the final chapter! This has been the best Monster Hunter piece that I've ever read, and it's among the top of the stories I've read period. That's not an exageration, I've enjoyed every moment of the story, and I found it quite thrilling. Long chapters, filled to the brim! Unique and enjoyable characters, with fleshed out personality and the like. Very well done! I happened to find this story a week (Perhaps two now.) ago, and I made it a point to read at least two chapters a night. I'm especially glad Micah survived, I had wondered what drove him, and after being betrayed, I wanted some sort of redemption for him. Ah! Ellie's parents! They're alive and going to reunite, yes! A great ending to the story. I'm thoroughly glad I found your wonderful piece of writing. I plan on reading your other two pieces, The Lost Civilization: DLC and Shadows of the Past. Although I may read DLC first. Going forward, my favorite scene was definitely when your Gobul appeared in the Tundra to bite onto Pugnax before scurrying off in fear. I enjoyed that. A lot. Favorite character would have to be Tenebris, she's sympathetic to the lost, nice, and driven. Not to mention ready to punch Silas at anytime. My favorite fight scene was with the Barioth and Levin's choice to spare the pups(?) Least favorite character is Pugnax, not due to being badly written or anything like that, it's just he's a pretty big jerk, and I honestly would have been up for Moloch not stopping the fight in the Coliseum. You're a very great writer, even with chapters being long as they were, the words used and punctuation never left me bored, or anything close to that. Large, descriptive, and thoughtful writing kept me in to the end. This review is long, but I hope it encourages you to keep on writing. I'll start reading TLC:DLC tonight! Thanks for this story!
Calvin H chapter 53 . 12/23/2015
Oh man...that was an adventure. I think I initially began this story about a year ago, and read in small binges over the last 12 months. I started with chapters 1-14, then 15-33 over summer, and finished finally within the last few days. I need to say one thing first: this story is BEAUTIFULLY written. Even over the course of a year, the characters and the plot were still fresh in my mind each time I picked it up. Your writing may be wordy, but you don't write in circles. You do a very good job of capturing the exact scene you want to portray in a minimum amount of words. My favorite part of your writing was your ability to truly capture "heroic flaws", rather than creating a bunch of Mary-Sues. Not only that, but you also steered clear from basic flaws, such as loyalty and other stereotypical flaws that don't provide any character developement. You were able to make both of the main characters EXTREMELY unlikable for portions of the book(Ellie at the beginning with her general snootiness and hate of everything, and levin when he first went crazy with the lust to kill the alatreon). These scenarios each led to great character development and some great scenes! Also, you are very talented at setting a tone for an area. Whether it's the grandeur that Orage Dell gives off and the inspiration it incites in young hunters, or the "homey" feeling of Boma (I felt nostalgic each time our heroes returned to the friends they had there), I truly felt immersed in the world. Honestly, the only thing you should focus on are proper sentence flow. The English language doesn't let you begin a sentence with the word "But". Other than that, I thouroughly enjoyed the read and wouldn't tell you to change the story. Even those filler chapters you apologized for after each one were fun, and a refreshing break in between huge battles even though nothing exciting was going on. That's how well your dialogues and character interactions flow. Thanks for the wonderful read, I guess I'll answer your parting questions:
Fav scene: rate mating dance (absolutely beautiful)
Fav character: Nat (I hate you)
Fav location:Orage Dell (just thinking of it gets my blood pumping) or the ghost town before the silver los fight (very eerie, nice work)
Fav fight: silver los (AWESOME concept of the dragon breath) or the barioth fight (nothing cooler than monsters and humans joining forces)
Least fav scene: none, really. The filler chapters didn't seem to drag on. The beginning was very slow going though, probably why I took a little break after 14 looong chapters.
Least fav character:Miller (never liked the quiet ones) or Lynn ( the character was great, but not all accents are meant for the paper- my brain was working double overtime on hers)
Least fav location:Nastre (couldn't quite grasp the city layout)
Least fav fight: Ellie and Kerry vs gigginox (not a very crazy or exciting fight scene)
Haha! My long review is done! Again, I loved this story, and wish you the best of luck in your future writing endeavors (I'm sure I'll be following along with all of them you post on this site) and, of course, Happy Hunting! :)
Serphosion chapter 53 . 10/22/2015
This story. Hoo boy, this story was the BEST thing I have ever read on this website. The amount of effort and care you put into this, making each of the characters (heroes and villains alike) all lovable and complex, all the imagery that popped into my head reading this... It was incredible. My favourite scene has to be the Alatreon's demise, he got what he deserved in an incredible way. And now I can see that there's a sequel that you've got up, and I MUST READ IT! Once again, I commend your remarkable ability to tell an amazing story, and I have high hopes for the sequel :)
trevorami chapter 6 . 9/3/2015
Started reading your story, and so far, I'm thoroughly enjoying it _. I'm an avid Monster Hunter myself and always hoped for a story like this. If say keep up the good work but it looks like your story is finished. Still, it deserves to be appreciated so I will continue to review. I love the detail you go into about the finer aspects of the game, like traps and pickaxes. I've never thought about them like that and is very clever how you've taken video game logic and make it make sense in writing. Can't wait to read more!
Ehanu Rehu chapter 53 . 8/28/2015
It is a very rare occasion that I cry at a story, be it visual medium or written word. There's so much heart and character to this story that I could actually connect with Levin and Ellie, despite the major differences between me and them. Throughout the entire story, I felt what they felt, was there with every monster they fought, and could feel every single struggle, every wound, every feeling they felt.

And not only that, but I actually had a rollercoaster of emotion when it came to the Alatreon. I haven't played through MH3U, yet, having been introduced to MH4U first, but I connected with the Alatreon as well, as odd as that may seem. I hated him for as long as Levin did, but then came to pity him just as Levin did.

Thank you for writing this and posting it. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it, every hunt, and look forward to your sequel. (Which I already have read the current chapters and just now am getting a chance to review it.)

Keep on the great work!
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