Reviews for The Lost Civilization
Guest chapter 44 . 4/9
I know that it's 2014 and I'm only reviewing now. Sorry( and your story is the best fanfiction I have ever read. EVER) but you will be sorely dis appointed when you read the final book of the inheritance cycle( Eragon- Chriatopher Paolini )
Chicktopuss5000 chapter 53 . 4/4
Oooo chickto just get idea from end of world song! You should make a PREQUEL! You know, the servivers of the monster rising that led to the development of the Meridens and then on to the world of monster hunter. I would read that... Then again you are the writer, I have no real power over what you write.
A Jack Frost Guy chapter 53 . 3/29
Sorry I'm late for the last review, I was out on vacation!

Huh. So Ellie's parents have been found, and both Levin and Ellie have returned to Boma while everyone else has gone on their own ways... it's a little sad, but hey, bonds don't simply break like that, right? And Levin DID survive and get his prosthetics (late afterthought XD), even if he's out of the hunting business for now.

All in all, this latecomer for reading this fic is glad to say this journey has been a blast. Thank you very much for the wonderful fic, and I eagerly look forward to it possible sequel (yup, even if I hafta wait 'til next year! XD)
Chicktopuss5000 chapter 53 . 3/28
Well done sir! I think this story went swimmingly. I do hope to see your future works soon, and hopfully just as good as this one. You have changed direction at every corner I expected to predict.

You sit are a true schouler!

My favorite character would be harker( because I relate to his personality...and reputation)

Favorite scene...hmm...probably when levin grabed that lagi's tail and YANKED it away from Ellie...of course I am fond of that first kiss they shared, just the way Ellie reacted made me histarical!

squeezycheesey chapter 53 . 3/28
A wonderful and well thought out story sir! I loved every minute of it.
MusicFreax chapter 53 . 3/24
Oh God, this was a wonderful story! You're so talented! I hope you make more stories
ultimatemh chapter 53 . 3/24
The ending of this story was very good in my opinion, not sappy, not depressing, and a very good wrap up of the whole story. Personally I liked Harker the most, mainly because I thought he was a mad scientist and a curious man. My favorite scene... I'd probably have to say the silver rath fight. Overall I thought your writing was well put together, and there weren't any flaws I could see at least.
Gravedigger chapter 53 . 3/23
Great work !Amazing ! SUPERB ! i really hit the gold with the dark metal !
modeluchosen1 chapter 53 . 3/23
HA HA HA,YES! totally called the dark metal limbs!

But in all seriousness,im happy and sad to see this story I started it late,its been a great expectations have wavered,my absured theories have gone on in the hundreds,most of htem right in actuality,a lot of them so far off im surprised (at one point I expected elle to be the one to kill the alatreon and somehow kill all monsters...),but you've also weaved such a great and interesting story,it.. imean...just. ya. you've spun my emotions in this entire story,\created so much character growth and develpoement,and actually made me care and hate some charectors,and made me feel sorry for farren and understand why he was doing what he was,and hell,you even made me feel made for zhanin (and guilty for hating him)once I found out about farren.

There is so much more I want to say,but cant put down as you,once again,have done an incredible job as an author,and I cant wait to see what comes next. Also,once again,HA HA! Totally called the dark metal limbs
Charlie019 chapter 53 . 3/23
You know, I jut realized, where the hell did all the felynes go? Leif, the farmers, cooks, Guild assistants...
They are the Monster Hunter mascots damn it! One does not simply leave out those furballs in a monster hunter story.
Anyway, my favorite character, well I guess it's Elle.
Favorite scene would be her first boss fight, the one with the great jaggi.

Least favorite, well, Pugnax. He's a A-Hole.
Other comments would be make it darker by killing your own characters. Because I'm a twisted person.

So finally, it ends. I was wondering for a moment who the hell is Desig, until I remembered the sailor from the first chapter. Nice to see him again, it brings back the days when the duo was more concerned on small time things and worrying about passing the test.

And the Gobul, the magnificent bastard that nearly killed Pugnax. It was that close to killing him. Such a shame. Give that creature a freaking medal. XD

Now that you finishes your work of three years, what next? Would you be making a sequel? Another monster hunter story? Or something not related to it?
Hoenn Master96 chapter 53 . 3/22
And so, the tale ends: Levin yet lives, and (almost) everyone has survived the incredible circumstances that have overtaken them.

My favorite scene has to be the Rath Mating Dance. The deadly beauty, and the surreal quality of the description make the scene memorable to any and all readers.

My favorite characters had to be both Kerry and Ellie: While Levin and Harker were incredibly important, Ellie and Kerry were the ones who kept them in line, gave them support when no one else would do so, and persevered through tougher emotional trauma than even Levin underwent at times.

My favorite location, (and least favorite) is Malefica. The reason is thus: it was so terrible, so deadly, and so very well played out, that it's very difficult to fully appreciate the effort that went into it.

My least favorite character is, of course, Pugnax, because he was just so beautifully evil. I couldn't look at two lines he spoke without wanting Levin or another hunter to stick him like the impudent pig he was.

My favorite fighting scene was actually the battle against the experienced Royal Ludoroth in the Orage Dell arena, simply because it really captured the feel of Ellie's panic, and her ingenuity when it really counted.

My least favorite fight scene was the first fight against the Alatreon, and even then, only because Levin was being such a fool and forcing the confrontation in the first place, (I know he was mad, it still doesn't exonerate him.)

I loved the descriptions most of all; everything except the characters was lovingly explained and detailed, and while I was mostly at fault for not bringing up the subject earlier, I legitimately didn't think much about that speed bump until very recently.

And I didn't know I actually did that much when I gave my opinion on Dark Metal; it always struck me as something that had to be tamed to be used, and once it was, it would serve its master to the bitter end, and even form a symbiotic relationship with its master for the betterment of the master's interests, and the feeding of the Dark Metal.

All in all, I am proud of this story, more so than most things I've ever helped work on, even in real life. This is so much more than fan fiction; this is an epic tale of survival, growth, and learning that grew out of a beautiful idea, and I can only hope that I can improve my stories as much as you've improved on yours, DBG.

Well, I'll see you for the sequel, and I hope this story gets more reviews as it sits, completed in all of its glory.

Signed: Hoenn Master, forever a patriot.
pikachucat chapter 53 . 3/22
Liquidblaze97 chapter 53 . 3/22
First things first, I want to say thank you for finishing this amazing story. It would have been such a shame if it was incomplete. I really enjoyed the little bit at the end about stories. I liked the ending, it fit the story. I'm not sure if I can say my favorite scene or battle, they were all so wonderfully written. I really liked Richard Jr. Not sure why, probably because I use a long sword myself. You are a very talented writer with a great grasp on grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and character and plot development. I hope you decide to write more of anything because I'll definitely give it a read. I would like to say thank you one last time, it has been one hell of a ride you put all us readers through.
SG-Kai chapter 53 . 3/22
Thank you for seeing this all the way through. The question is: What will you do next?
Ferosianinja chapter 53 . 3/22
Its finally complete, and it was a good read, though i would have liked closure on the other minor characters, more than just rumors.
Favorite location, lets see, i reckon frost town is my favorite location, just the "why is it called frost town" "because it snows" really sold it, and the reason for it snowing was great, though i always reakoned that frost town would be the final stop before the alatreon fight.
Favorite fight. Most likely the loc lac alatreon battle, though that one in orange dell where ellie blew up the ammo crates comes to mind.
Favorite character. Maybe the barioth, i know it sounds weird but i think that the beast could work as a sort of survival/role reversal fic character, where a hunter gets lost weeks from civilisation and has to survive, having numerous encounters with the barioth hunting him, eventualy with the hunter and barioth gaining a sort of mutral respect, maybe ending with the barioth aiding him in surviving from a blizzard, also i cant remember, did the barioth help against pugnax?
Leadt favorite character. Moloch, he never really got fleshed out enough for my liking, always seeming to e a bit shallow in his motivations, and he never got any development or fleshing out, though the alatreon also suffers the same.
Least favorite location, the tundra one, no clue why but i just dont like it.
Least favorite fight. the final altreon battle, i was expecting all the others to have finished their fights and have a huge battle with pretty much everyone that the group met in their journey against the alatreon is a huge battle, maybe 2-3 chapters, with huge attacks from the alatreon, and relentless slashing from the hunters, with the beast finaly being brought low by some form of awsomeness, maybe a meridian team that where frozen in tbe crystals.

I also was hoping to see a plot point expanded that never was, durring the final battle against the alatreon it mentioned that the cycle of death had been done thrice before, so our civilisation, the meridians and who, this could of brought a massive plot twist, but instead seems like nothing more than a spelling mistake due to the lack of any response by anyone.
Aside from this i have nothing left to say aside from this, which of your great works to read next, great author?
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