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A chapter 10 . 6/7
Vietnamese-Louisiana people! yay us!
Immortal Sailor Cosmos chapter 10 . 6/7
JKR explained in an interview that blood statue was like Hitler's definition of being Jewish, that is, it takes you grandparents into account. So, If you have one-non magical parent or grandparent, you are considered a Half-Blood, which is to say not a pureblood or muggleborn, whereas if you have all magical parents and grandparents, you are a pureblood. Ad you have to remember that Voldemort only had the people who believed that purebloods were better than everyone else and wanted all non-purebloods and muggles dead on his side, and considering that at least half the population would be non-pureblood, those wanting muggles and muggleborns dead is actually less than that.
Lily is a muggleborn, with an all muggle family, James is a pureblood, with an all magical family. Harry and Dumbledore are both half-bloods, because while both parents are magical, both had muggle maternal grandparents. Snape and Riddle were both halfbloods as well, with muggle fathers but pureblood mothers. When Ron and Hermione had kids, they were halfblood, because their maternal grandparents were muggles, when Harry and Ginny had kids, they were purebloods, because all four grandparents and both parents were magical. Tonks was a halfblood, with a muggleborn father. Remus was a halfblood, with a muggle mother, and Teddy would be considered a halfblood because his paternal grandmother was not magical. If he marries Victorie, then his children will be purebloods because Remus, Tonks, Bill and Flure are all magical. I hope that helps.
Immortal Sailor Cosmos chapter 7 . 6/7
I'm American, and I didn't know half of that about the tar and feathering. Oh I know it was done, and lots of people I know still use it as a saying, be we never talk about where it came from, why it was used, or when it happened. I don't think that was actually covered in any of my history classes (unlike lynching) and I never thought to look it up.
D chapter 12 . 5/28
The result of muggle vs wizard war depends on which sides are allowed to bring their full force out to battle, of course favoring the side that pulls out their "big guns" (Basilisk, ice storms (If you think about it, Ice storms are worst against computers and crops), meteors, dragonpox -vs nukes, machine guns, chemical warfare, biological warfare, nanobots). If both sides pull out their "Big guns", this will be a very short war, slightly favoring the muggles because of their high population base (all I have is Great Britain as a reference, hmmm at least 1 mil vs what, 10,000?). Whoever wins this short war won't have many people left of those that went into battle. Of course a successful preemptive strike will win it at low cost for your side (this favors the wizards as mainstream muggles don't think of them as a threat), but if it fails (which it can easily due to bad intelligence- exhibit A- Arthur Weasley- "Expert" of muggle artifacts), you can be sure the muggle retaliation strike would probably be lethal, should they choose to attack.
If they should go into a variant of the cold war, then these are what each have:
Pros - Legilimency, Imperio, Avada Kedavra, Veritaserum, Invisibilty, Silencio, Portkeys, Apparition, Resilience- See Nevile Longbottom falling out of building on head and bounce, Possibly Occlumency, poisons, curses, moving pictures, muggleborns, bubblehead charms and gillyweed
Cons- Low population, reluctance to change, poor communication
Pros - High population base, various stances on change and the different, satellites, planes, cell phones, lasers, cryptography, submarines, spy training, fast acting untraceable poisons, mass production technologies, economics, muggleborns, scientific method, does not know the rules of magic.
Cons- No magic, does not know of wizards, does not know the rules of magic.

One of the things that will likely turn the tide is: which side would the muggleborns mostly choose? They are the resident experts of the other side. So let's rephrase the question: Which side requires the least amount of change for the muggleborns- extra-gifted muggles who didn't go to high school or lower class wizards? -Remember Hogwarts has racism and Britain's MoM and Hogwarts School Board has those like Lucius Malfoy.
On the whole, I think that even with attending the full 7 years at Hogwarts, muggleborns would find it easier to transition back into their parent society. One can make a million without going to High school. It has and will continue to happen. Even then, only a recession or depression would prevent a significant number of muggleborns from getting jobs that could increase to reasonable pay. Compare that to you are not likely to advance or even get the job if you don't stand out significantly more than the racist aristocrats who can buy the job.
It is logical to follow that with muggles would get enough intelligence to make any preemptive strike a failure if not a total failure. And should such a strike happen, muggleborns would become the new scientists, spies and maybe even generals.
Valentina Alexandrea Sparrow chapter 17 . 5/11
I love this story I swear it is awesome it sucked me in and kept me an I want more and I say this as nice as possible yoy are the BOSS!
Anderfail chapter 17 . 5/8
Hahahahaha figures you would be someone to disparage the South and Texas. Trust me when I tell you that we Texans are fiercely independent people and will fight injustice and tyranny every step of the way. We fought a Revolution for our own independence and intimately know the costs of standing up for what is right. It's why the right to bear arms is so supported here. A magical Republic of Texas would be likely have been a group to instantly support the Revolution in the UK and probably would have sent the equivalent of Texas Rangers to assist.

We may not necessarily agree with the politics of a movement but if you are fighting for freedom and liberty, Texans will support you.
Anderfail chapter 15 . 5/8
Wait, you have Harry using a moniker based off of Thomas Jefferson, an ardent capitalist and supporter of democracy and are now equating the revolution to Marx's vision of Communism. You do realize these are polar opposite political theories right? Jefferson would have ADAMANTLY fought Communism every step of the way because it only works if the government is totalitarian. Jefferson truly believed in individual liberty and frankly I find it absolutely insulting of you to use the term "Liberty or Death" in the same manner of supporting any version of Communism.
Guest chapter 6 . 5/7
This chapter was inspiring and awesome. I wish we could just boycott some of the issues of today.
FractalRain chapter 12 . 4/17
In "Forging the Sword" by Myst Shadow, someone details a plan following school 3 prepared by the unspeakables for the possibility of a wizard-muggle war in chapter also has some interesting insights on how a wizard/muggle war would work In my opinion, the wizards could survive.
Why does everyone assume shield charms/wards can't stop guns/bombs? The Leaky Cauldron is in London, there people would have to repel bombs or something if they didn't want to be bombed.(Harry Potter and the Power of Paranoia, which also details the awesome ways in which wards protect wizards from such) Skilled wizards could simply apparate out. In my opinion, school 3 sounds likely. (with the right potions/spells(polyjuice,imperius curse,obliviate), you can sneak in anywhere).
One other option- it could draw into stalemate. Wizards hole up in places like Hogwarts, where magic is strong enough to wreck any nearby technology, and hide under fidelius, while sneaking out under invisibility to get food/water, but are not numerous enough (and don't want to) kill every single muggle.
thonez chapter 12 . 4/12
While you can make everything in story when you use logic some possibilities become highly improbable. So for muggle/wizard war you get

1 muggles outnumber wizards and could bury them with nukes/guns

This is not very likely

You have problem that you cannot have effective guns while keeping spell duel setting. Aurors become disillusioned SWAT teams, using guns/laser-guided crossbows dosed with DOLD that newer miss for nonlethal combat.

Or if wizards are morons Harry could use tactic above to take Voldemort and ministry while only training original DA members for three months.

2 wizards use powerful magic (icestorms, meteors) to annihilate muggle armies

This is also unlikely as it contradicts canon. Worst criminal was Sirius Black that killed thirteen muggles with single curse. You would need to introduce wizards that are much stronger than Voldemort.

3 wizards could take over muggle world with imperius curse.

This will happen unless wizards are complete morons. With canon abilities its incredibly easy to take over muggle country with group of ten wizards. Imperius president or kidnap him and use polyjuice or kill all generals or just apparate into nuclear silo and send conditions of surrender, muggles you have 24 hours to accept them.
Entoarox chapter 10 . 3/31
Actually, it was more the 5% elite who wanted even more rights reserved to themselves, versus the 5% who actually had the will to fight, with perhaps another 5% 'help' from the ministry, most of the population simply went with the flow like sheep.

In the end though, voldemort lost because he died, and most of the elite who supported him (outside the fanatics) learned that voldemort only cares about voldemort, so with him and bellatrix dead, there was nobody with both the power and the reputation needed to take control of the death eater faction.

Anyhow, the definition of pureblood per the elite rule is best summed up as "the 500 year family tree doesnt show any muggles" (aka, complete crap, since there is a 100% guarantee of muggles, just not shown, but did that ever stop people like that from telling their 'truth' to all and sundry?)
Weezila chapter 13 . 3/19
As I read the end of this chapter, i literally yelled "FUCK YEAH GERMANY"
and then my roommate turned around and calmly told me i was too invested in this.
hex chapter 10 . 3/17
i think the criteria is that to be a pureblood all four of your grandparents have to have been magical. So even if all your grandparents are muggleborn, you yourself would be considered a pureblood.
mbsb chapter 10 . 2/18
Didnt lyk d story much...start was very gd bt as d story progresses it starts going at a vry fast pAce...d characters look fake not lyk real harry or hermoine...wish weasly twins had a wider role moment da is pranking umbridge n another moment dey r waging war!wot d hell!
Reader chapter 17 . 2/8
Love this story :)
Hope you update soon
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