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theaterdiva13 chapter 36 . 8/24
I haven't read a truly good Dramione story in over a year, and then I stumbled upon this. This story is so good! Please update soon!
Guest chapter 36 . 8/13
! this was a great read i'm so glad you haven't given up on this story... long hiatus definitely forgiven haha i hope you update in the future as well!
Arveen Sekhon Malfoy chapter 35 . 7/14
Oh God! I love this story so much! pleaseeeeee pretty pleaseeeee update
Arveen Sekhon Malfoy chapter 27 . 7/14
Please stop winging the story! Just please finish it... !
Arveen Sekhon Malfoy chapter 19 . 7/13
Astoria is a BITCH!
Arveen Sekhon Malfoy chapter 19 . 7/13
Oh mY god! Scorpius!
Arveen Sekhon Malfoy chapter 18 . 7/13
Thank Gods! Thank gods! Scorpius! I knew it. he'd never do sth so I'll natured.
Arveen Sekhon Malfoy chapter 8 . 7/13
I like your Pansy!And Crabbe and Goyle as well.
Guest chapter 36 . 7/11
this story is absolutely wonderful! please please please update (:
Guest chapter 36 . 7/1
I have faith that you will definitely finish this story! Still my favorite :)
w96m chapter 36 . 6/26
This is not the end right?
I know it's late, but please i want to read the next chapter
I really love it
Whovain101 chapter 36 . 6/25
When I first read this through my first thought was "Holy crap Xander is literally Chris Perry!" Did you happen to take inspiration from Charmed because Xander and Scorpius remind so much of Chris and Wyatt only Scorpio was good in the end. Wyatt wasnt but he was cause time travel. The writing was great and I think that your character were spot on. Anyways I also wanted to say that when Xander was disappearing I thought of a quote from Chris when he was in a similar situation I think might aims you. He said "Oracles, fortune tellers, soothsayers they all say the same thing : if Mum and Dad don't screw this month... I'm screwed!"
Sinopia chapter 36 . 6/6
(Spoiler Alert)

I usually don't read WIP.

I had tried to wait for it to complete but unable to resist it in the end. When I found this fic, I knew that I would like it. And I did.

Eh, where to begin. Let's talk about the theme. I've read several time turner fics and I found this one refreshing, maybe because the one who came back to the past was their son at the age of 16 (the first time), their second son for that matter (which was intriguing in itself).

I think you are taking a risk when you choose to build this story around an OC, Alexander. But I must say that Xander was a lovely character. I didn't feel bored with him. I love how he would feel happy and giddy when people told him that he looked like his father, and when Draco paid attention to him, it showed how much he actually looked up to Draco. I love the fact that he envied his brother somehow. I love how he tried to seek protection from Scorpius as a brother, regardless what Scorpius had done. I love that he had feelings and fears of his own, the fact that he felt forgotten, the guilt, how he thought he was the luckiest of them all, the self blame. The angst when he buried his brother was well written in my opinion. And his relationship with Harry! God. I like Harry's role in this story. And every time Xander called Draco 'dad' I felt like clutching my chest dramatically, the paIN. Thank you for the scene where Draco told Xander that it wasn't his fault. I love Draco's reaction when he realized that Xander might be his second son. It was amusing that Xander somehow still would behave like a son with Draco, even though there wasn't that much age difference between them (in the past timeline). I like the scene when Hermione touched Xander's hair too. And not forget to mention, the first time Xander had to go back to the future, how both Hermione and Draco actually gave the same reaction (same questions about whether it was safe or not etc).

I felt excited when Xander came back for the second time. And lol Harry, he saved you aGAIn.

Scorpius. Damn. This child. The carbon copy of Draco. At first I thought he somehow felt betrayed by the Order, but then (before I read the scene where the truth of Hermione's death was revealed) when thinking again, this child was the carbon copy of Draco. What if he actually thought like his father? Right. It turned out he did. Scorpius was a bit, hard to love for me, but intriguing nevertheless. Because I didn't know much about him at first except for how brilliant and attention grabbing he was. Couldn't help from feeling kinda bittersweet about that actually, remembering who his parents were. This child's life was so sad. How dare you.

Scorpius was legendary, but you chose Alexander, the second son, someone who from the surface seemed inferior compared to Scorpius (Xander had his own strengths of course). I love it. I like both Alexander and Scorpius' backgrounds, their relationship, people's reaction toward their family just because their father was Draco Malfoy.

The Dramione in this was satisfactory. Personally I felt it was a bit shaky at first, what with Astoria incident (but I'm glad that later Astoria had a role in this, I consider the incident as an introduction to her role). Maybe it was just me who trying to adjust to the flow of Dramione's relationship in this fic. In this fic, their relationship was sort of already established, which is reasonable and understandable, it would have taken extra time to build their relationship from the beginning and perhaps it would have disturbed the flow too. And since I think they were not exactly the main focus in this story, I think it was more to how to prevent the terrible future from happening yeah? The focus was on their family, which is one of the charms of this fic.

I appreciate every Dramione's interaction. Draco's reaction when dealing with his mother's death was realistic, his self blame was realistic too. But honestly I did wish for him to be quick with his business and start making his son hE IS DISAppEARIng Draco yOU lil shit. What a suspense. It turned out better than I wished it would though, that Draco cried and came back. Although it felt sad a lil that Hermione didn't really realize why Xander was disappearing, it was understandable, she had a lot in her hands to think and care about. I love how Hermione knew what to do once Draco came back after hearing the news of his mother's death, that Draco needed time alone away from people who would judge him, and how Draco didn't act like how he usually did as a Malfoy at that time, he clearly looked like he was at the edge of breaking apart. And his reaction when meeting Scorpius for the first time! I'm sure there was a lot about Dramione that I should mention in this but my memory is hazy (this is what happens when you binge-read fics you tend to get confused with the storylines).

I hope that Draco and Hermione wont die at the end, because I would like both Scorpius and Xander grow up with their parents, especially Draco (they did lose Draco and Hermione at such a young age). I cant help from feeling that Xander deserves a solid relationship with his father in this new future.

This is a good story, I like that the focus is on their family. I really hope it won't be abandoned. I'll be waiting for it to complete. Thank you for sharing this story with us!
stephrob92 chapter 36 . 6/3
I love this story so far, just sad that it hasn't been updated in almost 6 months. I hope you still plan to finish it. I will checking in for new chapters.
Withmnd chapter 36 . 5/23
This story is Brilliant! I love the young man Xander as much as his father. It's quite sad to find out that the story is't completed yet. I'll wait for your next chapter when you're ready. :)
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