Reviews for A Study of the Epicness that is Chlenel
Chibi-Gai chapter 1 . 9/25/2011
AZULA! Nice pieces on them by the way
Alli-dunno chapter 6 . 4/14/2011
You're interpretation of the Chloe/Senel romance is so funny, cute, dramatic, emotional, etc. I love how you mesh humor and drama together effortlessly.

Great job! Keep up the great work!
Angelic Lumina chapter 5 . 1/17/2011
Hey, sorry I just saw this after days of not having internet lol, and I have to say...I'm pretty surprised! Not about the actual story per se, but first...

I see you're using songs of inspiration just like I do LOL! I think that's great and I can actually imagine how most of those songs fit into the context. Although there are a few I haven't even heard of. And...I LOVE celtic music and it's surprising to see someone else does too and that I'm not the only weirdo who listens to it these days... Cause it really is the best type of music after 'emo rock'.

And I DID notice the Macbeth thing as soon as I read a couple lines they said! I could really picture them being the evil couple as they sure are strong enough to be, haha! :D Also, kinda makes me feel like I actually LEARNED something in school... About Macbeth that is.

I think that took up enough room, time to move to the actual review!

I think you do a really good job of connecting things brought up in the game that never really had an explaination to, as in why Chloe can't swim and even to why Chloe's cape has a blue phoenix symbol on it. Very clever and well thought out! Your tales help fill in the gaps in my mind about those things that left me wondering what exactly could have happened before the game. For that, I say your ability to explain underlying events makes you a great writer!

As for the part about forgiving Alcott, I found it somewhat emotional, yet at the same time kind of (dare I say it) unrealistic, but I do have to say it ties in well with the plot. Although, I don't think anyone could ever forgive someone for doing something like that...I know I couldn't, and knowing Chloe's personality, well... it's far reaching. But if I could ever happen, you do a marvelous job of creating the perfect scene of it.

Overall, these shorties were mostly very comedic, as I'm sure your approach was to make them that way. The only slightly negative feedback I could say is I found the tone in some of them to be kind of...dry. I don't know, compared to your previous chapters, these were... a bit uninteresting and uneventful. It's as if the usual spark in your stories fizzled out this time. It's like it came to me as too nostalgic and some it seemed a little repeative in the laughing at the end and Estelle's tantrum in the beginning. But as I say, this is all merely my opinion so you don't have to listen to any of what I wrote.

I will say I enjoyed part 3 the most because of how strong her emotions were in how focused she was on her goal of rescuing her daughter. Very true to her character in that one!
Angelic Lumina chapter 4 . 12/8/2010
Oh. My. God! I freaking LOVE part 1! So adorable! Monsugokukawaiiiiiii desu! The plot is really good, and also how you manage to say just the right words in the character dialouge when it gets to the cute part! And I actually didn't find it all that depressing to tell you the truth. I think that makes it suspenseful, which makes you on the edge of your seat (lol computer) waiting and biting your nails franticly trying to figure out what's coming next! Haha, you must have had a hell of a time in the colleseum trying to beat mimi! I found her pretty easy with Senel, Chloe and Jay, but not at all with the others LOL! The ship part reminded me of anastasia, call me crazy, but it was like the part where Anastasia and Dmitri and the fat guy had to jump off in time to make it! Gosh, that had nothing to do with the story at all, sorries! :) Anyway, it's also interesting to note how you view the past when they were kids, espeicially (can't spell) Chloe's past. Haha, bet you didn't know, but somehow, out of alllll the names, you just happened to pick Mine as her caretaker! How do you know? Srsly, everytime I read another one of your stories, or chapters, it scares me because you think more and more like I do! Like, some of those things, such as the one where Chloe woke up in her future and when she saw Senel's death, I've thought about those scenes happening very similar to yours! Not exactly the same, but mostly with some differences. Wow, not much more to say but that was an awesome chapter! Can't wait til you update HVWI! The next chapter of my story is very close to being done, just needs a little more to it... Well done! :D
Angelic Lumina chapter 3 . 12/2/2010
Another interesting chapter to these minis! I like how you make light of Twilight by referencing it in their world, that's really clever and funny! The way you bring up those political elements and smoothly make them flow together is unbelievable! Wow, I'm really impressed! You give such good insight of the possible economy and the empires the game never makes light of. I can honestly see these being in a sequel to this game if, by a miracle, they ever decide to make one. The noble characters personalities are really captured in just a perfect snobbish way like I always imagine they would be if I ever talked to one, haha! :D You have a gift of capturing a characters personality and expressing it perfectly through writing, keep it up!
dark drow chapter 3 . 11/30/2010
good evening, got a bit o time and read your latest chapter. i have to say what a generous fat chapter, thank you for that. hmm want comments on story 1 and 7? well i found them...engaging, i never really got a good insight of chloe's homeland from the game, so this was a treat for me. the way you portrayed the verbal duels between chloe and the dukes shows the struggle that chloe has to go through to get her house back into power, in a way it reflects her swordsmanship, swift, powerful and aware.

overall it shows that chloe is not just a sword hand but a citizan of a powerful kingdom but a surivier and in order to survive she has to pick her kingdoms values to do so. or at least this is want i picked up xP. you do a good job of setting/telling a scene: i can feel her worry i can sense the tenseness(is this a word?) as she spoke with the dukes as well as her confidence. sorry if it sounds like im brown nosing, i dont mean to :/ you probably want some constructive stuff too but i like this political angle that you set up, i cant complain about it XD. the only thing i can ask for is to continue these little snippets not just the ones like 1 and 7 but any thing in general that shows the epicness that is chlenel :P. till next time mate please take care. by the next one i promise ill give you some good constructive critisism :x
PlatinumMew chapter 2 . 11/21/2010
Wow! That was amazing! People need to show more love for this pairing I think. It's just too cute (0) I enjoyed reading all of these shorts. You do such a marvelous job of keeping everyone in character. I especially love how you write Senel and Chloe. There interactions are so adorable! I wait ever so eagerly for your next installment for How Chloe Valens Went Insane. I like how you show the progression of their relationship in that story. xD Keep up the awesome writing!
darkdrow chapter 2 . 11/8/2010
you know...your the only reason i come to this section right?

god i love your stuff...great work, i gotta say you always do manage to maintain the characters...character! xD. the ficlet pattern you have going here just works, the shorties you have here are just funny, dorky, adorable, lovely and just a joy to read and it doesnt hurt that you write about the epicness that is chlenel! XD. please continue to write although you are good, you can only get better and better. 3 please take care
Angelic Lumina chapter 1 . 11/7/2010
I love it! These are REALLY funny! You do a great job of keeping them in character, as in I can actually see them doing that! Keep writing these! I love the SenelXChloe pairing, it's one of my favorites from the Tales series! Sadly it's a pairing that doesn't get recognized a lot since it's not canon. /Fuyousenelxshirley!\ Ahem, ... Aannnywayyyy moving on... Really loved the marriage proposal scene! So kawaii and original! It's kinda funny because it seems like you think a lot like I do. I'm currently working on a story that I'm debating on bringing in this pairing or not. And in regards to that character in #8, I have no idea who she might be, not even a guess. I know I should but I haven't had time to keep up on my anime due to schoolwork. But she DOES sound a bit familiar... Aaah It's at the tip of my tongue I swear! xDD