Reviews for Alone Forever
Speedi chapter 1 . 11/4/2010
1st review.! *Izzy has a little party* lmao. Yeah well I have no idea about the story that this is based on so I hope there are no references. Now because I know you and because you love me, here are some corrections :/

Capital I at the beginning of the last sentace.

Capital G for God.

Begnining of the second paragraph, there should be a 'to' in front of the 'the top' so it should read 'to the top of the beautiful cliff'

Ok, so enough of my OCD pedanticness. It's good apart from the few things I pointed out. If I don't review again, it's because this aint my kind of story, not because it's crap.

But now you just might understand the annoying plot bunnies, and how exciting reviews are.!

Ok, ok I really am going now.!


See ya tomorrow :D