Reviews for Cages
TazmaniaLizard chapter 1 . 8/31/2013
Wow very interesting, these two have very interesting dynamics with each other. But I have to agree with the review saying that it is dangerous to anger to control power, I always imagine Sabrina not having much control over her powers, like in the anime (even though her doll thing is creepy and weird) when she was a little kid. I like to think a little darker that she accidentally kills people without meaning too, making everyone afraid of her, so she never has friends . So I can see why she would want to keep a strict control of her powers. I also see you base this around the manga Pokemon adventures, I never really got into that series and making the gym leaders part of team rocket I thought it was odd and didn't fit for Sabrina. But I love this, it is so very interesting seeing the two meet each other the most powerful Pokemon and the most powerful Human. I also imagine that Sabrina is 14 years old. I don't know why she just looks that way to me, I mean she is like a super prodigy so she should be a leader at a really young age like misty who is 12 and doesn't have any psychic powers is a gym leader.
ObsidianPhantom chapter 1 . 6/26/2013
Holy shit! This is fucking amazing! The plot, the emotion, the hint of conflict! It's so well down reading it left me gaping!

When I got to the end I was like...W-where's the REST! *Whines*

You got Natsume perfectly! And Mewtwo! Holy crap! I feel like we're tittering on two sides of his personality here. The one where he is a youth and the one filled with rage and anger. I love this! It's awesome!
St Elmo's Fire chapter 1 . 8/12/2012
I really like this. Sabrina being exposed to a psychic stronger than herself would certainly shock her. I particularly like "She holds herself up on brittle sticks and builds steel walls around them to protect them from the world that could crack them, because she is too afraid to snap them herself and replace them with willow rods, which flex around pressure instead of breaking under it."

I wonder what it would be like if she *had* taken him up on his offer. It makes sense that she would be opposed, but I do think it would be quite interesting.
Meriah chapter 1 . 6/6/2012

In an age in which well-written Mewtwo fanfiction is becoming more scarce (I know this fic is two years old, but it's young when compared to other Mewtwo fics), this stands out like a jewel. I loved your metaphors and descriptions, such as stating Mewtwo is like a puma. The puma connection is solid: he is large and strong like one, and also is wild in his emotions - untamed.

The conversation between Sabrina and Mewtwo was intriguing. They are opposite in how they control and even approach their powers, and yet they are both renowned psychics in classes all of their own. In my opinion, they were both wrong in their arguments (but I can see why they both believe as they do). Clearly there needs to be a balance.

Your writing is impressive and I'll be sure to read more from you. Awesome job!
yairm210 chapter 1 . 8/22/2011
Very interesting. My first thought was to take Mewtwo's view as the correct one, seeing as he is stronger mentally and correct in his analysis of Sabrina's repression of emotions. But then it dawned on me that in fact, Mewtwo is very young. His view is that of youth, born of 'instinct', while Sabrina's view is born of experience. I would say that they are both right, but in differing amounts; Sabrina's problem is not that she controls her emotions, but rather that she ignores them. She does not take her emotions and utilize them under strict mental supervision, she bundles them up and shoves them away in a corner. That is her weakness, the fact that she does not realize that emotions can be a boon if utilized correctly.

As with most things in life, the middle path I the golden one; to be aware of your feelings and acknowledge them while not being controlled by them.

I love your writing, the interactions you compose are very realistic, given the starting point!
Meneldur chapter 1 . 11/11/2010
Interesting story. I assume it truly happened, although if so, what Sabrina said in Kindling is very unusual - she tells Giovanni she can control Mewtwo, yet in this story it is shown he is far more powerful. One wonders whether she's lying to herself/delusional (highly unlikely, so much as to be impossible) or more likely, has had her memory wiped of these encounters by Mewtwo himself. That would be quite an interesting point should she discover it.

As for the discussions - while Mewtwo is right in some aspects, he is also wrong. While Sabrina should allow herself some emotion, and emotion could be used to strengthen oneself, for Sabrina it would be dangerous. To take the Willow stick analogy - if the wood bends, it will bend back with the same force that managed to penterate the walls and bend it. In a Pokemon, forgivable and possible - one has never seen a pokemon kill another pokemon. But in a humnan, devastating - you would not tell a man holding a rocket launcher to allow his emotions to influence his actions or thoughts, for there lies the path to ruin. Should Sabrina allow her anger to control even soem part of her, I suspect there would have been far less fools in the world. It seems to me that Mewtwo, not havign ever known humans other than Sabrina, does not realize this. When he thinks of being the most powerful pschic, it means that he is stornger than other pokemon and can overpower them. When Sabrina thinks of being the most powerful psychic, it means she could kill a large proportion of the population before being stopped. While I hate to bring up the anime, it may apply here - Sabrina's anger at her parents led her to do what she did. Your thoghts?

With great thanks and aprreciation, Meneldur.
SushiJaguar chapter 1 . 11/4/2010
Wow. This is a very well written story! I like how you've taken two well-known characters and put them in slightly different places and careers. It adds some zest whenever a writer does that, much appreciated!

Your descriptions were quite good as well, but I think maybe you could expand a little on your initial description of Mewtwo.

"The experiment was a puma." It suits Mewtwo well, thinking closely about it, but I think you could definately go into a little bit more detail about that.

Nevertheless, it's a pretty awesome story and I would like to see more, if you so wish!