Reviews for More Than Words
Allison chapter 13 . 11/23
All I want for Christmas is... a new chapter of More than Words ;) Pretty please?
Dirigibleplums22 chapter 13 . 11/25
Pleeaase update, pretty please
xForeverAndAlways chapter 12 . 11/10
I hope you continue this. :)
Ashen Author chapter 11 . 10/31
It's rather belated, but congratulations on your marriage. People can cross paths in the most unbelievable ways. I similarly have a friend I met because of my story postings.

I would also like to note that I don't like how much more forceful Viktor here is, but I suppose he could have changed or taken off the kid gloves since Ginny is of age, while Hermione was underage.
lol kiwi chapter 13 . 10/14
Ahh no how could you just leave the story like that! it was great but i wish it was completed
lilkathra chapter 13 . 10/10
love to know what happens next
Bethann123 chapter 13 . 10/10
Love the story!
Really hope you update soon!
wishesanddreams chapter 13 . 9/28
I know its been a while, but I do hope you continue this story. I've read your profile - congrats on your degree and marriage :) I've been reading since 'The First Day' and hope to see more of where you choose to go with this story line!
rbingham97 chapter 13 . 9/6
I love this whole storyline! I've read most of your other stuff and think this is most in need of updating... Please update soon!
natalieeannee chapter 13 . 9/3
ahhh I want to see Ginny and Harry spending more time together!
pinkie pie's party cannon chapter 13 . 8/29
This is so good! Are you going to continue it? I hope so!
nayin17 chapter 13 . 8/25
Hope you'll update this story SOON
nayin17 chapter 11 . 8/25
It's so funny what Ginny did to Victor lol
nayin17 chapter 8 . 8/24
I'm skipping when it's the bookworm and Ron. Can't imagine Neville will casually have sex to whoever wants it with him
nayin17 chapter 6 . 8/24
When Harry said "You're Mine on Saturdays" , I just can't stop smiling
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