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mr1980rivera chapter 43 . 5/26
God I love this story it's a pleasure to reread it I wish you well health and may whatever God you believe in bless you
Spacemonkey777 chapter 44 . 5/5
This always confused me. Even light Frigates have a mass measured in hundreds of megatons of pure Adamantium, Plasteel, and Ceremite. How doesn't each soldier have carapace armor with such industrial capabilities?

Also please start defanging Earth governments, they are starting to make no sense at this point. Seriously, its just a conflict for the sake of conflict. A liability that can be easily solved. Yet they let foreign, enemy power foster on the home planet. NO SENSE!
Spacemonkey777 chapter 41 . 5/5
Why doesn't Imperium spread its influence on Earth? Afterall, what is SGC or other country's influence if their own populace will believe in the Emperor?
Spacemonkey777 chapter 39 . 5/5
Straight to the Interrogator? Not even Acolyte or Throne Agent? Gee.
Spacemonkey777 chapter 15 . 5/5
What? Why is she about to invest so much trust into a traitor? Being inquisitor is kind of a big deal!
Spacemonkey777 chapter 14 . 5/5
Spacemonkey777 chapter 9 . 5/5
It's simple to convince Hamond about Aquillas.
"You know that demons are real. You know that demons corrupt. You know that Aquilla protects from corruption. Think of it as a metaphysical firewall. Do you want your next tank, dreadnought, rifle, or spaceship to open a mouth full of tentacles and mind-melt everything within 100 miles with a speech from hell? Huh? Didn't think so. So please shut up and leave it to people who have been waging a war across a million worlds for 10,000 years against things you barely know anything about!"
"That would be all General Hammond, President, Senate. Have a good day."
Spacemonkey777 chapter 8 . 5/5
Staff shot to the arm will burn it. Lasrifle shot to the arm will blow it off. It's east to see that its much more powerful than staff. And since Carapace can reliably tank a few hits from the lasrifle I can't see it not tanking a dozen or two from the staff.
Spacemonkey777 chapter 7 . 5/5
I can't see SGC rolling with the whole purging any and all xeno ideology. But I guess Jaffa are just abhumans and 95% species of Milky Way are humans or their variants.
Spacemonkey777 chapter 6 . 5/5
Nice chapter. I only wish you were a bit more detailed in everything.
Spacemonkey777 chapter 5 . 5/5
Thank you for thinking of characters who are skeptical of their surrounding.
Also, love darker hints of trio's personalities. Not as dark as original impact of 40k possession should give but still dark enough to see hints of grimdark somewhere deep in there.
Spacemonkey777 chapter 4 . 5/5
Sounds like some Silica Anima techno-heresy here my dear Willow. So much so even Fabius won't descend into such low levels of depravity. To try to reprogram a True Abominable intelligence and make more of them! This is low even by the measures of Dark Mechanicus I tell you.
Spacemonkey777 chapter 3 . 5/5
Downplaying their abilities much? Judge was killed with an equivalent of a single bolter round. I highly doubt a force lightning from a Grey Knight will leave anything non dusted within quarter mile radius.
Spacemonkey777 chapter 1 . 5/5
Working out? WORKING OUT?! It's a freaking Grey Knight! A 7-foot tall gene-child of Emperor Himself! We are talking 500 pounds of enthropic muscles, carapace underskin, and fused ribcage. We are talking two hearts, three lungs, dozen other organs! Hormonal boosters, thought process to dodge hypersonic bolter rounds, we are talking flawless memory, we are talking getting memory from ingesting brains of the dead, we are talking 60km running speed along with 5-ton bench pressings. We are talking decades of hell before you are so much as an aspirant let alone a grey knight. We are talking of someone who has (all grey knights do) faced the worst of Titan terror swamps and emerged sane. We are talking of survivors of Black Ship and everything going through them as high-level psyker entails. We are talking about someone who is so pure of soul and spirit that even being in his presence damages deamonic entities! We are talking warp flames of Beta level psykers that can vaporize a CITY! Alpha-minus level psykers like Burning Princess can slag a continent given enough time! Even a brush with a true Grey Knight soul will leave Xander the most powerful and pure soul that Earth has ever seen! We are talking one amongst uncountable quadrillions (if not quintillions)! Chosen amongst chosen amongst chosen amongst chosen amongst chosen!
Dalriaden chapter 2 . 3/17
Willow needs to patent and license the lasgun battery. She does that and it will find everything else.
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